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  1. Hi Bonnie Blue Jean! Nice to see another Phan in here. I would post a lot of stuff in this forum, but I don't know how to use the media posting tools on this new format. There is so much going on in the Phantom world, with Love Never Dies now touring, and although Gerry was not involved with that in any way, I feel we can celebrate our Phantom love in all its forms. Not just Gerry's Phantom. As soon as I learn how to pst images and video, I have got some gorgeous stuff on my Pinterest that I would love to share here! Love, Swannie
  2. My thumbs down for this week: Little White Lies and Fast food. See ya!
  3. I'm voting off Tale of the Mummy and the Cherry Orchard.
  4. I'be never actually seen Gerry's The Cherry Orchard movie, but I have seen the stage play and almost fell asleep watching it live. It really is boring!
  5. Somebody, come into the lair and play with me!!!!!
  6. Okay, here are my reasons for voting off Movie 43 and The Bounty Hunter. Movie 43 is just a dumb movie meant for immature males. I cannot imagine why anyone bothered to make it, nor can I comprehend why Gerry participated in it. Well, that's not quite true, because as much as I love Gerry, he does have a 15 year old sense of humor sometimes. My reason for voting off The Bounty Hunter is because I HATED it. Jennifer and and Gerry have zero chemistry. The comedy is not in the least bit funny and the plot is pointless. This movie came at a time in Gerry's career when he really need a great role. I left the theater disappointed in his choices, wondering when he would once again capture the magic of prior films. Once again he was cast as an immature shallow man, in role that failed to showcase the depth of which he is capable. My sister and I almost walked out before the movie was over, but we stayed because it was Gerry. Any other actor and I would have walked out for sure.
  7. Ah, never mind. I just read the entire post. I vote OFF 1: The Bounty Hunter . 2: Movie 43. I'll give my reasons after I have a cup of coffee!
  8. Is Phantom of the Opera disqualified? Hi GALS!
  9. Keep coming back here trying to recapture the magic. But everyone has moved on it seems. The internet is so much broader in its scope than when GALS and other Gerry sites were THE place to be. I suppose there is no way to bring back the old days. I'm just sorry I allowed my personal heartbreak and depression to pull me away from my GALS sisters and other fan groups. Facebook is busy, our lives are so busy, but I will never forget my friendships here or the Gerry and Phantom love we all shared.
  10. I love a lot of the music, Elissa. Some of it is gorgeous. There are some good ideas in the show, but they never truly gel into a great plot. I never read The Phantom of Manhattan becase so many fans said it was awful. If you can, listen to Gardar's LND via youtube. He makes a delicious Phantom! Have you had a chance to see the new touring Phantom of the Opera? What are your thoughts about that?
  11. Hi Elissa! glad to see you here! In fact, I didn't really care much for Love Never Dies. When I first saw the Australian version, I did like parts of it, but then having watched my bluray of the show, the more I watched, the more I disliked it. I was excited to see the tour with Gardar Thor Cortes as the Phantom, but I came away from that performance even more convinced that LND is just too melodramatic for my taste. The original Phantom of the Opera occasionally balances a tightrope between drama and melodrama, but it always maintains plenty of tension and sweeping romance without seeming absurd. LND is absurd, in my view. There are just too many plot elements in LND that go too far and fail to connect to the original show. They do bring more elements of the Original POTO into the new touring LND, and while lovely, those moments only serve to remind me of how perfect the original is compared to the sequel. There are a number of changes in LND and it has certainly evolved into a better production than the London version, but I still cannot buy into the relationships between Mr Y, Madame Giry and Meg. I cannot accept Madame Giry as the evil, angry bitch she has become in LND, nor can I comprehend Meg's insane jealousy of Christine, when there was zero indication of that in the original POTO. In fact, Meg was nothing but supportive of Christine in POTO. I tried really hard to overlook these issues, but just couldn't do it. I can't help but be enthralled with seeing The Phantom again, and Gardar is brilliant in the role....but he deserves a much better story. I have no issues with conflicts in the Christine/Raoul dynamic. I have never been able to visualize those 2 living happily ever after, because I truly do believe the final scene in the original POTO reveals Christine's romantic love for the Phantom. Those are my thoughts. Are you going to see the LND tour, Elissa?
  12. Hi all! I had to create a new profile because for some reason, the site wouldn't let me into my old 'Swansong' account. But it's me! I have not been here in ages and just now read through every page of The Lair Threads. How I miss my GALS friendships and our mutual love of Gerry and the Phantom. I do run across a few of you on FB, but it is not the same. There is so much more 'noise' over there. Here, we enjoyed a kind of intimacy and privacy. We were able to express ourselves, share our deepest longings, and really get to know one another. This place reminds me of a room in a vacant home that is full of memories, photos on the wall, scrapbooks tucked under the bed, and trunks overflowing with keepsakes. But no one lives there. My life has changed drastically since I was here last. I am now caregiver to my husband who is 10 years into dementia. Our family sold our home of 30 years and moved to a small town along the Columbia river. My son Nathan is now our permanent room mate and helps care for his dad. My mom passed away in October 2017, and I am still in the throws of the deepest grief I have ever known. But there are joys and good times, despite the hardship of loss. I still love the Phantom, and in fact, saw the Love Never Dies touring show last week, starring the amazing Gardar Thor Cortes as Mr Y. If anyone wanders in here, I hope you will say hello!
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