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  1. I'm reminded of Gerry's interview when he was filming "Attila". He said, "He's a powerful, powerful character" in that wonderful Scottish brogue. So, my feelings can best be described by Gerard Butler himself from the above interview. Can't wait to see this film. Oh, by the way, the song playing on the trailer of the film was haunting to me...and I found it on You Tube. "Revival" by Soulsavers
  2. Hey Kathy! I guess it would have been difficult for me to foresee 6 years down the road at the time I joined GALS. So much has happened in my life since then...but my Gerry fandom is intact, and my life is more richly blessed due to the frienships I've made from my membership at GALS. And 4.5 years is nothing to sneeze at either! LOL! Congrats!


  3. Dear Eva Mari, Please allow me to add my sympathy and sorrow to the many here who have expressed condolences to you and your countrymen. Your grace and eloquence expressed during such a senseless and horrific event are inspiring and offer hope to all who read it. Congrats on your 5th GBGALS anniversary! You have been and continue to be a warm and welcoming member here. God bless you, EM. Katie
  4. Well, Gerry's a brickhouse, might as well be a bricklayer! Yep, totally dating myself to the 70's there. I don't care! I ams what I ams!
  5. In addition to Marlene's eloquent heartfelt words above, GCF received a lovely card from The Shade Tree thanking their "gals" and I scanned it for all to see. http://i19.photobucket.com/albums/b152/Songbird1226/Charity/ThankyoufromTheShadeTree-July2011.jpg Has it been so long since I posted a thumbnail that I don't know how anymore? I was trying to follow the photobucket codes to get the thumbnail, but it didn't work. The above is at least an image I hope you can click on to see.
  6. On behalf of GALS Charitable Foundation, its officers and volunteers, I am absolutely thrilled to announce the final proceeds from the funds raised during the 6th Annual Gerard Butler Fan Convention and Charity Gala in Las Vegas, Nevada. $10,683 $1,500 of which goes to Angels of East Africa the remaining $9,183 to The Shade Tree THANK YOU, all of you, from the bottom of our hearts for your extremely generous contributions! Our attendance numbers may have been fewer this year, but the generosity of our membership remains strong!! Thank you, thank you, so very much!
  7. Swannie gave an excellent response! I think it's an insightful perspective of one who has been a long time Gerry fan, and how that experience evolves and changes. I concur with so much of what Swan wrote. Delene, you may be evolving into a new aspect of your fandom; one that may be more realistic and healthy for your peace of mind! Sounds like you have all the right rational answers, but your heart just hasn't caught up to your head yet. Give it time and it will. Katie
  9. Aw Amy! You've been missed!!! Missed you in Vegas, especially! There were so many of our galfriends who were unable to be there this year. But we had a great crowd, too, and some really warm and wonderful newbies who are breathing some new life into the FANmily! I'm so sorry for all the things life is throwing your way at this time. I do understand and sometimes it feels like it's never going to stop, but the tide will recede and happier less stressful times will roll back around. So GREAT to hear from you!!! Katie
  10. Steph said "pipeline"! Hi Sarah! *sigh* I just LOVE how Gerry throws himself 200% into training for a role. I've always gotten a giggle out of him saying how he really "suffers" for his craft. I also love it when Barb lets her Lady Von Kinkilla side show!! Thanks for all the great photos, Barb! Katie
  11. Honestly, at times, G even holds his hands like the Marek doll. So right! Suzie
  12. Wherever the thread stays or moves to, it's a great topic, Giny! Allan DEFINITELY qualifies for All Things Scottish! LOL! I think Allan would be great as Jamie. He has a confident stillness about him which I'm sure would lend itself well to the character of Jamie. I was privileged to pass a bit of time with Allan throughout Saturday and Sunday and I am very impressed by him as a human being. He was warm, charming, a gracious guest and a good sport! The donation of his kilt pin to the charity auction for The Shade Tree, along with his refusal to take it back when offered by our wonderf
  13. Glad everyone is arriving home safely!!! Y'all are too kind and all I can say is "you are welcome, from the bottom of my full heart!" I have been humming PONR everyday since the Con. Is it any wonder?! Honestly, when Allan and I rehearsed it was quite staid and I was worried that we would be able to convey the emotions of the song, although I knew all the gals would love it no matter what. I even said to Allan right before our turn to sing, "Now I'll probably flirt a bit with you, so don't be surprised!" BUT I WAS THE SURPRISED ONE! From the moment he sang the first notes and looke
  14. Thank you, Leslie! Believe me, it was MY PLEASURE! It was SOOO great to meet you and Buff and to witness the special connection you two have made with each other through GBGALS. You are both wonderful additions to the FANmily! Katie
  15. I got home about 8 o'clock last night. LOOOONG time to get home, thanks to thunderstorms in Memphis and Delta airlines absconding OUR Huntsville plane to get another delayed flight out of the airport. Why make TWO delayed flights instead of just one? It was a long day, but thank goodness, I didn't have to go into work today, so I can unpack and rest, too. I am already in the throes of post-Vegas Con blues!! While it's true our numbers were down a bit, the ladies (and gents) who were there were fantastic! It was great to meet so many who were there for the first time. And so wonderful to
  16. Thank you for generously sharing your experience of meeting Gerry, Jentry. <---- your two names look and sound great together! hee hee I agree that it was indeed also Gerry's lucky day to have met a warm genuine and beautiful young woman! Hugs, Katie
  17. I just wanted to let everyone know how beneficial using the iGive feature has been for GALS Charitable Foundation. To date, we have received checks totaling $257.29!!! So please, keep using this great browsing/shopping feature, and tell all your friends to use it and select GALS Charitable Foundation as their chosen charity! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!! Katie Secretary/Treasurer GALS Charitable Foundation
  18. Welcome to GALS, my friend!!! So glad you're here!

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