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  1. Hello all, thanks for your replies. Interesting how we all came to be GB fans, I think for me it's not just the roles he played but his interviews (magazines, talk show, etc.) that really got me, too. He's not just a good actor but I haven't seen too many celebrities who are as entertaining as themselves, you know, GB is just so magnetic to watch and I also find the story of his life (how he used to be a lawyer, etc.) really fascinating. I agree ready2fly, it's one thing for an actor to just 'act' out a scene but GB seemed to have embodied the tortured soul of the Phantom in POTO, it's as if he was lost in that character and truly felt what his character felt. The same with Johnnie Donne in The Jury and from what I've seen so far, Clyde in Law Abiding Citizen. Like some of you, I think that role will easily be on my top 5! Thanks for visiting my blog, Knight Phantom, I presume it's your comment there about Marek? I'll respond to that there but I just want to say that I was torn between putting Marek or Gerry Kennedy on my top 5, but Gerry ultimately won because I'd prefer to see P.S. than Timeline as a movie. But Marek is a close 6th on that list, and interestingly enough, I had no idea it was GB after he blew me away in POTO. I just remembered liking the dark-haired hunk (who looked awesome shirtless) instead of the lame lead actor that is Paul Walker!
  2. Hello all, I'm Ruth over at FlixChatter movie blog. I just posted my Top 5 Favorite GB Roles entry. I've been a fan for about 5 years now and I frequently feature/mention GB on my blog. I'm curious to hear from fellow GB fans on what role won you over and which ones you like best. I welcome your comments there. http://tinyurl.com/m962lb Thanks!
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