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  1. (pokes head out of the hole) Hi everyone! Voting off Playing For Keeps and into the vault goes London Has Fallen. (hugs the ever-lovin-HELL out of everyone)
  2. My vote is to send Mike home, and send Leo to the Island!
  3. Aww, thanks love! Been looking around, and I am seeing so many talented artists here! So much love and creativity! I love it! xoxo
  4. My vote is to send Mike Chadway home and Leo to Exile Island.
  5. I sent a donation. It's not much, but I guess if everyone sent what little they could, that little could together make a difference.
  6. It's been a long, long time. I thought I'd stop by and pay my respects to a group that will always hold a very large piece of my heart.
  7. List Updated. New cards in production. Sorry for the delay.
  8. Yes, and I apoligize for that. I was not online for quote some time dealing with family issues. I have your PM, and I will be making your card. All those who sent me PMs will be getting their cards. I will be updating the list and PMing you when the card is finished. I apologize again for the delay. Bethy
  9. I'm voting Attila on this one! OMG.. the passion in the man.. He would not just kiss your lips.. but CONQUER every single inch of your body!! Those blazing eyes locked onto yours.. Your body would tremble.. He would look over your lips.. His hands holding you close.. And when you felt as if the waiting would be enough to kill you.. He would kiss you until the breath left your body.. You would feel weightless in his arms.. And feeling you about to collapse.. He would lift you up into his arms..his tanned rippling body glistening in the moonlight.. Or set ablaze by the sun.. He would carry you to his tent..to worship you..like only THE KING could... "Woman.. come to me.. it is time..."
  10. I voted for the Hun. Can't help it. He's my man. *giggle* He's sexy, he's strong, and his only weakness was for the woman who held his heart. Ooh lawd.. I need ice! *thud*
  11. There will be more characters added. I had several new ones saved on my old computer before it died. Once they are are finished agian, I will get them to the Admins to be added. And yes'm.. 3AM GAL will always be the top spot, but perhaps the picture can change now and then.. We'll see!
  12. *pushes past everyone and tackles Pam* OMG come here you!!!! On a serious note, I saw One More Kiss once. I own the movie, yet have only seen it once. I could only watch it once. I don't think I will ever watch it again. While I knew I'd only be able to see it once, I knew I had to own it. So it sits on my Gerard Butler DVD shelf, and there it will always sit. PSILY is something I can only watch with my fellow GALS. I don't think I can watch it alone again. Like, OMK, it's just too much for me. Bethy
  13. *pokes head in* Did I see Nancy, my fellow GAL who serves in Attila's Harem!! I am hip deep in projects but wanted to spread some love! Much love to everyone losing weight! Wish I could find the will power! I have an appointment with a counselor tomorrow morning, to help me train to find a job! Pray for my success..and sanity! Love yas!! http://www.gerardbutlergals.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/cleo.gif Bethy
  14. To make it easier for readers to enjoy each chapter, we should keep this thread for the author's chapters. I have created a thread for Hot4Gerry's story in the Fanfiction Feedback subforum. I will also leave a link for the feedback thread in the author's first post. Heart of a Phantom In that thread, readers can leave feedback, to keep this thread organized and easier to follow. Enjoy!!
  15. Here is where we can give HotGerry feedback on her wonderful Erik story!
  16. Posting this for Hot4Gerry This was sent to the yahoo address, however I do not know if any Moderator was PMed that it was sent. If I am not mistaken we only noticed this after being notified by another author that their story had also been sent. We tend to get to see the chapters faster if we also receive a PM that one was sent. Here is her second chapter. Enjoy, cause I sure did! ----- Chapter Two Realization of Life It has been a month of slowly dying since Christine had made her departure with that boy, the Vicomte Raoul de Chagny. Before I had let him and Nadir out of the mirrored torture chamber my decision had been balanced precariously for a short time. Christine's decision to love me or die was the small pebble that if placed on one side would end with my greatest joy being realized. Drop the pebble on the other side we would all die in a blaze of glory. One humongous earthshaking explosion would end my suffering. If I took half of Paris with me I had thought at the time so much the better. They were mere dung beetles on this dung heap we call home. The world. Mother earth. Ha! It is nothing more than bits of rubble pieced together. Some colliding molecules churned together to create humanity as well as everything else noteworthy I dare say. As I think this I know I sound bitter. Well damn it all, I am. I have every right to be angry and bitter. Who among men could tolerate this solitude for over twenty years that I had forced upon me by the very humanity I was a part of only in my own mind. The world certainly did not see me as anything God, that heretic, saw fit to spring forth from a mother's womb. I am comfortable referring to the God that so many believe to be perfection of soul, in this somewhat disrespectful manner. God has shown me no mercy even as I begged him as child to send me one person to love me. One person who was blinded to the horror that is my face. Since that high deity saw fit to ignore my simple request we had parted company many years ago. Why should I pay homage to a god who put me on this earth to live apart in solitude? I have my physical comforts of course, but nothing of a gentler nature to sooth my longing for some closeness with another. What normal man of my age has not lain with a woman? The only bit of physical contact I have had with a woman was holding Christine's hand with my own gloved hand. I did not wish to taint her delicate hand with the evilness of my own. I had at that time after all had just taken the life of Joseph Buquet. Later she had pressed her lips to my unmasked forehead. At the time I thought I would die from the bliss of that gesture. Later I saw how demeaning and shallow those waters of bliss went. When I think back on how I had knelt down and kissed the hem of her dress in reverence I cringe at the injustice of things. How had I convinced myself that my groveling at her feet, being allowed to touch a miniscule piece of her clothing, then placing my lips there, was in any way an honor? I had degraded myself for her. I had lowered myself to the level of a servant, or worse, a slave, a dog, a cur dog. My consolation is I know I am dying or at least I had thought so. I am not quite so sure now. My damn traitorous body keeps demanding food and foolishly I weaken giving it the nourishment it demands. My heart will not fail me for sure. The pain in my chest has continued all day, every day for the last few weeks since Christine left. My lingering on has somewhat perplexed me. I was so sure this was the end I had even instructed Nadir to post that notice in the Époque to the effect that Erik is dead. Those three little words that summed up, and ended a man's existence. Those words put a period at the end of my life. I read the damn notice not from my coffin but from my comfortable chair by the fire. It was becoming somewhat embarrassing to linger on when I had assured Nadir this was it. As the days passed my heart continued to feel the pain of rejection, but my mind had started to move on to other matters. Such matters as my salary should be in box five waiting for me to pick it up. After all I had not informed the managers of my impending demise, for that I am eternally grateful. I have gone above to the shops and as suspected they had been surprised to see me while rubbing their hands together anticipating the many coins I would place in their greedy hands. I had made the journey to my box and as was to be expected 20,000 francs awaited me in the chair I sat in during performances. Those managers know not to try to bamboozle The Opera Ghost. Jules had placed a note for me where I would find it in answer to the missive I had sent to him. The genuine regard of his note touched me. He really is a kind and trustworthy fellow. He expressed his gratitude that I had not gone to heaven to meet my maker. Little did he know that my maker lived downward and not heavenward. I can only surmise I am a creation of that dark underworld as I have never encountered another of God’s creations that looked quite as horrendous as I myself do. I have not yet informed Nadir that I yet live. I will keep that surprise for another day when I am somewhat bored and need entertainment. It has come to my attention that Christine has yet to return to place the ring of our betrothal back on my dead hand as she promised. She had promised to bury me. It has occurred to me if I had truly died I would by now be somewhat decomposed as well as possibly vandalized by the rats in the cellars. I am a bit disturbed and disheartened to know Christine thought so little of me when I held her in the highest regards. I ask myself if I truly expected her to honor her promises. In my heart I did but my mind had that niggle of doubt that once she left she would never willingly return to the cellars. I have heard the managers talking about asking her to come back. They do not know she thinks I am dead. I am equally sure they had never known quite what the connection had been between Christine and me. I surmise my demands for her advancement had been construed as good taste rather than any personal connection. I will not be enlightening them to the contrary. Of course if Christine does come back I shall not have the pleasure to speak with her or have any personal interaction whatsoever. I can however torture myself from afar with her voice and beauty. I have endured that sort of torture all my life so I suppose for a small measure of happiness I must suffer a great deal of pain. That is the way my life has been and I suspect it will always be so. I wonder what I would do if that young noble comes back as well. Will I let him be or will his presence prove to much of a reminder of all I have lost? Well I suppose if he did come back it would only be for a short time as he did sign on for that expedition. Of course he could do the cowardly thing and buy his way out of the commission just as his father bought his way in. I do not think I would feel half so much respect for the boy should he do such a thing. Perhaps I will write a note suggesting that my managers do bring back Christine Daaé. After all why should all that training I gave her go to waste? Someone should reap some benefit from all the sacrifices I have made. Pulling out pen and paper from my desk I search for the darn ink. Ah ha! I should have looked on my organ first. My ink always ends up there. Tapping my chin with the quill end I compose the note in my mind. Dear good Messieurs, I have had time to consider who should be singing on my stage. Having gravely considered several possibilities I think our former diva should come back. I thought her to be quite adequate. Actually her voice was sublime. So if you would please, send the dear woman notice that she has been invited back with all benefits she demands. I suggest we give her back her old room. She will want something familiar. Send her notice post haste please. I shall be checking in to see if my instructions have been followed. We all know what happens when The Opera Ghost is unhappy. Your obedient servant, O.G. or Phantom if you will. Heating the wax I contemplate whether or not I am in the mood for a bit of amusement. Those two simpletons always give me a laugh with their fear. Yes I rather think I would enjoy seeing them jump and shake a bit. It has after all been some months since I last made any demands. I am due some entertainment. What else does a lonely ghost have to do? I must take my fun where I can. A/N: Please give a review. Let me know how it seems to you.
  17. Dernit! I had so much fun with yall in Dallas for 300! I can't remember when I had so much fun! Texas rocks! But still being out of work, I'll have to sit this one out. Going to have to also sit out Vegas AGAIN this year, but I will be with you in spirit!! Huge HUGS!! http://www.gerardbutlergals.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/cleo.gif Bethy
  18. WELCOME to the 63rd floor of the 2nd highrise of our clinic! We only have 6 floors to go to reach 69 again! Floor theme to be named by Susan soon! Well, I wasn't very "soon" about giving the floor a theme - but since we are entering the time of celebrating love and romance we'll just call this floor "Love is in the air" - plus that's the name of the beautiful siggy from Paisleyscot which I am sporting right now. So even if you don't have a special valentine at home right now, you can share the love for Gerry, a worthy valentine for anyone! For those new to our clinic you can find our previously erected floors below: Click here to find links to the floors of Highrise #1 Highrise #2 Floor #1-A Strong Foundation Highrise #2 Floor #2 - FALL is the season Highrise #2 Floor #3 - The POWER of 3 Highrise #2 Floor #4 - Four on the Floor - Road Trip Highrise #2 Floor #5 - Happy, Happy Birthday Baby Highrise #2 Floor #6 - A Verrra Charming Bad Boy! Highrise #2 Floor #7 - Deck the Halls Highrise #2 Floor #8 - Hugs for the Holidays Highrise #2 Floor #9 - 2007 Let's Make it FINE Highrise #2 Floor #10 - He IS a 10 indeed! Highrise #2 Floor #11 - The Power Number Highrise #2 Floor #12 - Fit to be King Highrise #2 Floor #13 - ALREADY a sex symbol Highrise #2 Floor #14 - 300 Rush Week Highrise #2, Floor #15 - Prepare for Glory Highrise #2, Floor #16 - They got the JUICE Highrise #2, Floor #17 - April Showers Highrise #2, Floor #18 - A PHENOM Highrise #2 Floor #19 - Award-worthy Highrise #2 Floor #20 - It's Raining Roles! Highrise #2 Floor #21 - Convention Decompression Highrise #2 Floor #22 - GALS turns Terrific TWO Highrise #2 Floor #23 - GALS turns Two Part Deux Highrise #2 Floor #24 - Let's get SHATTERED Highrise #2 Floor #25 - We're having a HEAT WAVE! Highrise #2 Floor #26 - Hot Summer Nights Highrise #2 Floor #27 - Try to Remember Highrise #2 Floor #28 - Rev up for Vegas, Baby! Highrise #2 Floor #29 - He's Smokin'! Highrise #2 Floor #30 - It's Gerry's Birthday Party Highrise #2 Floor #31 - P.S. I Love Gerry! Highrise #2 Floor #32 - P.S. I STILL Love Gerry! Highrise #2 Floor #33 - 2008 is gonna be GREAT! Highrise #2 Floor #34 - HELLO, Gorgeous Highrise #2 Floor #35 - HELLO Again, Gorgeous! Highrise #2 Floor 36-The Art of Gerry Highrise #2 Floor #37 - Interior Decorating Highrise #2 Floor #38 - Attila the Hunk Highrise #2 Floor #39 - Come in from the Cold Highrise #2 Floor #40 - Come in from the Cold again Highrise #2 Floor #41 - Viva Las Vegas Highrise #2 Floor #42 - My Hero Highrise #2 Floor #43 - Tropical Breezes Highrise #2 Floor #44 - Spring in his step Highrise #2 Floor #45 - Deserted Island Fantasy Highrise #2 Floor #46 - Weather GALS Highrise #2 Floor #47 - The Beautiful Truth Highrise #2 Floor #48 - The Lusty Month of May Highrise #2 Floor #49 - Still the Lusty Month of May Highrise #2 Floor #50 - Dance, Dance, Dance Highrise #2 Floor #51 - Keep On Dancin' Highrise #2 Floor #52 - Follow Your Purpose Highrise #2 Floor #53 - GALS turns 3!! Highrise #2 Floor #54 - GALS turns 3 -The Sequel Highrise #2 Floor #55 - Summer Lovin' Highrise #2 Floor #56 - Music of the Night Highrise #2 Floor #57 - In a NY State of Mind Highrise #2 Floor #58 - Globetrotter Gerry Highrise #2 Floor #59 - Happy Halloween Highrise #2 Floor #60 - Happy Holidays Highrise #2 Floor #61 - Christmas Wishes and Auld Lang Syne Highrise #2 Floor #62 -Golden Guy Gerry Yes! This is our GALS Mantra: Sink the Boat -- Ride the Phantom!!! A HUGE THANK YOU to QAZklh for making the graphic for us..." AND NOW.... the original thread. Being the compassionate person that I am, I can recognize a cry for help when I see one. Having said that, I have decided to start a new support group for those of us with Gerry Addicted Lust Syndrome – from now on, all with Gerry Addicted Lust Syndrome with be known as GALS. This group is open to all GALS and non-GALS alike who believe they are in serious need of support and guidance as they realize how serious their addiction has become. This is not a support group which advocates traditional intervention, as the failure rate would be astronomical, but merely a group whom you can turn to who share in your addictions or withdrawals, whichever the case may be. Some of the signs that you have GALS include, but are not limited to: 1. You buy every magazine on the rack looking for photos or articles of Gerry and start to get the jitters when there has been no sign of him for weeks. 2. You drive 500 miles to see a Gerry movie. 3. Your significant other (or just someone you're dating) gives you stark reminders they are SOOOO NOT Gerry. 4. Co-workers, friends and/or family start teasing you for your addiction – people can be so cruel... 5. You become addicted to caffeine because you can’t pull yourself away from GALS...."'cause just MAYBE he'll be on Chat tonight." 6. You obsess with much glee, "Gerry has a computer...and he knows how to use it!!!!" 7. You find yourself asking aloud, "Did he REALLY mean what he said about the 3:00 a.m. thing and does he REALLY wear a size 11 shoe?" Then smile broadly. 8. You catch yourself speaking in a Scottish accent for no apparent reason. 9. You change the decor in your bathroom to accommodate your new yellow towels. 10. The "G-Spot" takes on a whole new meaning. 11. You spend days wondering why a Scot would be named "Andre." :huh: 12. You buy “Mrs. Brown” just for the skinny-dipping scene and play that one scene in slow mo and super slow mo, over and over and over again. (Okay, so maybe that was just me.) 13. You have a picture of Gerry in your wallet, and refer to him as “your man, Gerry.” 14. You spend your hard-earned cash assigned for other “non-essential” items (phone bill, power bill, etc.) on essential Gerry related items. 15. You go shopping for your “real-life” man and finding yourself thinking, “OMG!!! Gerry would look so :censored: hot in that!!! 16. You have to buy a new hard drive to accommodate all your pics and videos of Gerry. 17. You search through a couple hundred $5.50 DVDs at Wal-Mart because an employee said Dracula 2K might be there. 18. You can't possibly walk past Starbucks without dreaming that maybe... *sighs* 19. You refer to the Gerry wallpaper on your computer as your “happy place.” 20. While looking up at the clouds you SWEAR there's a cloud in the shape of a "G"...funny thing is, the GAL next to you sees the same thing!!! 21. Multiples (Gerrygasms) are an every day occurrence!!! This list will continue to grow as you tell me your addictions... Below is a very simple 10-step program to help foster our addiction. 1. You must admit you have GALS. This is so important to further your addiction. Yes, this support group wants to nourish your addiction, not starve it. We are here for you. 2. Come to believe the Great and Powerful Gerry is greater than ourselves and only our visions and/or fantasies can keep us addicted. To truly become addicted, however, one must at one time in ones life made the Gerry Mecca Journey (GMJ) and meet him in person. 3. Make a decision to turn our will and lives over to our addiction to Gerry. 4. Make a searching and fearless immoral inventory of our fantasies of Gerry. 5. Lend your support to those who have GALS, but are yet unable to admit it. 6. Watch every movie (more than once) in which Gerry has a role. To be truly addicted, you must develop a love of all Gerry genres (yes, this includes “Tale of the Mummy” and “Dracula 2000”). 7. Frequently quote lines from Gerry films. Memorize them, use them, replace old phrases with new Gerry lines. This will prove to all your serious commitment to your addiction. 8. Know Gerry’s biography better than you know your own. True GALS will know all Gerry’s trivia. Study it, soak it in, become one with Gerry's biography. 9. Give generously (money folks) to the website which has fostered your addictions and allowed your fantasies to take flight. 10. Convert all who are convertible to this syndrome. This is the true mark of GALS. Do not judge - for your next recruit may be your boss! As this is a relatively new Syndrome, the above guidelines are subject to editing, amending or scrapping all together as we GALS deem necessary. The first step to true addiction is to admit you have GALS!! I will begin the group. "My name is Dr. Em and I have GALS." All are welcome to join in our group. GALS, we must not suffer in silence!!! We now have a voice!!! Let it be heard! *Disclaimer: We GALS appreciate not only Gerry’s royal hotness for which there is no rival, we indeed, also recognize his abundance of talent, soul, passion, spirit, sense of style and humor, sincerity...can I stop now? Our addictions are all-encompassing and we embrace Gerry EVERY WHICH WAY WE CAN!!!* To Cleobethra for our “Warning Label.” Susan~Sporran
  19. Wow! It feels like it's been forever since I have been in here! How are my lovelies?! Huge hugs and sloppy kisses to all of ya! Wanted to come in and say 'hey' in between projects! Everyone have a good day! Gerry! Do the dance of joy! http://www.gerardbutlergals.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/cleo.gif Bethy
  20. Sure. A note for those interested in cards. Please PM me with your request only after going overthe Master List. Lady Don Juan, Radcliffe is yours. Card will be finished as soon as possible and PMed to you. Bethy
  21. Yes, I got your PM. I was going to do yours as Russell, but seeing this, yes I will have Scooby be your trading card. You will receive it shortly. http://www.gerardbutlergals.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/cleo.gif Bethy
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