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  1. On Regis and Kelly, they showed the magazine with Gerry on the cover. Does anyone know what issue that is and when it might be on newstands? thanks.
  2. That's exactly what I've always wondered about Gerry, Dawn. It seems sometimes that we, as fans, want more from his career than he does. And, to be honest, by his own admission he's been struggling with the level of success that he has so far attained. Do we really want him to be under more pressure than he can handle?
  3. Talked about. Hinted. Whispered. Innuendoed. It's just more than I can take to wait for this film. Cause.... Thanks much for the spoiler. Now my idle mind has some killer images to work with until release date.
  4. Amen, Sheri. Everyone kept calling out for mags to notice him, to give us info on what he was up to, and now that we are getting a taste of just that, it seems too bitter a pill to swallow for most. Whether this is intentional publicity on his behalf, a new ploy to get his name recognized, remains to be seen, though honestly, we'll prolly never know about that either. But, we are all gonna have to suck it up. Most of us have been here for the long haul, and hopefully during that time, we've been able to spot a bit of the real man. Gerry is a phenomenal actor, but I can't imagine his ENTIRE life up to now has been an act. There has to have been some REAL points of his personality that we have seen. So, hold onto that when shite like this comes down the pike. He's worked too hard for too long to just let it all go to he!! now...right when he may be on the cusp of really making it big. But, then again...could THAT be the point? Could this just be a case of him shooting himself in the foot? The man is an enigma. Until it comes from his mouth, we will never know. But, numpties like Ted C.? There is always some bitter wanna be trying to tear everyone else down. It's not likely HE could do any better with the ladies, either. LOL
  5. Thanks, Chelle!! I am loving that chocolate brown suit. MMMMMM LOL
  6. Thanks, Chelle...you are always on the ball. Hmmm, so he's a no show in Australia for the premiere.
  7. I think you might be right, Shirsan. It was announced at last year's Cannes that he would be doing Capone Rising and others. So, I think that is the place to put the word out.
  8. I was thinking the exact same thing. Ah we take what we can get, don't we? Beautiful Man. What is this from, and where can we find it? And, 300%....what are they talking about?????? LOL, JD
  9. Oooo, I DO hope we can get this one for keeps in multimedia. Thanks so much for the link!!!
  10. That was beautiful...and so true. Every last word. Thank you, Stef, for sharing that. JD
  11. The very happiest days to you...may you find peace and happiness in all that you do. Thank you so very much, for all that, I'm sure, you don't even know that you do...through your passion we have found inspiration...through you hardwork, we have found connection. May God bless you and keep you, Gerard... All my love, Marcie
  12. With the writers' strike and his filming of Game, this seems unlikely. If we see anyone from the film it will likely be Hillary. Well...a gal can certainly dream...and hope....and pray. Yeah? LOL And, btw...I was flipping through my new Martha Stewart Living mag...and shrieked when I saw The Man in a full page ad for the film....Gerry's a good thing.
  13. The entire lineup sounds great...maybe we can hope Gerry will make appearances on so many talk shows....*sigh*
  14. Totally agree, Hobbes. Thanks again, Chelle...you are too good to us. He and Amber are looking mighty fine together...good chemistry can only mean GOOD things for us. LOL
  15. That's the spirit!! :ohbaby2: LOL...thanks, doll!!! I believe the more exposure to the GerryLove...the better off we'll all be. And, now...after his appearance at the EMA's, I'm even more hopeful that we'll get a little red carpet interview of him tonight!!!!
  16. It's my civic duty to share the GerryLove, yeah?
  17. Not sure where this goes...but just saw that Gerry will be on E! News tomorrow night...featuring celebrities that are eco-friendly...they called him "Tinseltown's Hottest Gladiator"....Squeeeee Marcie
  18. I think it is his jewelry, beachie. And, I'm just loving it. I don't know if it's because he had so much say so in what the character was like, but that would be great if he did. And...nope...I think your addiction runs the norm along with the rest of us, doll.
  19. TNT has posted seven new interviews on filming 'Shattered'. Enjoy! Gerry To see the other six, go to 'Show Extras' at the top of the page. Cheers, Marcie
  20. Oh, Aims...now you've gone and made me cry. I was so very disappointed to hear that it didn't work out for you...this time. But, in my heart, I know now that it is only a matter of time. The sky is the limit if you only believe, and with your talent and the love of all of these wonderful girls...myself included, supporting you and rooting for you, there is NOTHING you cannot accomplish. And, as far as me getting published before you...we'll just have to do it together, yeah? Let the powers that be try to tell TWO whores 'no'. There's not a one of them out there that's got the stones to do that!!! I love you, babe...and in the immortal words of Dory..."Just keep swimmin'". (Can you tell I have kids? LOL) Marcie
  21. Doesn't look 'ill' to me...I think he was just looking for an excuse to tell the lads he had Madonna's hands on his arse. LOL Thanks for posting. Love it!!!!!!
  22. Amen, Poppy!!! Anyone up for starting THAT petition?
  23. Yes. She said it was AWESOME! I asked her if she would post her review on the forum, but it doesn't look like she has yet. Perhaps later. Dr. Em Thanks, Dr. Em....that's so great to hear!!!!! I'll be keeping an eye out for that review.
  24. 703!!!!!! Has anyone heard from anybody who has seen it today???
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