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  1. Doing Abby Spazzy Dance!! Thanks Stuart and Holly for the great news!!
  2. Whoa. And you think some of us need a brush and soap?!
  3. Oh yes, macs make me think of the Beatles! Let's just move over there! LOL, B! You have NO IDEA how appealing that prospect sounds to me!!! LOL! Nice to 'meet' you by the way...I haven't posted a lot lately, but I'm still around.
  4. I like that they call a flashlight a torch! lovely! There are lots of UK words I like, but I can't use them all here in the fresh upper story air. LOL!! I'm sure with the crap weather they've been having across the pond, the Green Welly has been doing a booming business! Lots of Macs being sold, too, I imagine.
  5. Remember the scene in "Attila" when N'Kara tells him that she's preggers? The excitement? The fully wrapped body hug and lift and joyous spin about and laughter?! Well, except for the full body hug, that best describes my reaction to receiving today the mini poster for "Attila" (he's huge in the center, holding his SWORD!) and Gerry personalized it by writing, "Katie, Love and Kisses, Gerry Butler" SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU, GERRY, and thanks for playing Attila, my writing muse!! *sigh* Katie
  6. Holl...that two finger shot..apparently Gerry was once again sending me not-so-subliminal messages!! I'll reserve further comment for below the pannyline.
  7. Actually, NO, you're not the only one, Holl! I want to get STUFFED!!!! heh heh It's gonna be a great Spanksgiving...I mean THANKSgiving!!! This one of the man mitt and spread fingers is 'doin it' for me these days!!! http://gbgalsgallery.com/v/partiesetc/LAX111610/BGLAX111610hg_01.jpg.html
  8. Happiest of Birthdays to you, Gerry!!! Thank you for your gift of self to your loyal fan base!! Katie
  9. GALS Charitable Foundation has received an acknowledgment letter from The Shade Tree for the funds raised through the 2010 5th Annual Gerard Butler Fan Convention in Las Vegas! THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HAD A HAND IN MAKING THIS OUR MOST SUCCESSFUL FUNDRAISER YET! GBGALS, GALS CHARITABLE FOUNDATION AND GERARD BUTLER, WHAT A TEAM!!!
  10. Congrats on your 2 year GALS anniversary! (I just marked my 5th, and I was at another Gerry site and Yahoo groups prior to that! Yep, I'm "seasoned". LOL!) I like how we all have our different levels/definitions of "devotion" but respect that we are ALL Gerry fans. Feel the love, Gerry!!!
  11. my wonderful GAL friends!!! 5 years?! wow. What a blessing you all have been in my life! Love, Katie
  12. I thought enough of us covered this on Facebook for you to get a definitive answer, Tracy! The man himself has said he has never married, and that's good enough for me. (Sorry, I can't immediately provide a link/video that can offer a quote from Gerry, but I'm sure it's on record around here somewhere.)
  13. Polar Bear, and thank you for sharing your experience with the movie industry and with Gerry and Sam. As for the picture, I have to admit the first thought I had when I saw it was "Polar Bear would look great in a kilt!" (Many of our Pals are kilt-wearers.) While you're going through the Post Gerry (movie production) Blues, feel free to gather here on GALS, and introduce yourself to our resident guys, the Pals. (Stuart, above, is our Pal Mod!) They are awesome and a lot of fun to hang around with, and the guys have their own sub-forum here. Of course, it's a given that the gals already
  14. How awesome! I bought a copy at Wally World last night, at hubby's insistence! He's been wanting to see this one. When Milo moves the car back and forth when Nicole is trying to get in, I told Wayne that was just like something he'd do. He especially liked when Milo popped Nicki on the arse a couple of times when he carried her to dump her in the trunk of the car. I had not even noticed that little spanking going on! Wayne said, "There ya go! Pop that @$!" encouraging Milo. Men. They stick together.
  15. Dear Gerry, I haven't written before now, because honestly, words seem inadequate to express how I feel. So, I will simply say with a full heart, THANK YOU. Your support of your fans, the fansite GBGALS, GALS Charitable Foundation (which was born from Dayna Linton's generous heart and inspiring vision) the recognition of our support of EACH OTHER (i.e. through the Rising Phoenix Inspiration Awards bestowed by GCF) and your support of the incredible work that's being done at The Shade Tree shelter, means so much to a great number of people, who like myself, will never be able to say "Thank yo
  16. Wow, LOVE having a choice AND it's FREE?! Could you please enter me in the drawings for Arch. Digest and Men's Journal (the last two magazines in your line up in post #1)? Thank you!!! P.S. Irish, love your siggy with Dan'l. Bless you dear one!
  17. Congratulations Bonnie Anne!!!!! What a great accomplishment! I cannot imagine how awesome it must feel to hold the finished piece in your hands! Ginormous hugs to you, Love, Katie
  18. Took the words right outta my mouth, Pat! Incredible entries! Voted! But they're ALL WINNERS! ~Katie
  19. Me, too. I use Firefox and Google Chrome. Still get the error. I'm sure Dayna will figure it out, though.
  20. Where are they? Who do I need to defend you from as well?! You did PAIRFECT, Mel. In fact, I thought that perhaps Dayna had told you, too, not to scroll down and "give away" the surprise of Gerry matching funds because you so effortlessly followed through as if you KNEW there was going to be a great bang at the end. Thank you so much for just TRUSTING ME and doing as I asked *demanded?*. LOL! P.S. Hi Sarah!!
  21. On behalf of GALS Charitable Foundation, its officers and volunteers, I am absolutely thrilled to announce the final proceeds from the funds raised during the 5th Annual Gerard Butler Fan Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. $16,148.56 THANK YOU, all of you, from the bottom of our full and overflowing hearts for your overwhelming generosity! And a special thank you to Gerard Butler, who graciously and generously offered to match the funds we raised over the weekend during the convention and virtual convention. Once again, all of you have exceeded our wildest hopes for assisting The Shade Tree S
  22. One more sleep! I'm so excited I can hardly stand it!!!
  23. I'm so excited for y'all!!! I can't wait!! Have a gerrita for me!! See you Wednesday!
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