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  1. Yes, I guess I'll say bye-bye to th_gbTeamMike_zps2vperzqy.gifChadway

    Immunity question-- th_gb%20frosty_zps811wbsgz.jpg th_gb%20frosty%20jay_zpsgx7ts3rv.jpg Frosty--He was very dedicated in his training for the big waves--not only physically but mentally as well. He was focused on his surroundings & his own strengths & weaknesses. He worked with his hands in construction, building & renovating things----all of which are excellent attributes of a survivor.

    Anyway---look at the muscle in that arm!!!!! That right there is enough for me---- :thud: Oh wait----what was the question??? LOL



  2. I'll try Bonnie but mine are not as good as Frannie's or Paisleyscott or the rest of the gang's!!! jus'sayin...

    I'll post one & if you don't want to use it that is perfectly fine!!!! I promise it will NOT hurt my feelings at all...then maybe one of the professionals will have time to work on some...lol


  3. List 20 music/song titles starting with the letter "A". Please include name of artist.

    Then, move on to the next letter.

    One song per post.

    We left off with....

    20 Songs Beginning with E

    1) Eleanor Rigby (The Beatles)

    2) Eternally (Sarah Vaughn)

    3) Every Picture Tells a Story (Rod Stewart)

    4) Ebb Tide (Earl Grant)

    5) Eight Days a Week (Beatles)

    6) Everybody Loves Somebody (Dean Martin)

    7) El Paso (Marty Robbins)

    8) Earth Angel (The Penguins)

    9) Every Day (Buddy Holly)

    10) Even Now (Barry Manilow)

    11) Easier Said Than Done (The Essex)

    12) Emotion (BeeGees)

    13) Easy Come, Easy Go (George Strait)

    14) Eye in the Sky (Alan Parsons Project)

    15) Earth Song (Michael Jackson)

    16) Everybody Wants to be my Baby (The Beatles)

    17) Earthquake (Labrinth)

    18) Every Time I Breathe (Big Daddy Weave)


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