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  1. Fast Food & Black Fighter---so long!!!
  2. Voting off Movie 43 & Tale of the Mummy.....
  3. Thanks Bonnie, if you learn anything else newsworthy please let me know. Hugs, Diana
  4. Hey !!!!!! I've been away awhile as well and things did a major change.... Can someone summarize the new set-up? Do we have something like the box for posting quick messages---that was the first thing we saw on the old forum page-----I can't even think what it was called....Lol Thanks for any help.... Missed y'all... Diana
  5. June, You are indeed one amazing woman!!!! I do hope your health stays good cuz it would be so sad to not be able to watch your masterpieces come to life!!! Diana
  6. Oh boy!!!! Talk about hard...... Uhh....bye-bye....uhhhh.....Crispy Creedy.....:'( Diana
  7. So sorry...but bye-bye Frosty... :'(
  8. Time for Alex to say bye-bye.... Range of emotions...... Sam Childers-- for all the reasons already posted--rough& tough guy to rage/anger to tender & playful moments to out of control to feeling so much for the children to his transformation & faith. It takes an amazingly talented actor to pull this off & Gerry was remarkable--as usual.... Lol Diana
  9. I'm with you Elissa..... "My vote this week is to boot off Set and keep Creedy on Exile Island." Diana
  10. Hey GALS, Anybody know dates of Gerry's filming of Hunter Killer in London in July??? My daughter is actually going to be in Wales the month of July & I might be able to twist her arm to try & get a pic... (If that's even remotely possible) If only........{swooning} Diana #ILoveGB
  11. Bye-bye Clyde and Creedy to exile island Diana
  12. eAwesome!!!!!! As usual!!! Diana
  13. Bye-bye One-Two and to Exile Island--Creedy Diana
  14. Bye-bye Kable and to Exile Island sweet Johnnie..... Diana
  15. Ok, I'll jump on bandwagon .....Bye-bye Kable and it's Exile Island for dear Dracula.... Diana
  16. I agree as well....bye-bye cheaters.....pretty----but cheaters... Diana
  17. Uh oh....... Swooning has begun..... Diana #ILoveGB
  18. Bye- Bye Tullus & Stoick Diana #ILoveGB
  19. snoggish Adam Levine
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