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  1. Sorry, but I've sort of rattled off a miriad of questions...hope that you find merit in them. You've had the opportunity to work along side some truly brilliant actors (more than one academy award winner do tell), e.g., Hillary Swank, Jodie Foster, Katie Bates, Maria Bello, Angelina Jolie, Pearce Brosnan, David Wenham, etc., does working with such high-caliber professionals make your job easier? Are you able to delve deeper into the complexity of your characters? Do you work alot off of the chemistry you have with your costars? Do you do a lot of research on your character, time period, or situation before showing up on the set to help you get into the mind and body of your character? Are you most comfortable with a lot of rehearsal before fliming? Are any of your scenes improvised? Or, is everything scripted? Do you enjoy improvisational acting? Love your look in Nim's Island...really za za za zing!!! Eeks!! Lots and lots of questions. LOL "Inquiring minds want to know." Have thoroughly enjoyed riding along on your career-mobile and seeing your career continue to blossom and grow. Especially looking forward to seeing Nim's Island. The film looks like it will be a lot of fun. God bless. beggs909
  2. Stef...I'm so waiting for the release of the date and place. I had such a terrific time at the last convention. Hugs to all beggs909
  3. Happy Birthday Kathy!

    Hope you have a wonderful day today!

    Hugs, Vanessa








    zany :)

  5. Actually, with the star's permission and $25,000 they can buy there own star. Maybe the fans could help to purchase...what an interest fundraiser this would be. I didn't realize that the star pays for their own star...Here's the scoop: VANESSA WILLIAMS PURCHASES HER OWN STAR Published by Ruben on March 19th, 2007 To those of you that don’t know…..any artist that gets a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame submits a request to get a star themselves, and not only that, they also pay $25,000 of their own money for the honor. It’s not the city of Hollywood that gives them the golden call. How do you figure Ryan Seacrest was able to get one? This is something that not many people know, but, I’ve included a little excerpt from the official Hollywood Chamber of Commerce website in regards to getting a star: Criteria for Star on the Walk of Fame 1. Professional achievement 2. Longevity of five years in the field of entertainment 3. Contributions to the community The recipient must agree to attend the dedication ceremony. In case of a fan nomination, a letter of agreement must be sent by celebrity management. There is a five-year waiting period after death for nominations of deceased individuals. The Committee does not necessarily select posthumous honorees each year. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce makes every effort to schedule a dedication ceremony on the date requested by the honoree. A 60-day lead period is needed for required permits, the manufacturing of the star, and advance publicity. Please be advised that if your nominee is selected and the induction does not take place within five years of the selection date, the nominee must be re-submitted during another voting period. The sponsorship fee is $25,000
  6. Just dropping by to say "Hi!" Kathy! :)

  7. Hi Gals!! BE WARNED - POSSIBLE SPOILER I watched the film two times, and thought it was good. However, I became very irritated at the commercial breaks that came too often and lasted too long. They just sort of popped up at the weirdest moments. It even appeared as though you'd be watching a scene...a commerical would interrupt - maybe just one commercial...then you'd return to another segment altogether. Showing up-coming scenes in the movie during commercial breaks seemed goofy. Could have used the time to show more of the movie in proper sequence. With that said, I did like the film. I thought the twist at the end was so clever and interesting - I don't recall seeing an ending like that before. Philandering spouses should take note. I'll reserve my final judgment until I see the DVD. I suspect scenes were cut to make the film fit into TNT's time slot - and around their million or so commercials. Hopefully, watching the film from beginning to end, uninterruped, will allow the drama and suspense to build naturally to the surprise conclusion. When Pierce's character drove the car into the wall, it sure appeared that Gerry was in distress...almost like he couldn't catch his breath and that he was truly in pain. Maybe it's just because he mentioned it at the GALS convention in Las Vegas that I was sort of looking for his reaction in this scene...he certainly could have been acting...LOL With several references to Butterfly on a Wheel, the impact of the statement was lost with the title change. Not a wise move to rename the film...anyway there is a movie called Shattered on cable right now. Go figure. It's sad that it didn't make it to theaters...it's not academy award material, but certainly as good as alot of films floating around out there. At least to HBO or Showtime would have been great. I'd pay to see this film and wouldn't have felt I spent my money unwisely. Gerry on the big screen is always za za za zing in my book It's slotted to be on TNT again September 8th. I'll naturally watch it again, and hope that TNT decides to at least let the film run in some sort of continuity and not chop it up so badly with commercials. beggs909
  8. I just love watching the Biography Channel and learning so much about celebrities, and the "ins and outs" of other famous people (both living and dead). It made me think that Gerry would be a wonderful candidate for a Biography program. His tragedies and triumphs would be such an inspiration to so many people, and it would be great to hear what insights and stories that would be shared by his family members, friends, and professional pals. I've put a link to the Biography Channel's comments/feedback page in case you feel like me that GB would be a terrific addition to the Biography line-up. Hope it's OK to do this. Hugs...beggs909 Here's aBIOGRAPHY CHANNEL FEEDBACK/COMMENTS
  9. Wow!! so many possibilities have been discussed about the strange evolution of BOAW. All of these sound feasible. We will probably never know the why's and wherefore's in this backstory...and the truth may not be as interesting as the fiction. I've even heard that Lionsgate is going bankrupt...now I've thrown another log on the fire...LOL Truthfully, my personal experience with the distribution of films couldn't even fill a thimble, but I suspect this is not unheard of in the filming world. It would be interesting to know how many films are actually made and how many get left to rot in some warehouse somehwere - never to be seen. Actors get paid or don't get paid for their work, but most actors want their work to be seen and credited. I'm not even sure how much impact the actors have on distribution, editing, promotion, or any of the other parts that make up the finished product, unless, of course, they are the Producer such as Pierce Brosnan was in this case. It may be easier to understand if the film is a real stinker, but so far that doesn't appear to be the case. Being shown on TV and released on a DVD has got to rate over no one every seeing the finished product - at least the producers will recoop some money spent. What a mystery!! I'd like to believe that all of the furious loyal GB fan activity surrounding petitions and emails convinced Lionsgate to make it available to the general public in some way...it could have just been released on DVD. I'm glad to be able to at least see the film...somewhere and I'll be in line to purchase the DVD when it is released...most likely do a pre-purchase. Foreign markets could make up for the lack of a US market and help the producers get back their investment and then some. Some movies do a terrific business overseas and lackluster here. And, let's not forget the premise for Mel Brooks' The Producers? Sometimes you can make more money on a flop than you can on a boxoffice smash!! How intriguing it will be to read the thread after Shattered airs...the theories and conjectures that may surface after viewing the project could be quite different from those expressed thus far. Is this how "cult" films get started? They are surrounded by mystery, intrigue, "chainsaw massacre editors, double-dealing, blacklisting, etc. What a great plot for a novel maybe GB could star in the movie!!! beggs909
  10. Well said, Swannie. Everything in life has it's season and Gerry has certainly moved into another phase of his career that thankfully keeps him busy making back-to-back films for his fans to enjoy. His recent filming schedule has had him traveling from one end of the world to the other, and looking over his upcoming "line-up," this is just the beginning of the wave created by 300. Hooray for him and Hooray for us!! I've heard it said that fame is fleeting and I have no personal experience to judge the truthfulness of this statement. Somehow, I believe that GB will always be appreciative of his fans - all of his fans. Those fans that supported him from the beginning of his journey...those that cheered and supported him during his wild ride on the cusp of fame...and those that will always be there whether he's up or down. And, he will do his utmost to acknowledge his appreciation for our loyalty whenever possible. I don't know if Gerry is moving away from his fans or fansites. However, he has many professional constraints on his time and person that dictate what he can and cannot do and still have some time left over for "R&R" (rest and relaxation). Hopefully, as loyal GB fans, we are in this for the long haul and will continue to applaud his successes and support him in his disappointments. After all, isn't that what fans are suppose to do??? Hugs to all...beggs909
  11. Everyone loves the results of dentistry, but "hates" the dentist. The pain mongers...LOL Remember the loneliest guy in the world use to be the Maytag Repairman...I believe it just might be a dentist. "The Dentist" In Little Shop of Horrors... THE DENTIST When I was young and just a bad little kid, My momma noticed funny things I did. Like shootin' puppies with a BB-Gun. I'd poison guppies, and when I was done, I'd find a pussy-cat and bash in it's head. That's when my momma said... (What did she say?) She said my boy I think someday You'll find a way To make your natural tendencies pay... You'll be a dentist. You have a talent for causing things pain! Son, be a dentist. People will pay you to be inhumane! You're temperment's wrong for the priesthood, And teaching would suit you still less. Son, be a dentist. You'll be a success. "Here he is folks, the leader of the plaque." "Watch him suck up that gas. Oh My God!" "He's a dentist and he'll never ever be any good." "Who wants their teeth done by the Marqui DeSade?" "Oh, that hurts! Wait! I'm not numb!" "Eh, Shut Up! Open Wide! Here I Come!" I am your dentist. And I enjoy the career that I picked. I'm your dentist. And I get off on the pain I inflict! I thrill when I drill a bicuspid. It's swell, though then tell me I'm mal-adjusted. And though it may cause my patients distress. Somewhere...Somewhere in heaven above me... I know...I know that my momma's proud of me. "Oh, Momma..." 'Cause I'm a dentist... And a success! "Say ahh..." "Say AHhhh..." "Say AAARRRHHHH!!!" "Now Spit
  12. Me too!!! Za Za Za Zing!!! :bouncydrool3: beggs909
  13. Please let me know when you plan another get together...It's few hours drive from St. Louis to Chicago and I'd love to see all of you again. You are a wild and crazy bunch...that's why you're so much fun. Maybe I can get Marissa to ride shotgun. beggs909
  14. Marissa...this season is a disappointment, but you can still have your photo taken next to the Cardinals' World Series Trophy. That's really special. I'm a true Cardinal fan that must endure a loving son's undaunted loyalty to the Chicago Cubs...even naming his dog Sosa!! I'm still trying to figure out how that happened. GO CARDS!!! beggs909
  15. I have to honestly say that Gerry in any state is an absolute WOW to me. He's just an extremely handsome man that looks good in every photo I've seen...casual or formal. The scruffy-little salt and pepper- look is really very appealing too. Speaks to being just "ME"...no costumes, makeup, relaxed, casual, etc. At least the only "ME" a fan could ever hope to know. All of your comments are completely on target...and the personal experiences warm my heart. :inlove: Hugs...beggs909
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