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  1. Bethy, I'm so very sorry that your dad is making a really tough situation even worse! Nothing like a self-centered alcoholic to cry 'poor poor pitiful me' while you and your mom fight the courageous battle! I hope he's ticked off enough that he doesn't come back for awhile; he's the last form of 'help' that you and your mom need! Along with all your other GALS pals, I got your back! Do we all need to get on a plane and come to you and open our cans of whoop a**?! Don't put me past doing it! All my love and support *sweet smile* Katie
  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL YOU GALS! Now, I can hang up my GALS calendar!!! :Yippie: xoxo, Songbird
  3. HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL YOU GALS!!!! :Yippie: I hope that 2006 will be everyone's best year, ever! I think Gerry's set to have a great year, too! Woo-hoo! :Yippie: Hugs, Songbird
  4. Yeah, we know you're kidding...but you'd still like the pics, wouldn't you?!?!?!?!?! Huh? HUH? Not that I blame you.....I'm a wee bit addicted to new Gerry pics meself.... Case in point ~> Although I do have to say that I've never found a bag pic of Gerry, even when he's totally bored or being silly or just not looking....the world is not fair!!!! Why is it that he never has a bad one and I never have a good one? Gees.... A BAG picture of Gerry?! Jen, was that a Freudian slip?!
  5. I don't visit the highrise nearly as often as I should!! You all crack me up! I love the name changes. PM'd Sarah to tell her that I had to always double-check to be sure that I spelled 'semmsb' correctly anytime I used it! Susan, I agree that you should remain Sporran! I mean, some things just SHOULD NOT be tampered with! I can still hear Gerry saying "Sporran! Sporran Tart!" in the video clip from the shirt signing meeting, and I haven't watched that in a long time! I have a name change, too. He's not King LEOnidas, he's King GEO!! (See my self-appointed GALS name.)
  6. Ya damned right I would not have poised him! What the hell was Ildico thinking?! :: Songbird is writing a great fanfiction about Attila in which he did not die by the poison. It's Gerrylicious! Thank you Bethy for the plug for my story!! Yes, Aislinn and others...if you're over 18...my story is in the Over 18 Fanfic - Attila thread. It's called "Attila - An Alternate Ending and a New Beginning" The first words are Attila saying, "Come, N'Kara. It's time." But, Ildico and Attila are in for a BIG SURPRISE!!! Song
  7. Bethy, I am so THRILLED for you!!! Apparently, I have been living under a rock for the past few days, because I accidentally got a whiff of this story in another thread where Dawn mentioned being happy for you and your great Christmas day! Well, I was thinking, 'oh great! Bethy's mom is better!" etc. etc. never dreaming it was a PHONE CALL FROM GERRY!!! It is a million wonders that I did not scream in excitement when I finally found your post in the high rise support center thread! I agree with all the others who have said that no one is more deserving of a close encounter with G
  8. :snowman: :reindeer: MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL YOU GALS!!! :reindeer: :snowman: Thank you for your friendships, they're truly a priceless gift! Love and hugs, Songbird
  9. I will second that, Geara!! By the way, I LOVE the new mopboyleo!! Songbird
  10. ANOTHER excellent and creative idea from GALS!! I love it here!! I have just made my donation. How cool that this is so connected with Gerry and something that was such a positive influence on his young life! Now we have the opportunity to support that effort with other young people, too! Hurrah for GALS!! Songbird
  11. Songbird

    No More Burns!

    I hope this is a mistake, too, for Gerry's sake, and our viewing pleasure! Hannah, and By the way, you mentioned Vadim Jean's page. Could you give me the link to it? Thanks, Songbird
  12. The Christmas G-Cards are great!! They're witty, creative and very colorful! We have so many talented people here at GALS!! Thanks for spreading some holiday cheer - Gerry style!! Songbird
  13. Ah, Attila. *sigh* After Phantom, it's my favorite Gerry role. Attila is my sentimental favorite because the first time I saw Gerry was in a preview for Attila. I HAD to watch to find out who that gorgeous man with the striking eyes was! I was not disappointed, and don't think I ever will be with Gerry. He might not have been in the best movies along the way, but HIS performances have always risen above. :gerryholic: Beanie, on August 3rd you wrote that you had never seen "Attila". PLEASE tell me that you have it in your Gerry movie collection now!
  14. Gerry, since I am your Tennessee Songbird, I feel obliged to SING my best wishes to you, so here goes... Happy birthday to you (remember, I'm singing with an ELEGANT Southern accent!) Happy birthday to you (I'm looking into your beautiful green eyes!) Happy birthday dear Gerry! (suspended note; big smile!) Happy birthday to you! (heartfelt finish) AND MANY MORE (song tag with outstretched arms and waving hands) HUGS and TONS OF RESPECT to you! Thanks for the God-given gifts you share with us and the benefits we reap from it! Love, Songbird
  15. Yup. That's a man whose many layers I want to peel away one at a time! And I'm NOT only talkin' bout the clothes, Sister Gals! :treasuretrail:
  16. Great picture Miranda!!! You're a doll! And, oh my gosh, I think your mom and I look alike!!! Is that freaky or what, because I say you're my surrogate daughter in Gerryfandom?! (I have a picture of my head (LOL) in my profile now.) All the pics are great! Your mom in Gerryland, Songbird (Katie)
  17. Oh yeah, Anna, definitely noticed the thighs in that scene! And when he says, "Come, we must return...." and those lips do that thing they do... :mopboyerik:
  18. Yeah, Gieselle does awesome things to the pics somehow! She takes an already HOT topic and makes it even HOTTER!! Love how she adds a bit of dialogue among the pics, too!
  19. Ethan inspired my idea for the title by saying it himself (I went back to doublecheck for sure; it's in E & C vol. 2 post #216 by Beanie): "Stranger Than Fiction" ::
  20. I'm sorry you've been feeling so badly!! I had wondered where the wonderful person who is responsible for starting the whole Ethan and Charlotte round robin had gone! I hope when you're feeling better, you'll be able to contribute to the story (if it hasn't been spanked into non-existence by then!). GET WELL SOON!! Songbird
  21. WELCOME Gerrydom folks! C'mon in; the temperature is just right here!! I've never visited before, :blonde: but I see that a trip to Gerrydom is in order!
  22. Bethy, you're awesome!! Not just because of your computer talents, but the ease with which you give instruction! I had no problems doing exactly what you told me to do, without having lots of questions along the way! Thank you SOOOO much, and I'm so happy that I got my beautiful, spirited, multi-talented (and still living!) Maureen O'Hara!! (Edited to add thumbnail of my Trading Card) Songbird
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