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  1. I love how we're all counting down the sleeps now! I only have 4 more! Safe travels Deb!
  2. Thanks! I'll probably purchase the movie posters from them, too. They charge me about $5 each. They should just give them to me, but, I figure it's a good way to show my support of the local theater.
  3. It's a great theater. It became a 'twin' theater many years ago when they closed off and converted the balcony section into a second screen and seats. It doesn't have surround sound and plush seats with cup holders, but it does hold lots of fond memories for me as Wayne and I used to go to the movies quite often during our 'courtship' and early married years. Now he just waits for me to bring home the DVD!
  4. Hi all. As many of you know, I live in a small rural town. I love my little town, but it's not very progressive as movies go. I have complained through my Gerry fandom years that his movies very rarely make it to show here in small town USA. I usually have at least a 30 mile drive one way to see Gerry's movies, which is a trip I'm happy to make. However, this week offers a real treat for me. Our little twin theater is showing not only How To Train Your Dragon, but also The Bounty Hunter has finally made it here, too! It's not the convenience of having the movies showing here. But for me
  5. Thanks for the reminder, KB!
  6. I don't really get the interest in wanting to know, but for the sake of everyone's curiosity and to help save anyone else from searching through 82 pages of Getty Images of Gerry, here's a thumbnail of the pic pkhand is referencing.
  7. I guess what you're saying is more clear now, especially since you edited your original post. No worries, D. I concur with Moira, that seeing pics in our gallery of G out with people (sometimes women) is not unusual.
  8. Wow, I hadn't read that much into myself, D. Very interesting observation. I just figure that Gerry is much more high profile now (as evidenced by the Paris date pics making it into People Mag), that if he's going to have one of those "perfect dates" that he's mentioned (just strolling along a street, talking), then he's going to be "seen" and photographed. I would hardly call this date a relationship, but if and when one should transpire with whomever, I hope Gerry manages to keep it on the down low, if that's what he prefers. Just my .
  9. You are awesome, Kevin! And your creations are pretty sweet, too! ~Katie
  10. I am so proud of all the Gals and Pals who have heard the cry for help from The Shade Tree and opened your hearts, your closets, your wallets and checkbooks, to assist with the needs of The Shade Tree! With charities suffering during the current economic downturn, it speaks volumes about the wonderfully generous people we have in our 'fanmily' who are willing to give, even when times are tough! Words do not adequately express... Katie
  11. Steph, it's terrific that the stars all aligned pairfectly for you to have such a great Gerry fan encounter! You must be over the moon, as would any of us! To all, I think Dayna's post may have been misinterpreted, because Dayna is happy for anyone who gets an opportunity to meet Gerry. I believe the point she is trying to make is that not everyone who goes to the PA's with the same expectations, get theirs fulfilled. Through the years I have read more than one fan's experience after a PA situation, where they were very disappointed that they didn't get their moment with Gerry, and it even c
  12. May, When you first log onto the board, look to the right for "VIEW NEW CONTENT". Click on it to show the topics that have been created and/or posted to since you were on the board last. As for the specific topics you might be looking for, you should still be able to find these topics as no changes were made to the board's FORUM, SUB-FORUM, or topics. Welcome New Members is still under "Getting to Know You" here. And "Happy Birthday" posts can be made here. Hope this helps with your transitioning process!
  13. Hi Patsy! Return to Top is still there, just probably in a somewhat different place. If you'll look at the VERY MOST BOTTOM LEFTHAND CORNER of the page, you will see it. It reads "Back to Top" Katie
  14. Seems like you could express your disdain for MD in a less abrasive manner, Lisa. Perhaps that's what Bermos was trying to make a point of, although I'm certainly not putting words in her mouth. I appreciate your latest post and am glad you see that you realize you can come across as snarky. Now that you have this realization, please post more slowly and with that same awareness in future. And YES! Gary Oldman and Gerry would be awesome in a movie together, especially since Gary is one of the actors that Gerry admires.
  15. Hi Joanne! Great to see you posting! Welcome to GBGALS! Char, I think I might have cried if that had happened. I always feel such a sense of anticipation when Gerry's movies begin, even if I've seen them a hundred times. LOL! About the movie, did anyone else have this thought cross their minds? Near the end, while they're sitting in the car in front of the police station, just before Milo 'takes her in' Nicole says something like all she wants to do is get him home, etc. I thought, "Oh no! When she gets home, she's going to see the ruined carpet, the deleted Tivo/DVR, the Doritos a
  16. Why do I feel like I've stepped into a treasure hunt game!
  17. Amen and amen, Holly. Welcome HOME, Kalyn!
  18. I just love his NYC apt! It's exactly as I would have expected of him! Gerry!!
  19. here ya go, Holl. I'm sure Terry would do clean up on your middle aisle. hee hee
  20. Bless your heart, Lisa. You really have to try to put your worrying in perspective. I've been there, done that, earlier in my Gerry fandom. We must trust that Gerry knows how to take care of himself or that those he loves and entrusts his care to will see that he is taken care of. Our worrying does nothing but make us have yet another thing to worry about. If he didn't fall off that cruise ship, or jump off that building, or succeed in any of those other daring life endangering pursuits he has had, I'd say Someone more powerful than us is definitely looking out for him!
  21. Awesome work, Jack! You kilted brethren of the Seven Rivers Highland Society AND Brotherhood of The Kilt are the best! Thank you for helping to make your community a better place! Katie
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