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  1. 20 Song Titles Beginning With the Letter D (Please include artist) 1) Don't Blame Me (Nat King Cole for one) 2) Diana (Paul Anka) 3) Down by the Riverside (Elvis Presley) 4) Do You Think I'm Sexy? (Rod Stewart) 5) Do You Love Me? (Beatles) 6) Desperado (Eagles) 7) Daddy, Don't You Walk So Fast (Wayne Newton) 8) Dance With Me (Orleans) 9) D'you Know What I Mean (Oasis) 10)
  2. Diana D

    Snog or Slap

    Snog Denzel Washington
  3. ice cream physical book vs book on a tablet (ipad, kindle, etc)
  4. Yes...I do TGBM loves animals.
  5. My husband sent me flowers today for my birthday!!
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