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  1. I just want to commend you Susan, for the way you are keeping this thread balanced. Neither party comes off well in this incident, imo.
  2. Swannie, you know I don't mince words, so here is my honest answer. I will continue to support Gerry's career by going to his worthwhile movies. From what I have seen of Game , I will not waste my time, while TUT looks like a winner. Gerry has made a few excellent films, Dear Frankie being my personal favorite, but I have been disappointed in more than a few. If he doesn't do something meaty soon, I will lose interest. I am tired of waiting for him to do another serious role, something like The Jury. Perhaps his new production company will turn things around. As far as his personal life, that is not a dealbreaker for me, in terms of me following his career. However, I tend to agree with Gerry (and Dreamer) about getting to know him. I never had any illusions about him being perfect, but his recent behavior has made me lose some respect for him. Some will say that we can not judge him from the glimpses we see from time to time, but I think his public behavior is the real deal. The razzi incident, the c**k hat, the Halle Berry comment, he middle finger salutes, etc. were all turnoffs for me, but as my primary interest in him is as an actor, he will keep me as a fan, if he makes good movies. I know that he couldn't care less if I am a fan, and that many here will disagree with me, but I fully understand any GB fan or site administrator who wants to move on. I don't know anything about Angels or Linda, but she has every right to post anything she wants on her site, and the fact that it has been posted on other sites by other people is not her choice. She did not ask for comments from outsiders, imo.
  3. Calling a man "unmanly" is more than an opinion, Knight Phantom. You don't have to say "sissy" to imply it. Erik was a character in the book, not in the ALW version, but it is not worth arguing about. I can see that the Erik name is important to you. I have nothing more to say on this subject at this time. I admire Michael, his talent, his charitable efforts (which have been considerable), and his generosity towards his fans, which I have seen up close. He deserves respect, as do we all.
  4. I would suggest to those who continue to describe Michael Crawford's voice as feminine, whiny, or not " manly", that those terms are insulting. It is not my wish to convert anyone who does not appreciate MC, but making comparisons which tear down one person to elevate another are unfortunate. I can assure you from personally hearing, watching, and meeting Michael numerous times, that he does not have a "sissy" bone in his body. His voice in the theater was unbelievably powerful and spellbinding. His body movements were seductive and expressive. The original stage recording is a classic. It is possible to prefer one singer over the other, and I liked Gerry's version. However, a deep voice is not automatically more masculine than a tenor voice. Patrick Wilson, an outstanding tenor, was my favorite voice in the movie. I also agree that Steve Barton was a fabulous singer. There is room to appreciate all the Phantoms, on their own merits, rather than based on someone else's perceived shortcomings. Edited to add: In my experience, there is no Erik in Andrew Lloyd Webber's version. He is always referred to as Phantom.
  5. With all due respect, gerran, you have every right to your opinions. but I find most of what you say offensive to this long time Phantom fan. I have seen Michael Crawford in person, and he was brilliant as the Phantom. He is not feminine, he was key to the success of the original stage production, and he poured his heart and soul into that role. I love Colm Wilkinson as Jean Valjean in "Les Miz", but Michael is to the stage production of "Phantom", as Colm is to "Les Miz". I give Gerry his due. He was good in the movie, but we can appreciate his contribution without dissing stage performers whose vocal challenges of nightly performances are much more than holding notes longer than a movie actor's songs mixed in a studio. End of rant.
  6. A beautiful singer is in part in the ear of the listener. Yet, I must disagree with the statement that Michael and Sarah were off-key. Gerry did a good job, but he did not claim to be an accomplished singer, and his version of the Phantom was only one of many renditions. What should the Phantom sound like? Michael received a Tony award and critical acclaim for his interpretation. It was a slam dunk. Edited to add: As for Patrick Wilson, his voice is beyond pure. What a pleasure.
  7. Well stated, Tracy, and gutsy. You are right that no forum needs to shoo away members. Look what has happened at net. It is shrinking more every day. Forums need variety of opinions to remain interesting. At least, that is my view. So, here's to tolerance! (who's got the cocktails, again?)LOL
  8. Gerry was not talking about doing a movie with Halle. He was talking about doing Halle. There is no ambiguous meaning to this comment if you read the direct quote. Like Luv, I am not personally offended, but it was not an appropriate comment to make in public about another actor, imo. It also sounds very boastful (not saying it necessarily is). Halle may not even know him, much less want to sleep with him. Not every woman does, believe it or not. I strongly disagree with the notion that Halle should be grateful to be spoken of or thought of in that way. She deserves respect, as does every woman and man, for that matter. Some jokes are off the mark, and even though I know many of you disagree, I think this one missed.
  9. Exactly my thoughts. He usually has a ranchy self-deprecating sense of humour, but when I read some of his answers at Comic Con (have yet to see the vids and check the context), I felt he went a bit too far, especially with the Halle Berry comment. My perception is that in than environment of fans drooling over him, and him being the centre of attention of the panel, he was trying to show off a little in front of the boys, and he got carried away I totally agree. No, it is not a cry for help, more of an ego trip he couldn't resist.
  10. Sorry, Swannie. It was very crude. I am leaving the thread now that I given my opinion. I don't want to fight about it or bring anyone down.
  11. I have my opinion, and the rest of you have yours. Don't let me rain on your parade. I'm sure it was funnier in person.
  12. I will not be liked for this remark, but the comment about Halle Berry was out of line. I don't think she would be amused to be spoken of in this way. Hopefully, she will never hear it. I remember her reaction to being grabbed and kissed at the Oscars by an actor she did not know that well. She was not happy.
  13. You know, I have heard this many times, and I just can't agree. My husband would not be happy to know that it was another man who got me going, rather than him. Yes, it is challenging to keep a marriage fresh, but there is only room for two in our bed. Not judging, just not relating. Being honest with your husband has worked for the two of you, but I believe that his initial reaction is what most men feel deep inside. He is a good sport. (Joining GALS, yet) You are a lucky woman.( Are most of the married women here as open with their partners about Gerry, I wonder?) In general, I think there is a difference between a man getting stimulated by visual images and a woman who not only is aroused by images of a man, but usually feels an emotional attachment to the object of desire, which often involves a big investment of time. I am a very independent woman, who is also blessed with a patient and adaptable husband, and if I was a luster, he would not try to stop me, but I know it would hurt his ego, which is perfectly understandable. Fantasies are normal for both sexes. I guess the question for married couples is where to draw the line.
  14. You know, I have heard this many times, and I just can't agree. My husband would not be happy to know that it was another man who got me going, rather than him. Yes, it is challenging to keep a marriage fresh, but there is only room for two in our bed. Not judging, just not relating.
  15. This film unfortunately did not receive a wide release, but I consider it Gerry's best performance to date. At the Cannes Film Festival, Gerry et al received a long standing ovation, and the critics loved it. It is a subtle film, with outstanding acting throughout. Gerry is very convincing as a strong father figure. He also persuades a woman disillusioned by love to open up again. It is a highly masculine role, and he nails it.
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