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  1. Snog Harry Connick, Jr.
  2. Dramas A) All About Eve B) Bagdad Cafe C) Casablanca D) Dallas Buyers' Club E) Ellery Queen F) Fighter (The) G) Gamer H) Hellfighters! I) Imitation of Life J) Jane Eyre K) Kingdom of Heaven L) Lincoln M) Machine Gun Preacher N) Now, Voyager O) Olympus Has Fallen P) Pride and Prejudice Q) Queen, The R)
  3. ABCs of TELEVISION SHOWS or CHARACTERS A) All My Children B) Barney Miller C) Charlie's Angels D) Dr. Joan Watson (Elementary) E) Ernie (Sesame Street) F) Firefly G) General Hospital H) Hot Lips Houlihan (M.A.S.H.) I) I Love Lucy J) Judge Judy K) Kojak L) Laverne & Shirley M) Mel (Alice) N) New Girl O) Oscar (The Odd Couple) P) Potsie Webber (Happy Days) Q) Quincy, M.E. R) Richie Cunningham (Happy Days) S) Sam Malone (Cheers) T) Tuvok (Star Trek Voyager) U) Ultraman (Ultraman) V) Vinnie Barbarino (Welcome Back, Kotter) W) Winnie Cooper (The Wonder Years) X)
  4. A) Apple Annie (Pocketfull of Miracles) B) Bob Wiley (What About Bob) C) Charlie Chan (Charlie Chan in the Secret Service) D) Dracula (Dracula 2000) E) Erik (POTO...THUD!) F) Frankie Morrison (Dear Frankie) G)George Dryer (PFK) H) Henry Higgins (My Fair Lady) I) Ivanhoe (Movie by the same name!) J) Jane Austen (Becoming Jane) K) Kristoff (Frozen) L)
  5. 13 Things Found at a County Fair 1) Funnel cakes 2)
  6. The ABCs of Olympus Has Fallen A) Attack on the White House B) Banning defending White House C) Captives D) Death E) Ear Tattoo F) Fatal accident G) Guns blazing H)
  7. 12 Colors of Nim's Island 1) Alex Rover Buff
  8. I think that may be my theme song! People wonder why I do things like run around the country to go to concerts - well every one of those helps me stay young inside, and if people who don't get it want to make fun of me for it then that's their problem. I refuse to let that deter me from what brings me joy. I have a magnet on the cabinet behind my desk that says "she could see no good reason to act her age" - and that's the TRUTH! Right next to it is a picture of Adam Lambert with Brian May of Queen - if Brian and Roger Taylor - both in their mid 60's - can still get up there on stage and rock it with a 32 year old lead singer then I can sure as heck be fangirling in the audience!!
  9. He is definitely looking mighty fine. I still think he's got about the sexiest set of legs I've seen on a man, that's why he looks so amazing on the rare occasions he dons a kilt. I even had a Gerry dream last night, haven't had one in I don't know how long. Sadly, there was nothing naughty about it. I was just someplace with friends waiting to get on a train and Gerry was sitting there right next to us. He smiled and was his charming self and that's all there was to it.
  10. T 1. Song...... Trespassing (Adam Lambert) 2. Famous person .....Truman (Harry) 3. Household item..... 4. City......Tampa 5. Movie... 6. Plant or flower..... 7. Food item .... 8. Mood..... 9. Something sweet...... 10. Something you would like...... Tickets (in the front row of a Queen + Adam Lambert concert)
  11. Dramas A) All About Eve B) Bagdad Cafe C) Casablanca D) Dallas Buyers' Club E)
  12. So right about Gerry being a man's man - I just had an example of that this afternoon. My boss (male) was in my office and just noticed the photo of me with Gerry (same as my avi) that is on the file cabinet behind my desk. He was surprised, asking "Is that Gerard Butler? I love him, he's great! Have you seen Chasing Mavericks?" I told him I have seen nearly all of his movies at least once (I have never seen Movie 43 and never will). I know my boss once attempted to surf up at Mavericks, I think he has family who live in that area. When he talked about surfing there I never mentioned the movie to him, but now we have a point of conversation for the future. Just the other day we'd been talking about Ireland (he's going) and Scotland (my 3 trips) so today I told him that Gerry was pretty much the catalyst for why I went to Scotland and he actually thought that was cool, not weird.
  13. We are at $2,300 collected. To answer a couple of questions - we do not pay all site expenses at one time, so we are in good shape at the moment. We used to have to pay out most of it in March, but they switched to billing us periodically and we usually made sure we had several months on hand so as not to sound the alarm too often. This year we got down to having less than the amount to get us through 2 months, thus the DEFCON announcement. It still takes $3,000 to cover a year's worth of expenses, but if people need to spread out their donations over the next several months we are safe for awhile. As for using charitable funds for the site - that is not legal. Since Rising Phoenix Charitable Foundation is a 501©3 organization registered with the IRS the money it collects must be used only for charity and a small amount for the administrative costs of the foundation, but not of GALS. They must be kept completely separate or the foundation runs the risk of losing its status as a charity. If members feel inclined to split their available funding between the two they would need to direct GALS site support as indicated above and give their charitable donation to RPCF separately. A million thanks to all who are able to help! It means the world to us!
  14. Since my previous update we've received another $475 so we are at $2,050 collected of our $3,000 goal. Thanks to everyone - GALS are great and generous!
  15. 12 Colors of Timeline 1) Medallion bronze 2) Claire's red hair 3) Sword blade silver 4) Kate's grey gown 5) Marek's coat brown 6) Tunic blue 7) Red fire 8) Green flows the river
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