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    Salt Lake City, UT
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    I enjoy watching basketball (Utah Jazz), and Football (Dallas Cowboys). I have something that I watch about everyday. My favorite are Supernatural, NCIS, and Psych. They are the best shows in the world! I love my family and love going to Idaho to see them. I love music. Mainly oldies right now. Blue oyster cult, CCR, BTO, AC/DC, The Doobie Brothers, and Hall and Oats.

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  1. Happy birthday xx

  2. Hi Tierney! Saw where you added me to your friend list. I finally got here to add you to mine! Hugs!


  3. Awww, ya HAD to go mentioning the word "package" next to that picture, eh? *bangs head on wall trying to erase naughty thoughts* Ahhh... not working. LOL!!! :tasty: Package? Package? Where? I know where he can put HIS package, baby! I hear it's pretty big too. :spinny: SARAH. I think that we might need OS in here!!! Tierney
  4. Good afternoon!!! It is snowing right now and it has snowed since 7:00. The stupid news people said that where we live will be the hottest even though it was snowing. My mom thought it wise that I stay home today because my left ear was herting when I woke up so now i'm here being bored not knowing what to do after this. Tierney
  5. Yeah I'm not reallly active on that one but I will checK those out I am not active on that one anymore so try this: green_eyed_godess93@hotmail.com and that will work Tierney
  6. Sarah I love my siggy and avie! They are great!! Tierney
  7. Hi everybody!!!! Barb- I didn't get that G-card that you sent me. did you send it to green_eyed_godess93@hotmail.com because if you didn't I didn't get it. Mom- I know that you told me about your little post but COME ON! Thats just gross!!!! I love the new smilies they are wonderful! :santaclaus: :rudolph: :reindeer: :snowman: :merryxmas: :bell: :dancingsanta: :lights: :miseltoe2: :pressie: :reindeer2: :seasonsgreetings: :xmas2: Everyone who has given me the well wishs. well I will be on for a long time so you will see me post a lot. Tierney
  8. Thank you!!!! I just PMed my mom and told her we need Christmas smileys so I hope we will see them soon!!!!! Tierney
  9. A little. but I have to go put my drops in my ear. so I will be back later. Tierney
  10. Oh I just have a cold thats all. I will get my mom on and she will tell you more about what happened ( I think she posted it in the last floor) Tierney
  11. I feel like crap, I feel like crap, I fell like crap. Ok I 'm good Tierney
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