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  1. I loved it, too, Shamrocked! I went on the two Saturdays... took different groups of friends. Spent the first time looking at Santa Cruz (I was born down there) and adoring it .... so wonderful. And the theater rocked with the sound of the surf. Only looked away from all that to look at Gerry! Second time actually paid attention - and liked it even more! I adored it! Hope everyone is doing very well! Remembering all our Vet's this weekend, as always ... Jill
  2. WOW! I loved getting to be a small part of this!!!! Congratulations one and all! Jill
  3. Hey everybody! Howdy and hope all are having a great weekend! Looking forward to this eclipse tomorrow night.... going to be be running right over the top of the old homestead here in No CA..... lots of folks trying to remember how to make pinhole cameras!!!! Enjoy the rest of the weekend, gal pals! Jill
  4. auntm

    POTO in Vegas

    OH! and now to the important info---- I will be right across from SAra apparently -- that's good.... in SEc 2...at least that's the way I see it. I should be far enough back NOT to have to deal with whiplash--- but, see it all.... I am sooo excited. And yes! I'd LOVE to be part of any dinner reservation.... Makes the last 4 weeks and change of middle school ALL THE EASIER to work with!!!! YIPPEE JIll
  5. auntm

    POTO in Vegas

    Hey! I'm in! I have my POTO ticket to be there too! (It's been a busy afternoon.... I also got my plane tickets and hotel reservations too! .... I can hardly wait!).... Jill
  6. auntm

    POTO in Vegas

    yippeee! It's going to be a party!!!!
  7. auntm

    POTO in Vegas

    Oh I am soooo happy to find out about this (by way of Elissa's FB page!)..... I will be coming in on Thursday and was planning on doing this all by myself since I didn't know od anyone else who was! YIPPPEEE..... I will get my ticket and will plan on dinner afterwards..... where are you ladies planning on being so I can get my ticket nearish? Oh so happy! Jill
  8. Typhoons? Heck - any good Texas lady can stand that! Take your boots and kick the snot outa them.... but reassembling flat pack furniture? With unknown hardware in micros? Give me the willies and the shivers combined!!!! Love to everyone! Jill
  9. Sending lots of love and Easter blessings, my friends. Hope all are well and enjoying the changing of the seasons..... but, love and best wishes to all our GalPals in the northeastern section of Texas. Last Tuesday was so hard....(my cousin said she, her special ed class, and their personal aides all had to hang out in her small interior office for 2 hours --- the sirens rang and they got released to be immediately sent right back into lockdown 15 minutes later.... truly - the horror)..... Hippity hop...... and lots of love. Jill
  10. Well, I feel his pain about being careful with the BP meds --- and the diabetes -- but, with you there....he is one lucky man..... Top of the morning to you both! Lots of love to all, Jill
  11. oh man, Elissa. How is he doing with being stuck at home? ANd YES he is the luckiest thing possible to have an RN at home, but FAR luckier to have you! What is winter like here in No CA? Has been no winter...was reaching mid-70's and today the floodgates opened and our FIRST winter storm hit...all the blooms are everywhere - branches down, power outages.... man --- what a mess! Toto, we aren't in any place we expected any more! Lots of love to one and all. Jill
  12. Hey right back! Glad you are here, Anya...... it's a great group and a great place to be. Love to you all! Jill
  13. Morning or evening all! Hoping all are well, happy, and reaching out for family and friends for lots of hugs! So glad to see all the pictures, siggies, and trading cards popping up. JOBELLA! CONGRATS girl! You go --- you really really go! Take that job and run with it. I am so proud of you! Suzie and Elissa -- I too love my Mac -- although I don't do an ibook....hate a notebook's keyboard...want the FULL ride..... enjoy it, Suzie. It will change your experience. I bring work home and do it here and then send it back to work, it is just that much easier - and a much more complete experience. Love to one and all...... Jill
  14. Hey everybody! Hoping it is a wonderful Monday, and a happy week!!!! Love you all.... Jill
  15. Oh Suzie. I am soooo sorry, but I just know that Gene was waiting for her. They are there together. I believe. Sending all my love, best thoughts, and prayers your way! Elissa! Hope you are feeling better after giving your impression of a pin cushion. Hope you are feeling much much better. And I too am a Stephanie Plum fan! Looking forward to the movie -- BUT, wish I could as easily get to Machine Gun Preacher or Coriolanus! Sheesh ... nine screens. what the hay? And again, I too fell head over heels during Dear Frankie. Come Point of No Return or Music of the Night --- or Beowulf or Leonidas, the Stranger still has my heart. SUE! Sister friend of mine! I am delighted to hear you are taking a positive stand in Solano County - to uplift Danna's memory, but to be of service to all the women out there, like Danna, who needed someone to be there. You go girl! I am so proud of you...and happy for the women of Solano County. And I do hope you consider how to get down to Vegas. I finally got my calendar clear to get there.....after all these years. I was sure hoping that we could make lots and lots of inappropriate noise and drag Susie and Elissa into the mayhem! Think about it. Love to you all..... think of you more often than I get here. Jill
  16. "......other things." hahahahahaaaaa laughed until I teared up on that one! Elissa, you are a crack up! manmitts..... uh, yeah, that.... or should I say THOSE! Oh my! off to AMazon! Jill
  17. Man, she got quiet about the name of this book all of a sudden! Come on Elissa, spill the name! IRISH! HOWDY, sister! I promise, if you hold Elissa's hands, I'll sit on her feet then Susie can grab the book and RUN!!!!!!!!!! heeee heeee heeeee Love ya, Jill
  18. Hey there gang and MERRY CHRISTMAS! It is so nice to both see everyone here (HI ANNA!!!!) and also BE here! Still teaching (as in, tomorrow the 22nd) is the last day before break.... good heavens the kiddos are FRANTIC!!!! But other than that, I have my big huge Christmas breakfast for all current and former staff members at our school done as of this AM -- and it was a marvel.... of course the "seasoned pros" (i.e. the retirees) come earliest and stay latest and enjoy it the most.... and then sit and marvel at how few people they know that are left! Oh my goodness. And the food was AMAZING!!! to be followed by a full day of teaching and then 2 full blown parent conferences. Good heavens I am exhausted.... But hugs and kisses to all of you. Just love you all to bits. Headed down to Santa Cruz area Friday - where I was born and where my folks are. I plan to go snooping around and see if there is going to be any more filming --- just to take a really great drive.... and be out and about in some beautiful weather in in CA ---- but man, we do need the rain too! Love ya all.... and MERRY CHRISTMAS! Jill http://www.gerardbutlergals.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/tangled.gif
  19. Love to everyone this THanksgiving weekend! I have been down to the family, had car trouble, and gotten home --- and it isn't even Saturday yet! WHOOO HOOO! Sue your place is amazing. It just isn't here in Reddin'! But being close to the boys... that's what it is all about! But I am on tinterhooks..... WHAT HAPPENED ABOUT THE TABLE!!!???!!!!! Happiest of times to one and all. Lots of love! (I'm still trying to figure out that San Antonio trip, ladies!!!) Jill
  20. Oh Suzie! I am sooo glad. I'll be the one with the rose! Irish, YOU out there? You going to come too? Love ya all! Jill
  21. OH MY! I am soooo into this! Clearing calendar and writing down dates RIGHT NOW!!!! YIPPEEE Jill
  22. Good evening one and all. Just wanted to connect with the GALS tonight. My love to the GALS in NYC area and DC....and never to forget the Western PA GALS. Love to you all as our thoughts turn your way today. Hoping all of you are doing well and fine, that Good Sport is doing well after his trip and fall, and that Susie's brother is doing well near Austin and coming back from the fires. Thinking of you one and all. Love, Jill
  23. Stacy --- you and your MOther are in my heart, my thoughts, and my prayers. And BLECHHHHH to anyone who gets into telling you how to work with your MOm with her real problems. And I do mean BLECH.... although it might look something like this.... (really not to be rude, but, wow...... all that just annoys me SOOO MUCH for you)....... Much love, JIll
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