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  1. What is his "feminine" side? Is it his ruggedly carved, very masculine abs? :leochest: Is it his absolutely gorgeous, manly face? :beard2: Is it his strong, well-defined thighs? :greatking: Is it his deep, melodious baritone voice? Is it his endearingly, self-deprecating sense of humor? :crack1: Is it his captivating, expressive blue/green eyes? :droolpuddle: Is it his tight, chiseled buttocks? :barebum: Is it his inimitable acting abilities? Is it his ability to make a woman melt with just a one-sided smirk from his full, kissable mouth? Is it his love and devotion to
  2. Jacqlyn

    Is Gerry married?

    After 300, I wouldn't be surprised if we start hearing rumors of Gerry hooking up with all those actresses who seem to always be jumping from one man to the next (although these rumors would not be true), just to start waves with his personal life. Some folks just aren't happy unless they're trying to wreck someone else's life. I would think that Gerry would share that information with his fans, knowing that he knows how important his happiness is to us. He couldn't keep it quiet for too long, that's for sure. I must say that I want his name and face to be better known and for him to get the
  3. Debbie, I know you don't know me from Adam, but I share the sentiments of the other GALS and say that I am sorry for your loss. There really are no words that can ease your pain or sooth the hole left in your heart...but know that you are thought of and prayed for by many souls in many places. May God grant you His peace and His comfort, for they are perfect - as He is perfect.
  4. Again - I'll take him either way - but that scruff just adds to his sex appeal!!
  5. I had to vote for ERIK (PHANTOM) - His sexiness stems from his passionate nature which he portrays through his music and lyrics...and the fact that ERIK (as GERRY plays him) is perfect in every aspect except for 1/3 of his face - who cares!!! AND SUCH A DELICIOUS SEMI-BAD BOY!!! :Erikunmasked: There are so many that came in a CLOSE second (in alphabetical order) - ATTILA, BEOWULF, DRACULA, MAREK, (THE) STRANGER, TERRY - SO MANY MEN (or, the same man with different looks!) - SO LITTLE TIME!!! :greatking: :Draculababy: :mopboymarek: :terrymuscles: :droolpud
  6. Hi Ladies! Thought I'd drop in and say "Hidee ho" (is that spelled right?) Anywho - I seem to get in here when everyone is signing off or there is no one about, I tend to get lost in all the posts when everyone starts "talking", so let me say a great big "HI" to all of you. Maybe I'll drop back by later.
  7. I was going to try and read all the posts, but by the time I think I am getting caught up, you all have run off and left me....I felt so lost.... I know just the cure for lost me.... :ohbaby2: That will cure me of anything...except my GERRY ADDICTION - and I don't want to be cured of that!!
  8. Hi everyone! This is my first showing in this thread. I was guided here by a wonderful GALS named Susan Sporran. I love everyone's siggys for Christmas, I think I'll bring mine in after I post this. I love coming and sharing Gerry with all you wonderful GALS and talking endlessly about him; 2 years and still going strong with this man!! YA YOU!! Ya'll make me laugh and I soooo need that - my husband has been in Pennsylvania for 3 weeks now, and is going to be gone another 2 weeks - right up until our anniversay on the 23rd of December! I'm going to lose my mind!!
  9. I am with you...I love the image this story put in my head when I first discovered what "3 am" referred to. This beautiful man....in all his glory....MY OH MY!! There's an image I won't be getting rid of - ever!!
  10. I was staggered by this news! The synopsis made me weep like the sap that I am! I will be sitting in the theater balling my eyes out! Gerry will, no doubt, bring his ghostly character to life (pun intended), and will sweep every woman blessed enough to see this film off their feet! I am soooooo looking forward to this one!!
  11. This is a really cool thread, I'm glad I happened upon it. The indepth study of the characters that Gerry has portrayed is a neat thing to do. Dear Frankie is any awesome movie with such complex characters, including the Stranger. I see him as a man who has experienced great loss in his life, perhaps a wife, and has just begun to pull himself out of the darkness that his grief created. His sister has been trying to get him back in the scene, but has, thus far, been unsuccessful; until Lizzie comes along with the perfect solution and situation. She knows he has always wanted children and sees
  12. :mopboyerik: If I told you, I'd have to kill you!
  13. I love Gerry in all his stages, but the more mature Gerry is the one that caught my eye and continues to captivate me with every ounce of his pure, unadulterated, completely defined masculinity!!
  14. Hi There!! I once read somewhere; one of his interviews, but I don't recall which one, that he admired Gary Oldman for his ability to "become" each character he plays. Gerry is much like him in his skills. I am not sure of others, Gary is just one that I remember Gerry mentioning by name.
  15. I'm fairly new to GALS, but I love it here! Happy ONE YEAR!!!! I have GALS and I am darn proud of it!! I feed my addiction every chance I get!!
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