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    GERARD BUTLER!!! The MacTartsins. Reading (most anything from Dickens to Harry Potter, from Leroux’ Phantom of the Opera to Hemmingway’s A Call To Arms lol) I love to write and draw (mostly I like historical fiction but I dabble in fantasy and even some sci-fi if the muse descends) I LOVE music, most anything except rap and country, anything from punk to opera lol. <br />I'm going to be an Archeologist and study the British Isles. <br />I left school because, well, it just wasn't... working out at the time. I was planning on getting my GED but then my dreams got in the way of the easy road. You see I want to go to college in scotland, and so I was looking for schools with an archaelogical department and I stumbled upon The University of Glasgow, it was love at first site!! But they don't accept GEDs so I'm going to attend a "alternative" highschool and earn my diploma through intependant study. My parents don't have enough money to even help get me into a community college let alone a University in a forien country, so I'm gonna have to work my butt off for a long time and save but I'm gonna do it... Like I told my parents when I informed them of my "dastardly master plan" I've never felt such a passion for anything as I have felt when thinking about going there and studying and living there, and the opportunities and experiences I'll have, I HAVE to do this. Words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated though because I'm no superwoman. lol ^_^

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  1. Ooo this is a good one. Actually just yesterday I was watching this old movie "Captain Horatio Hornblower R.N." from like the 1950's with Gregory Peck in it and for some strange reason I kept thinking of Gerry! It was really funny. Can't you just see Gerry in a remake of "A Roman Holiday"? hmmm maybe "A Scottish Holiday" :: Anyway... yeah so... Gregory Peck definitly! ((btw Dr.Em I love your avitar!!)) -Woodie
  2. ok since Marek is my boy (hehehe) I have to be biased and say he'd kick everyone's arse. :: I'd think he'd beat Erik bc well... come on Raoul even bested Erik (not that I don't dig the phantom but seriously...that was a little on the pathetic side...) Marek vs. Creedy... hmmmm toughy, Marek again, the boy can weild a sword... Creedy can uh... make liquor? (i know i know no weapons... but he jumped that one solider dude from behind right?) Point is I know Marek is a romantic/sappy but he'd still have half these guys (not to mention all the laides *wink*) on their backs eventually.
  3. Green Eyes by: Coldplay Um.. mine seems kinda obvious but... theres a little more to it than just your eye color I promise. The line of the song where it says: "I came here with a load, and it feels so much lighter, now I’ve met you and honey you should know, that I could never go on without you..." is exactly what I would want to say to you if I met you face to face because when I'm feeling down and everything seems to be going wrong and I just feel like I can't handle it I go up into my room and watch one of your movies or get on the computer and watch your interviews or get on GALS/GB.ne
  4. Alright you've got my vote, but theres just one tiny little favor you can do for me to em... set it in stone? I get to ride along in ur suitcase! :: Hey it was worth a try right? -Woodie
  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GERRY!!! Another year older another year hotter? lol kidding, hope your birthday is full of fun and people you love! Just wanted to thankyou for giving so much back to your fans and making us feel like we're involved and part of your world. You've really inspired me to go for my dreams! And brought alot of amazing people into my life, they're more like my family to me than my actual family! And I owe that to you! *sings the happy birthday song* Love ya Gerry yur my hero! -Woodie
  6. Gerry: bloody jeans... Me: *impatiently* Gerry... come on... Gerry: zipper is stuck baby... Me: *smiles wickedly* aw let mummy help...
  7. SCOTLAND!!! I want to go there anyway and with Gerry... omg... that has been the subject of the majority of my SGD's! lol but heck I would go on vaca to just about anywhere with gerry! if he called me up and asked me to go on a vacation with him to a cardboard box in a New York alleyway (which of course he would but I'm just saying) I would be the happiest girl on earth! Tight squeeze in that box you know... :kinkilla: because its gerry and gerry is my king *sings* "gerry is my King" to the tune of "Weasley is my king" from HP. Lol but em yeah... Scotland would be my first choice. -Woodie
  8. This should be totally obvious for me... Lady Claire! because I loves my marek *pets him, Andre purrs* did anyone know he purrs? He does! *comes back from the gutter* hehe um... lost train of thought... oh yeah! Also I wanna be Claire bc she kicks arse! Like when she hits Oliver lmao, thats something I would totally do, also that era in history interests me. -Woodie
  9. emm.... lemme think... cast him as Dr. Dolittle!! lmao sorry ok I'll be serious... *bursts out laughing* its the cough medicine I SWEAR!! The Godfather? think his "Italian American" bit... sorry ok seriously? luv took "Roman Holiday" and Beanie took "Gone With The Wind" so... I'm all out of ideas... oh wait wait I got one I got one... remake "Highlander" with Gerry as Conner McCleod (sp?) now thats HEXY!!! and the best part?! He couldn't possibly die because he's immortal! well...until he gets the gift or whatever its called but... nevermind. Lots of Kilt action too! :mopboystranger: -Woo
  10. Your song is really lovely Priscilla!! I've been looking for a place to post my own happy birthday wishes so here goes. I wrote this for the sig which you can see below but since its just about impossible to read the text that small and even though you can click on it its still hard to read because of the font lol, I'll just type up the words here: For the man who gives us so much, for he who inspires us, he who makes us laugh, he who brought us altogether, we would just like to say on this most special day, a little thank you, just for being you... May you love much, laugh often,
  11. I didn't see anyone else mention this song... and since it is sort of my trademark (hey i always sing it at gerriokee!! :: ) "Pour Some Sugar On Me" by, of course, Def Leppard. (Thats the song I want with my name ) Um... as for other song suggestions: Green Eyes by Coldplay (its so gerry!!) You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling by The Righteous Brothers (just bc) Loch Lomond by... um... I don't know... In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel Romeo and Juliet by Dire Straits Foolish Games by Jewel Sorry for the sorta long list I'm just making a few suggestions but please please please don't forget "P
  12. omg it's great!!! I spent the entire night last night till like... 3am (magic hour :: ) reading it, my Mum got really upset but i didn't care bc the story was too good. Great stuff... now I just wish I could read the not tame version *sigh* I literally was drooling over Ethan, he seems.... vaguely familiar somehow... hmmm Beans you're my hero of the week... month... I dunno something like that. Love you girl keep up the good work I can't wait for more! -Woodie
  13. I know I know I'm like taking over this thread sorry! but i just spewed ice cream all over my screen when i saw what weezee said and I thought she'd be glad to know that her idea had that effect! If I do that imagine what gerry would do!!! (btw like my trading card? just got i today im soooo happy!! thx cleobethra!!) -Woodie
  14. hahahahahahaha *laughs till tears come out of her eyes* harem girls singing happy birthday! thats one for "girls gone wild" imagine the uproar THAT would cause!!! :dance: :yippee: :worship: i have some song ideas, "Green Eyes" by Coldplay and "Pour Some Sugar One Me" by... i can't remember right now... hehe I guess I'll seriously do that t-shirt if u guys want... cept im broke... which might be a problem... dang! I could dress up as... uh... well not the little yellow bird or a hippee so don't even think it!! lol I'll dress up as a scout since i was just talking to some ppl in chat ab
  15. Ferg thats a great idea. I think I'm going to make him a "MacTartsin" t-shirt, you know one that looks like a sports shirt. With the "surname" in bold letters and then a big 00 or 01 beneath it... you gals know what I'm talking about? Sorry I'm a bit family orinated right now... not that im actually expecting him to wear it or anything but I'll bet he'd get a kick out of it lmao. Um... yeah... that cd is a great idea though.
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