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  1. Oh no, hun that was the end in it's entirety about Taurus rising ~ ::
  2. Hello again ~ Just wanted to post another interpretation of Taurus "rising"/Ascendant. This one is courtesy of Astrology-Numerology.com Taurus Taurus rising produces a personality that is stable, graceful and harmonious, very much the country squire at heart. The nature of Taurus is affectionate, steadfast and loyal. You're an individual with very basic needs: good food, good sex, and a suitably luxurious place to live. Ferdinand the bull symbolized Taurus; very happy to sit in the meadow, smell the flowers and enjoy a cool summer breeze. This personality is passive and easygoing until p
  3. :: Awesome Pilar!! Yes, Four planets in Scorpio ~ Especially VENUS ~ That must explain why he exudes sexual magnetism from every pore of his body! (Gerry Juice!) ~ And his Ascendant Taurus is ruled by Venus ~ he's one lucky guy to be born under those stars. I doubt any woman in the world can resist him. Then to have the intelligence and emotional depth to go along with all that ......WOW.....I didn't know God made men like him.....I thought they were all fairy tales and figments of someone's exagerated imagination. Here's a revelation! My environment now suddenly seems incredibly lac
  4. :yippee: Thank you very much Pilaraquarius ~ By Astro.com Calculations that would make him Taurus Rising ~ Just another piece of the Gerry puzzle ~ And this is what Astro.com says........ Very fitting for him, don't you think? Ascendant in Taurus, Venus in the Sixth House At the time of your birth the zodiacal sign of Taurus was ascending in the horizon. Its ruler Venus is located in the sixth house. Taurus is the second sign of the zodiacal belt and within its rulership there are determination, common sense, possessiveness, and a tendency to seek material wealth. You appear as a
  5. :: Hello all ~ I am very new at this posting thing as well..... I have one quick question ~ Who knows what Gerry's astrological ascendant is? Yes we all know his Sun Sign is Scorpio....does anyone know his "rising" sign?
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