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  1. Ladies, There's a Gerry facial hair discussion thread here. And there's even a poll to vote your preference here.
  2. Thanks for bumping this one, Suzie. I forgot that we even have a POLL for our preference!
  3. Sue, I enjoyed the pics of Dan'l's bench and your garden. I also loved those little quackers that Suzie posted. Tracy, you are, as Nat King Cole and Natalie sing, "Unforgettable". Hey y'all! to everyone! Katie
  4. This thread has reached the 300 posts limit and is now closed. New thread is here!
  5. I'll just open this and Susan can edit it as she would like. In the meantime, please continue where we left off, with a check-in from our favorite female OTR driver, NanLynn!!
  6. Just popped in to check on our Melodie! We're lifting you up in our cyber fanmily! Katie
  7. Melodie, I'm so sorry about your fiance and best friend! You've already been stressed out with everything else going on, and now this! You do NOT have to go through this all by yourself. Please consider seeing your general physician for your own well-being. I'm praying for you at this moment! Hang in there dear, Katie
  8. Kudos to Gerry and all the other celebs who are donating to the Haitian relief effort.
  9. Aw Stuart, that's so sweet! I'll bet Jolia especially will get a hoot outta Kable!
  10. I got through to the service that's taking the donations. After my donation, I was offered to be connected to the celebrity panel, but when I was transferred, a recording saying "I'm sorry, all circuits are busy. Please try your call later." came on and then I was disconnected. Oh well, I'm still 'connected' to the cause and all the millions (hopefully) who are calling in to donate! It's all good!
  11. Some of you did not heed my warning and some posts have been made invisible. If you see your's missing, there's a reason for it. Please keep to the thread topic or a) more posts will be set invisible or b) we'll close the thread. Edited to Add: Some of the posts that were cloaked will be scrutinized as time permits for the MS, and some posts, or portions of posts, may be uncloaked. Gerry's role choices (and his choice to turn down a role in Sherlock Holmes) are relevant (and on topic) as he mentions them in the video. However, we caution that it is not an opportunity to bash Gerry'
  12. This thread has veered a bit off topic, but I think some valid discussion is taking place. If you have an opinion (and everyone does! ) feel free to respectfully express it and allow others the respect of doing the same. We're all entitled to our opinions; let's not critique each other's posts. Thank you and carry on!
  13. Reg! Can't wait to meet you and Bex and all the other new gals who are attending!
  14. http://www.artistsforpeaceandjustice.com/events.html January 17th, 2010 - Golden Globe Dresses Auctioned For Haiti Meryl Streep, Gerard Butler, Amy Pohler, and Olivia Wilde will be among the celebrities donating their outfits worn at the 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards on Sunday night, January 17, 2010. Artists for Peace and Justice will auction them off to the public and 100% of the proceeds will go directly to help the people of Haiti in this incredible time of need. The auction will start early next week through eBay�"check back here for frequent updates, and be sure to tune into the
  15. For everyone... when in doubt, please contact a moderator before posting!
  16. There's a picture of 'our guy' on the Secret Room Events webpage that is of him signing a shirt which apparently will be auctioned off for the benefit of the victims of the Haiti earthquake.
  17. Ooh la la... Another "shiny" look for Gerry. Love it! I also love it when his hands are in the same 'pose' as the Marek dolls!
  18. Thanks Lisa (phoenixgirl) for the link to this You Tube video. Made especially for Gerry: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7aAB98iiInc (quality is not great; Gerry is NOT in it, but the gifts are pretty interesting.) Secret Room Events supports various charities. If curious, just click on the name. Katie
  19. Bex, Tell them they could have nixed the camping trip and come to Vegas with you for vacation! There'd be plenty of stuff for them to do whenever you're off whooping it up with your galfriends!
  20. Due to my feeble efforts, pics are now in the gallery. Sorry for making the board wonky earlier!
  21. Great one, Steph!! You should have the added anxiety of hoping your pastor doesn't walk in the store while you're buying lottery tickets! I ease my conscience by promising to tithe 10% of any winnings to church or charity!
  22. I don't know what it's called either, Ray, but GREAT JOB on the rendering! Katie
  23. Dawn!! Thank you, Lorna!! I can hear Gerry saying, "I'm a Highlander!"
  24. ATTILA!!! (Gerry's Attila) I already 'saved' him in my over 18 fanfic story.
  25. I think it's awesome that Lisa got something in return. If it's from Gerry's fan mail service, then I'm sure it's Gerry's signature. As has been pointed out, due to demand and time constraints, it more than likely is a print of his signature. But I still think that is special! Glad you heard back from the fan mail LisaLogan!
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