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  1. Oh man..........he's just so dang handsome........ Please send home . And send safely to Exile Island Diana #ILoveGB
  2. Send home and send safely to Exile Island Diana #ILoveGB
  3. Been missing you Shamrocked (Diane)!!!! I understand about busy lives. Glad to see you back and can't wait to see some more creative "everything" from you!! Diana #ILoveGB
  4. Oh man.....George is soooo handsome in that film.... Please don't send him home is to go and safe to Exile Island !!!!! Or to my house when Irish is through with him!!! Lol Diana #ILoveGB
  5. Bye-bye and hello Exile Island to Diana #ILoveGB
  6. Goodbye and hello Exile Island for Diana #ILoveGB
  7. I second this vote...........Bye Neil & Frank......That picture cinched it!!!! Diana #ILoveGB
  8. Happy Birthday Texas Gramma......AND.... Diana #ILoveGB
  9. ABCs of Phantom of the Opera A) Angel of Music B)
  10. Diana D

    Yes and No

    No....too shy. Have you ever kissed a stranger?
  11. I love to curl up in my chair at night wrapped up in my "Gerry" blanket I ordered from photobucket!!!
  12. Sometimes...I try not to but there are some serious "idjits" out there!!! TGBM has been to London
  13. Happy Birthday Sue!!!! Diana #ILoveGB
  14. Diana D

    Drawings by Abby

    Yes.....your drawings are wonderful!!! So glad to see you back on here again. Can't wait to see more!!! Diana #ILoveGB
  15. OMG!!!!! I love it!!!! You are awesome June!!!!! My heart just skipped a beat at those eyes..... Diana #ILoveGB
  16. Diana D

    Movies ABC

    Action/Adventure all Drama A) Atonement B) Braveheart C) Coriolanus D) Dante's Peak E) Elephant Man (The) F) Fight Club G) Goldfinger H) Hell's Angels I) Inglourious Basterds J) John Carter K)
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