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  1. Totally awesome, June. His eyes are incredible. . . And, as Kathy said, onward to his mouth Linda
  2. Thank you, Bonnie; they sure are pics of Gerry. They made great graphics!
  3. Fabulous news, Elissa. hahaha, I got carried away with the smilies, Linda
  4. Nope, except for the Olympics Do you like camping?
  5. Mashed potatoes White Chocolate vs Chocolate
  6. 20 Song Titles Beginning With J (Please Name Artist) 1) Just You 'N' Me (Chicago) 2) Jezebel (Frankie Laine) 3) Jump (Van Halen) 4) Just Walkin' in the Rain (Johnnie Ray) 5) Jesse's Girl (Rick Springfield) 6) Jealous of You (Connie Francis) 7) Junior's Farm (Paul McCartney and Wings) 8) Just A Dream (Jimmy Clanton) 9) Jealous Guy (John Lennon) 10) Jackson (Johnny Cash) 11) Jumpin' Jack Flash (Rolling Stones) 12) Judy in Disguise (John Fred and his Playboy Band) 13) Jet (Paul McCartney and Wings) 14) Jailhouse Rock (Elvis Presley) 15) Jive Talkin' (The Beegees) 16) Juke Box Hero (Foreigner) 17)
  7. 12 Colors of Reign of Fire PRETEND THESE COLORS ARE IN A CRAYOLA BOX Remember the DESCRIPTOR GOES FIRST, COLOR GOES LAST IE: SKY BLUE, GRAPE PURPLE, APPLE RED 1) Dragon Scale Green 2) Creedy's Coat Gray 3) Fire Red 4) Dragon Tattoo Black 5)
  8. In November, I'll make my last payment on my new computer and will not have paid any interest . . . Wasn't sure I'd make it considering all the things that broke down this year.
  9. Elissa I'll be praying that the biopsy is negative and you are OK, Sweetie! Love! Linda
  10. Thank you so much Sue. I felt so Gerry-naked without my signature. . . . I will try it again later when I have more time . . . to play. lol Have a great Gerry day, GALS. Linda
  11. P.S. I'm having trouble adding a Gerry Signature to my Profile. It does not recognize URL's for my Photobucket image site. I've not located any info on the problem or how to fix. Help! And, Thanks!
  12. Hi everyone, Elissa. Suzie, Bonnie, Sue and Kathy . . . Elissa, adding prayers for Bill, Suzie, I hope you are better this week. . . how was your Gerry fix? Sue, great garage sale! Kathy, hope your trip was fantastic . . . Sue, love to you Hon. Now Linda
  13. P 1. Song....... 2. Famous Person...... 3. Household Item...... 4. City....... Paris 5. Movie...... 6. Plant or flower..... 7. Food item....... 8. Mood....... 9. Something sweet..... 10. Something you would like......
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