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  1. You and Holl were so right about all the two-finger fineness and wonderful Gerry eye candy of TBH!

  2. Love the Jim Croce lyric quote siggy! :wave:

  3. Thanks Tracy! In fact, you've given a great tip. Just go to the main page, and one can click on the Gallery, the Forum, etc.
  4. No, Terez, you are not the only one. The board was in need of an update and unanticipated changes were part of the result. Please attempt to be patient while the kinks are worked out. I don't know diddly about the technical aspect of all this, but I can assure you that our fearless leader, Dr. Em, is working diligently, at the expense of losing sleep, to get things as closely back to 'normal' as can be. ~Songbird~ Katie
  5. Hey Wendy I think her name is Katie. (I would remember that for obvious reasons.) However, I'm not positive, but you could always peruse the GALS gallery for the Nim's Island premiere pics and I'll bet you'll answer your own question!
  6. Yeah, and two finger gesturing while talking about his Lolita.
  7. Barb, My reaction can best be described in emoticons
  8. I love him more than anyone, I just don't 'talk' about it. Afterall, the quietest hog at the trough is getting the most food. Muwhahahahaha!!
  9. Cool! I've never seen that pic of him either, and I've been a G fan for several years. Thanks Pothos! Great find!
  10. Abz, You are correct on the off topic. I would suggest that you make your post in the "Gals Videos" section here. We've a large board, and it takes a while to learn where everything is, so no worries! Songbird
  11. Hello all you mandoll touring lovely folk!! As we have recently had some inquiry, we wanted to let you know that regrettably GALS Charitable Foundation does not have the funds available to assist with postage/shipping fees incurred by hosts/hostesses participating in the Mandoll Tour fundraiser. Please consider whether you personally have the funds or not before volunteering to host our wee man. I apologize that this has not been clearly stated before now and hope that it has not caused any of you any undue stress in these tough economic times. Sincerely, Katie Steuart Secret
  12. I most certainly concur, Holly and Annemarie!! I hope I didn't make it sound like we have to 'qualify' to wear tartans at the convention! If I did, I offer my sincerest apologies! Any and all tartans are welcome! Please excuse my exhuberance over the latest discoveries of Wayne's Scottish ancestry.
  13. After a renewed interest in Wayne's genealogy (through DNA research no less) I have verified through one of his close DNA matches (a bagpipe playing Scotsman no less!!) that hubs belongs to the Stewarts of Appin. I will be proudly wearing the Stewarts of Appin Modern Tartan at the convention! Here's what it looks like: So add this to your cookie patterns, Landalish! The Appin Stewarts, also known as “The Loyal Clan”, is the West Highland branch of the royal surname Stewart, descend from Sir James Stewart of Perston, 4th son of Sir John Stewart of Bonkyl, second son of Alexander,
  14. Songbird

    anyone near me?

    Hi Dee! Welcome to GALS! Where in Alabama are you? I live in southern Tennessee, just 10 miles or so from the TN/AL state line. I already have my flight booked out of Huntsville for the Vegas Convention! You should JUST DO IT!!
  15. Landa, I'm not sure if all the details have been worked out as far as how long Reno will be in attendance, but I'll assume that he's welcome to be there from beginning to end and it will be up to him and his schedule to decide how long he's able to stay with us.
  16. Are you positive it was promoting PSILY? Gerry did huge amounts of interviews for LAC; perhaps it was one of those. (I'm thinking that because of the steak question, since that was a big scene in LAC.) Just a thought! Katie
  17. Exsqueeze me, but I am the one who suggested the idea to ReNo. I'm sure Holly and Moira took it and ran with it, though. Death by Gerry's bone, a soon to be Gutter classic! Landa, sorry your babies are sick! You're a great mom.
  18. Barbara, I too had the same issue, until I kept tweaking and removing content. It will finally work if you remove some more characters. Katie
  19. Great job! That is so cool! Love the detail with the chest hair and scruff! You know your subject well! Katie
  20. Somebody call my name? Oh, you meant the OTHER snog! Can't wait to see you all in Your SNOGbird, Katie
  21. Deb - Knight Phantom Sally - cybrsal Paisleyscot - Cheryl Suzie - Texas Gramma RedDragoness - Char RezzRN - Naoma MzSamBewitched - Samantha No screen name - Suzanne alamdenannie - Annemarie ready2fly - Bex Poppy- Linda Deetz - Donna Lady Elissa-Elissa Good Sport-Bill No screen name-Erin Binkie1490-Bianca Bermos - Sherrell Songbird - Katie
  22. I think Gerry's attempt at "an ordinary life" made him miserable. I feel like there have been plenty of times when he's thought, "Uh oh" or as he jokingly wrote on the Scottish Youth Theatre t-shirt he autographed, "Where it all started! Be careful what you ask for". Luckily, he was in his late 20's (as opposed to being a very young person) when he began to live his dream, his extraordinary life as an actor. I believe the age factor, along with a wonderfully down to earth and loving family as a support system, are two things that really help him deal with all the craziness that goes al
  23. I'll bet that after about 3 days growth, that scruff is as soft as lamb's wool! (I speak from married-to-scruffy-faced-guy experience!)
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