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  1. This is difficult.... Like everyone else, I love all of Gerry's characters....(who am I kidding--I LOVE anything Gerry!!!!!) So I guess I will vote to send poor Frosty home, leaving Johnnie & Leonidas to duke it out next week..... :)



  2. I vote to send Creedy home - where he'll be nice and cool in the AC.

    (I think Diana D was talking dirty in her post) :woohoo:



    :hmm:...I really was trying to be nice... :blush:

    Unless I messed up royally I was trying to say so long Creedy & be careful....

    Ti amo GB


  3. Ok...send uuuhhh Frosty home.....(only saying this since no one has voted him off & maybe he won't get kicked off then I do not have to be responsible for ANY of them being sent home---hahahahaha)

    Immunity question-----yes Clyde is an excellent choice (and was my choice earlier in the week) but in Gerry's earlier years Johnnie Donne is an amazing character. He is so believable in every aspect of that role--the anguish of a recovering alcoholic, the tender feelings & interactions with Rose, the depth of despair when he couldn't cope & fell off the wagon, his determination to rebuild his life....


    So there.................that's my final answer..........................I think..... :gah:



  4. Ok, I guess it is time for th_gbTeamTerry_zps02c8cg8q.gif to say good-bye.....

    Immunity question---uuuhhhhhmmmmm......I'm tending to agree with the Creedyth_gbTeamCreedy_zpsktlxih6s.gif followers, the time in which he lived was horrendous! Literally fighting to just survive, a prisoner to their way of life with constant, endless struggles and then sacrificing himself for others.

  5. I'll say goodbye to King Leo.....

    Husband & Father---th_image.jpg1_zpspmuxjp6d.jpg Frosty had his questionable moments but he was a great father-figure for Jay, he loved his wife immensely & when she was gone he had promised her he would give up Mavericks for the sake of his kids which he did.



  6. Oh man....... I guess poor Alex will have to go :(

    Since I have a love for science (being a chemistry teacher/pharmacist) he can drop by my place & discuss "scientific" things

    Poor Terry Sheridan....I sure wanted him to take his new found freedom & make something reputable out of his life BUT he just couldn't & he would end up breaking my daughter's heart if not worse.



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