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  1. I know who his mystery girlfriend is.....she's an interior designer/real estate person in L.A.
  2. I think this was my favorite too. Of course he looks good in ANYTHING!!!!! Marek's Lady Di (Diana)
  3. Happy Birthday!!! Thanks for all your hard work here & making me feel so welcome!!! Hugs to you, Diana
  4. Wouldn't that be fun!!!! Wish I lived in NOLA! Diana
  5. Yes, very nice shirt....Handsome as always!!!! Diana
  6. ABCs of Lara Croft Tomb Raider 2 A) Abs B) Betrayal C) Cell D) Deadly showdown E) Evil F) Flower pagoda G) Guns H) Handcuffs I) Incarceration J) Jonathan Reiss K) Kisses L) Lara Croft M) MI6 N) Notorious criminals O) Orb P) Pandora's Box Q) Quest to find Pandora's Box R) Rogue agent S) Spy T) Terry U) United Kingdom (one filming location) V) video game series
  7. Yes, father & son drama....that will be wonderful!!! But hey, I'm ready for anything Gerry's in......jus' sayin' ....... Lol Diana
  8. Can't wait!!! Yes, Gerry in a tux!!!!! Oh-my-my....... Thanks for the info Diana
  9. I love you till the end.

  10. Thanks for the info!! Ya'll are great!! I'm still new & learning my way around the site. diana
  11. Hey everybody!!! I have not have the ultimate honor of meeting Gerry in person YET!!! But I'm waiting patiently until the time that I do get to see him face-to-face....I'll probably be so dumbstruck that I'll just murmur incoherently then pass out & hit my head so hard that I won't remember it at all!!!!!! but it'll be ok...surely someone will get pictures of the crazy lady that goo-gooed & fainted dead away.....lol Diana......{swooooonnn}
  12. Tori, Sorry I just now saw your "PS" post but I see you've got the side pics working now. I'm not that good at some computer things either. Sometimes it's just trial & error for me! lol BTW---I DID buy the cologne because GB endorses it!!!! It does smell wonderful. Now....to get my husband to wear it & grow a beard!!! hahahaha diana
  13. Hi!!!!! I'd like my GALS name to be Erik's Angel of Music and Marek's Lady Di Thanks, Diana
  14. Gerry is the absolute perfect choice for the "Man of Today"!!!....masculine, honorable, dedicated, a man of integrity, chivalrous, brave, strong, diligent, sensitive, compassionate....I could go on and on....
  15. I'll get in on the voting if I may...... Give Johnnie the boot and exile The Stranger diana
  16. Yes, hang in there Tori!!! Continue to put your faith & trust in God and he WILL see you through whatever life dishes out. Lord, I pray for Tori right now and ask that you give her peace and assurance that You will always be with her, that You DO have a plan for her life and that no matter what happens You are in control and love her. In Jesus' name, amen. Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV) "For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Diana
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