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  1. I am shocked and saddened to hear of Libby's passing. We were roomies for the 2009 Las Vegas convention and I will always remember her very warmly, as a fabulous and fun lady who will be missed. She was a mod during the time I was an admin on this site, so we shared many an email over the years. I had always hoped to visit her in Texas sometime since she lived near my sister, but it never happened, and now it never will.
  2. I am jumping off the fence and committing to attending. About to book my flight (wasn't sure whether I was going to drive or fly), but since I don't have to lug a car load of stuff up AND after seeing what happened on the I-15 between here and Vegas today my choice was made. I have been in Las Vegas all week, thankfully flew for a conference, but one of my coworkers was stuck in the mess when brush fire jumped the freeway and burned out several cars and trucks. I don't want to chance that!! I am going to fly in on Thursday night and out on Monday morning. Registration payment will be made tonight too,
  3. Well it looks like I am going to make it this year, at least I booked a room! Still need to get my registration paid for, watching the bank account for a tax refund that should be here ANY DAY (please)!! My August is going to be so busy - I have things booked starting on the 2nd and running through the 28th, but I don't want to miss this again, God willing.
  4. For those who have sent checks, all have been received and deposited as of a few weeks ago (sorry, I was slow getting to the bank). I went by the P.O. Box this morning and there was nothing new. A million thanks to all who are able to help. We presently have enough in PayPal to get us through this month and enough in the bank for about 2 more months, by my best estimate. I wish we didn't have to keep sounding the alarm believe me nothing would make us happier than to be able to say we don't have to worry about paying the bills, but we do. (how I feel about having to pay bills - who's with me?) Because I think this is how we'd all feel without this site, our Gerry home!
  5. Thank you all for the birthday wishes. it was nice to have the day off, I think that's the first time I took my birthday off in 20 years! It was a day to just relax and do whatever I felt like doing, which was perfect!
  6. Dear Barbara - I hope your birthday is truly special and filled with everything you love the Gerry most!!!
  7. Dear Marlene You are one of the most special and amazing people I've ever met and I am honored and proud to call you a dear friend and SiStar. I hope you have an incredible birthday, filled with everything you could possibly wish for, and then some. I hope we can get together sometime soon so I can give you one of these in person ! Love you bunches, Susan
  8. It is in the U.S. - in Los Angeles, but it is on the other side of the country from PA
  9. The last picture looks like it might be his reaction to the rookie player who broke his leg during the game. UGH and OUCH!!!
  10. I've seen so many celebs complete the challenge: Johnny Weir was the first (but he used more of a vase than a bucket); Chris Colfer did it and challenged Adam Lambert who did it and challenged Brian May, Roger Taylor and Rufus Taylor. Brian completed it and rechallenged Roger Taylor. I saw Neil Patrick Harris' today and Idina Menzel's. The best one I've seen so far is Benedict Cumberbatch who went WAY, WAY above and beyond. I hope Gerry does it - I would challenge him to out-do Benedict!
  11. I think I can make it to this one - another chance to wear my "We love Stoick" shirt from the first premiere.
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