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  1. Just wanted to pop in and say "Hi" to everyone. Hope you had a great day/evening! I was just watching Braveheart and it made me think of Gerry...of course, I could be doing anything and think of Gerry...Ha! Love that accent!!! Cheers!
  2. Holly! "arms wide open for the tackle boob squishing hug" Good to talk to you too! As usual you crack me up!...and yes, I am a carrier, believer, addict, Gerryholic...whatever you want to call me! Ha! AimeeMarie (hope I spelled that right) I'll keep your sister in my prayers and hope that she finds a swift happy resolution. Hope everyone else had a wonderful day! Going to pick my butt off the floor and go work out...
  3. OMG, I've been gone for so long....in all sense of the words....from this website for awhile and "been gone" head of heels for Gerry since I saw him in a little TV movie called Attila...Ha! Of course, I have to say I was taken a back by how beautiful he was, but I continued to watch the movie because of his acting. I read about him online then, but did not fervently follow his career or join any websites until I found out he was playing the Phantom in the Phantom of the Opera movie. I absolutely could not wait till this movie came out in theaters. I had to hear him sing. A man that looks that good, acts that great, couldn't possibly sing that great too! Boy was I wrong! He's the total package.....hehehehe...I said package! I haven't had the honor of meeting HRH yet, but I have a dream that one day I will and that he will be just as nice in person (from everyone's personal accounts who have met him, they all say how nice he is and funny). That the kind of person we should admire! On a personal note to all you GALS, I've missed you! Sorry I've been gone. Been crazy busy holding down the fort until my hubby gets home in just 6 weeks! Thank the Lord! Take care everyone! Gimmieabeach...I see you out there!
  4. Cheri, so glad for you and your husband. I hope you feel a huge sense of relief. I will pray for your body to heal emotionallly and physically as well. Take care! Happy Birthday Mousie.....love the pics of you and "The Man" Susan...sounds like you had a great time. I would have loved to have been there for the Amazing Grace song. Gives me chill bumps thinking about it. Dee...way to listen to your body! I'm so glad you are all right and I'll continue to pray for healing. Hope all you other GALS are okay. Thanks for posting all those wonderful pics of Gerry. He's so scrumptous!
  5. Greetings my lovely GALS! Yes, I've been MIA lately myself. I feel like it's been ages! I still have to catch up on all the goings on, but I hope everyone is feeling better! We had a great trip to Europe and it only makes me want to go back soon, however, I was ready to come home and see my babies. I'll post pics as soon as my sis-in-law gets them to me. I started school again last week, so now I'm even busier (like I needed something else on my plate, right?!) I'm basicly changing careers from what I got my bachelor's in, but I'm very excited about it. I've wanted to be a sign language interpreter for years now, so I took the plunge last year and started my training. It will take me another two years or so because I'm only going part time, but it will be worth it. I've got a long way to go, but you need to work in something you enjoy, right?! I'll actually be happy to go to work everyday....go figure. Ha! I hope everyone had a great weekend and are enjoying their labor day. I've been pretty bummed today because of the whole Steve Irwin thing. My family and I just loved him and his shows. My heart aches for his wife and children. Some things we are meant to never understand I guess. Take care everyone and I'll try not to stay away so long. Gonna try to go to the Vegas convention next year. Wow, with the Vegas trip and Scotland trip, I've got to start saving more pennies! Ha!
  6. anyone familiar with the book, P.S. I love you? I heard it's more of a dramady than romantic comedy....either way, I'm excited about it. I new genre for our Gerry boy! you GALS are showing great restraint in this thread....hahahaha!
  7. Seems so relevent posting this on the international thread considering I'm traveling internationally right now. I highly recommend it, the people are so wonderful. Hugs and kisses to all you international GALS and PALS out there!!! Thanks for sending love my way everyone. We are having a great time. We ate at an authentic medieval restaurant a couple of days ago and it was so cool. I kept looking for Marek, but didn't find him.... I walk down the cobblestone streets and feel like I'm in a dream. I've always wanted to go to Europe and it feels like I'm having an outer body experience. Crazy, huh? I'm just soaking up everything and asking so many questions. It's getting me more excited about Scotland next year. I hope everyone is feeling well and if you're not, take some :gerryagra: and call me (or post) in the morning! :: Welcome to GALS Erica! Glad to see you here. The ladies are so supportive and absolutely hilarious! I think I see Suz streaking as I'm typing this! HA! Take care everybody! Chow!
  8. OMG, I've been gone too long....haven't gotten through all the posts...but will catch up. Just wanted to say hello and let you know I haven't fallen off the face of the earth (just yet....hahahaha!) I'm actually in Latvia right now ( a country in Eastern Europe) traveling with my sister-in-law visiting friends of hers she met several years ago on a mission trip. My first trip anywhere outside of the United States...kind of exciting minus all the security craziness at the airports before I left. I'll be here until 8/21. We've been to Germany and might get to go to Sweden. Everyone I've encountered has been so nice and very helpful. It's so beautiful here and it has a great "vibe." Hope everyone is great, happy, healthy and hor.. (just had to write that...hehehehe) Take care everyone!
  9. Okay, I've got to get my life together so I can post more...I miss out on so much! Ughhhh.... To everyone commenting on Abrock's dream.... So funny....the crew being more than the audience is more of a true statement than you think! Ha!!! Um, I think Gerry will need additional help with his wardrobe when he's changing for differenct scenes. I raise my hand for that job! hehehehe I've had only one dream about Gerry and it was a couple of nights ago. It was weird. I was giving him a hug....never saw his face, but I knew that it was him because of his neck. I had my face right into his neck. Crazy!! He was hugging me like I was some old buddy of his. Not bad....I'll settle for buddy! Ha!! Hope everyone is feeling better and not sick anymore. Please keep cool ( I know it's hard looking at all these wonderful pics of Gerry.....hehehehe, I said hard and Gerry in the same sentence!) Lori, "I'll be coming around the mountain when I come....I'll be coming around the mountain when I come...." Yes, we'll get together sometime....you betcha!!
  10. I'm with Bethy, I'm gone 2 days and I miss out AGAIN!!!!! Yes, I'm one of the unfortunate ones that didn't get to go to Vegas, but I feel like I was there just from talking to everyone, looking at vids/pics and reading everyone's experience from the trip. Seems like an amazing time for everyone and what a treat to have you and Gerry there too! You know it's hard to imagine that with all that you and Gerry deal with on a day to day basis that you could have the time to come here and post on the websites, read mail, open gifts from fans, etc...but because you and Gerry CARE...you take the time to do it. That is what makes you guys special and different from the rest. That is why we care about him and his career. That is why you will be successful in life. Whoa, sorry about that....but had to be said. Thank you from the bottom of all of our hearts and I hope that I get to meet you someday. Until then, God bless, Cheers!
  11. Swan, I saw the video....I'm speechless (and that is saying a lot :: ) Stunning and beautiful.....the pics and the way they were presented with the words to your song were right on the money....amazing....I'm in awe at the talent that flows through here!!! Nite everyone!!
  12. My goodness....I had 10 pages to catch up on.....*eyes crossed from reading so much* Hope all is well in Gerrydome! Stef, you probably have finished the whole Outlander series by now....Ha! Wow...you're a fast reader, but who can blame you when Jaime is involved. Oh, let me count the ways he makes me WANT him! :ohbaby2: Lori, sorry we couldn't get together in ATL this weekend. It was a verra fast trip...zipped in late Friday night and zipped out Saturday afternoon after the shower. We'll get together sometime by golly! Susan, thanks for the great pics from Beo in LA!! A lot of us are gathering in Memphis this Saturday to watch our Phanty boy in all his glory at the Orpheum. I've never been there, but they say they've redone the theater and it looks like an old opera house. Pretty cool. Can't wait to see Phantom again on the big screen! Join us if you can! Hope all the sickies are feeling better!
  13. Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. I've had puter problems, but hopefully all is well now. I'll have to check out those Highlander books. Are they anything like the Outlander series? I'm on book 3 of Outlander and I'm having Jaimegasms!!! (did I just say that? Ha!) To everyone traveling, hope you have a fun, safe (and a bit naughty) trips!!! hehehe. I'll be heading to Atlanta myself for a lingerie shower this weekend. We're going to need the gutter patrol, I can feel it! Ha! Abrock, hope you get to feeling better. My son had the same problems this week. Nasty little bug going around and hitting everyone around here. Drink you some Gerry juice....that should help. Hope everyone has a great day!!
  14. LOL Eurofoxx....I like you're version the best!!!!
  15. **humming 50 cent's song "It's your Birthday"** "It's GALS birthday, It's GALS birthday....we're gonna party likes it's your birthday" Thank you for this website and to all the admins, MODS, GALS that have helped develop this wonderful second home! To Gerry: Thanks for helping start this whole darn thing you wonderful actor, person and fine fella!! :hugsandsnogs: everyone!! Sassy
  16. Trixie!! Good to see you on here and joining this lovely place of Gerrydome!! Hope to see more of you! Susan, Cassie, Jenn and all others of comic con....thanks for the pics and videos! Gerry looks yummy and he's so funny....I would love spending time with him even if it was for just 3 minutes....(get it!....I know you do! Ha!) Suz, I love Big and Rich....I bet they're cool to hang with....they seem like a lot of fun Hope you guys are well today....I'm home from work with a sick child, poor lad.
  17. Jenn, bless you for the pics!!! He's so......so.....so.....fine!!!!! "he blows my mind.......hehehehe.....I said "blows" *off to watch the video*
  18. Gerry, you lovely, lovely man! What a perfect example of what you do to help others in this world....giving it away...whether it be love, money, or giving of self. Can life be any better than that! Man, I love this guy!
  19. Dee!!! So glad you could join us in the crazy fun! You won't be disappointed! Love your trading card by the way....verra sexy! Lori, OMG that video.... I was laughing so hard....I love Monty Python!! Oh, I'm still crying from laughing so hard....good stuff! Ina, so glad you could make it to CA. Have fun and you and Cassie take lots of pics for us!! Bethy, Zany and Gimmieabeach, love your new siggies.....yummy!
  20. "putting on my jealous face" wishing I could be with you GALS going to comic con. Hope you can take some great pics for all the unfortunate souls....if you get to meet him, give him a big kiss from ole sassy!!! so excited we'll get to see another Gerry movie this year....Pierce who?......no, just kidding, Pierce fan here, but my Gerry is wayyyyyyyyyyyy out of his league! Right girls?!!! Mel, hope your coronation goes well today!
  21. Shite, I'm gone for a day and I've missed so much! Yikes! Just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you for the Beowulf sample scene video....did anyone get the black box off yet?........waiting with anticipation.............. Yeah, disappointed they bypassed Gerry again on the Insider.......Arghhhh! Hope everyone is well and feeling the synergy love around here. Good night, ya'll!!!
  22. ONLY some nudity.....poo........and it's probably the women, right?!!......no butt, er, I mean, no "non-leather underwear" shots from the Gerry himself?
  23. Just wanted to add my two cents in about my "synergy" with you GALS: All of you have basically said exactly what I feel about this wonderful place (a second "home" if you will"). I, too, have never been part of a website dedicated to an actor, but something just struck a chord in me when I saw Gerry for the first time in Attila and then again in POTO. I had to get to know more about this person and in doing so, I have found more about myself. I could only have done this with inspiration through you guys, laughing with you, praying for you.......the list goes on. And now that I've had the pleasure of meeting some of you this past weekend, it just salitified the "connectivity" I feel with all of you. Every day I look forward to coming here because I can't wait to hear what is going on in your lives and to share with you what is going on in mine (naughty or nice! :: ) To all you GALS I met this past weekend, it was an honor meeting you and I can't wait for another get together.....and to all those I have yet to meet, I wait with anticipation!
  24. Love the new sigs, love the harem idea, love GALS, love Gerry the Butler, love.......oh, sorry I got carried away by all the love ( OMG, as I'm writing this, Madonna's song Erotica just came on....hahahaha!.....don't think it has anything to do with love though.......muhahahaha!) Suz, Cassie, gimmieabeach, (I know I'm missing people, please excuse the blondeness! ha!) can't wait to meet all ya in Chicago tomorrow........I'll be the one with the bloodshot eyes trying to stay awake! ha! (we're leaving before the roosters crow.....Ha!) Hopefully we won't get stuck in traffic too long.....eeekkk! *pole dances out of the thread*
  25. oooooooooooo, Bethy's got a nekkie mandoll riding a camel...........hahahaha! get the poor man some clothes........or don't! muhahaha!!!
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