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  1. $45.00 sent for Gerry's 45th birthday. Happy Birthday Gerry! Thank you Mary's Meals Janet (bjbjmi)
  2. @HUGOBOSS @janetiacolino: Your commercial and ads for BOSS Bottled are astounding! Will you be doing others in the future? .@janetiacolino Thanks, had a blast making the#bossbottled #ManOfToday fragrance ad.No future news yet, I’m enjoying now #spon #AskGerard
  3. The girl is average looking, cute, and more down to earth it seems. At least dress wise. Like him. He has said that women like to use their beauty as a weapon. At least that has been his experience.
  4. Is Scott Adkins going to be the MI6 agent?
  5. Welcome to GALS bjbjmi@yahoo.com :)

    1. bjbjmi


      Thank you so much. I am so glad to be a part of the Gerard Butler Gals!

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