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  1. (pokes head out of the hole) Hi everyone! Voting off Playing For Keeps and into the vault goes London Has Fallen. (hugs the ever-lovin-HELL out of everyone)
  2. My vote is to send Mike home, and send Leo to the Island!
  3. Aww, thanks love! Been looking around, and I am seeing so many talented artists here! So much love and creativity! I love it! xoxo
  4. My vote is to send Mike Chadway home and Leo to Exile Island.
  5. I sent a donation. It's not much, but I guess if everyone sent what little they could, that little could together make a difference.
  6. It's been a long, long time. I thought I'd stop by and pay my respects to a group that will always hold a very large piece of my heart.
  7. List Updated. New cards in production. Sorry for the delay.
  8. Yes, and I apoligize for that. I was not online for quote some time dealing with family issues. I have your PM, and I will be making your card. All those who sent me PMs will be getting their cards. I will be updating the list and PMing you when the card is finished. I apologize again for the delay. Bethy
  9. I'm voting Attila on this one! OMG.. the passion in the man.. He would not just kiss your lips.. but CONQUER every single inch of your body!! Those blazing eyes locked onto yours.. Your body would tremble.. He would look over your lips.. His hands holding you close.. And when you felt as if the waiting would be enough to kill you.. He would kiss you until the breath left your body.. You would feel weightless in his arms.. And feeling you about to collapse.. He would lift you up into his arms..his tanned rippling body glistening in the moonlight.. Or set ablaze by the sun.. He would carry you to his tent..to worship you..like only THE KING could... "Woman.. come to me.. it is time..."
  10. I voted for the Hun. Can't help it. He's my man. *giggle* He's sexy, he's strong, and his only weakness was for the woman who held his heart. Ooh lawd.. I need ice! *thud*
  11. There will be more characters added. I had several new ones saved on my old computer before it died. Once they are are finished agian, I will get them to the Admins to be added. And yes'm.. 3AM GAL will always be the top spot, but perhaps the picture can change now and then.. We'll see!
  12. wow hi bethy.howu doing? miss u on movie chats :( whats up,busy? new job ?man? lol message me when u can.Stuart :)

  13. Just want to give you a Big HUG and say I miss YOU! Linda

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