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  1. Last week I was at the movies and they played the trailer... at first I wasn't paying attention UNTIL I heard Gerard's voice!! Looks like it will be a cute movie!! Oh God how our ears perk up when we hear his voice..lol
  2. what else can I say...except Congrats and Finally the rest of the world has noticed Gerry - AMEN !
  3. Lolita is so beautiful - and so are Miss Paisley Butler and Phoebe - you beauties look like my pug Ozzy! Gerry made a great choice in picking a Pug for his little companion!!! pugs love to snuggle!
  4. :pointy:Options OH Yes!!!!!!!!!! We get that paper every Sunday!!! Thanks Spot
  5. OH Yes!!!!!!!!!! We get that paper every Sunday!!! Thanks Spot
  6. Went to see PSILY @ 4:00 and let me tell you I loved it and the best part was there were only 3 of us watching the movie. I went with my hubby and there was one other lady. So, it felt like I was in my living room watching the movie. I could laugh and cry and not worry - I am sure there will be more at the later shows. It was worth the wait. :tasty:
  7. While watching Dancing with the Stars - One of the commericals was the PS I Love You trailer!!!!!! Did anyone else see it? I guess they have been showing the trailer alot today!!!!! Dec. 21st won't come fast enough - the count down has begun.
  8. :dance: I can see it now.. We get tossed out of the movie..lol........because we are doing to much :tasty: over you know who -
  9. Now this is the movie we have all been waiting for - Zany we HAVE to see this one together... I cannot wait to see this one!!!!!!!!!! :tasty:
  10. :yippee: :yippee: great news and the best of luck...
  11. zany: that's right you do have alot of to watch.... :greatking: :mopboydracula: :mopboyjohnnie: :terrymuscles: :jackiejricon: :archiesmile: you are going to be one very busy Gal!!! I agree no time for reading...just watching :inlove: :inlove: Have fun...
  12. Well it didn't happen to me today but Saturday I got to meet a special Gal and her name is Zany.......... we had a blast... thanks zany for a great day!! Oh and Ozzy sends his best...
  13. zany: Have you finished the book yet??????? lol... :yousosilly2:
  14. Happy belated Anniversary Betts!! Sorry I missed your special day!
  15. Hi Emy:

    Sarah was right! don't let anyone bully you.. you are adorable.



  16. Big Thanks for all the fun!! It felt like we were in Vegas - and it flew by so fast.
  17. Sorry to hear the news of Carly passing away.. so young and so sad.. I will keep her in my prayers and that she is now with her beloved Mum..
  18. Thanks I enjoyed watching all the clips! Mr. Butler is so entertaining and when he laughs while telling a story it makes you laugh too! Thanks Gerry!
  19. How about some delicious Dunkin Donuts coffee and "Gerry" Muffins.. (seeing it is breakfast time in my area). The "eat with your hands food". The food suggestions have been great! I love popcorn and with all the salt the chocolate has balanced the palate. Yummy and thanks Gals for all the fun.
  20. They are all excellent videos and I must say - hard to choose just one favorite... I cannot wait to see which one wins.
  21. Oh What great Pics of the man!! thanks for sharing all of them. sorry I am not good with posting pictures or posting my name tag....lol
  22. Hi: Is this where we register? Not sure what to do...lol but please count me in on the fun! thanks again
  23. What a great idea!! I will try and pop in too... it will feel like we are there with all the wonderful Gals and Pals I hope everything doesn't stay in Vegas...lol... you will all have to share alittle! Please...
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