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  1. Good grief I'm finnally caught up. Things have been totally hectic around here but I'm taking the time to say hi to everyone. . I'll be around longer when i have a chance. AJ
  2. Wow finnally caught up. Everytime I got close to catching up I had to go and it took another day to get back to where I was. First of all lets start with my news. The back is healing slowly. Yes I was dumb to go to work but trust me when i said I had to and it was worth it. Good news is I have my first trainee Thursday. Hopefully I can go. I should be able to he's gonna do all the work. Oh yeah and I have new video up. ok enough about me. Swan: I am so happy your finally starting to feel better even though you aren't totally better your working your way there. Lori: once again I apologize for not being able to get to the phone fast enough last night. You know I am always here to talk to. Even though I have my own fiascos going on I do have broad shoulders and can carry alot. To every one else have a wonderful monday or whats left of it. Its been a Gerry movie marathon day for me. hey its a rough life but somebody has to do it. Later days AJ
  3. Hi all. Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday well as far as mondays go. I picked up an overtime shift and will be heading to work around 7. Its only 4 hrs and I'll be spending the night watching the fireworks. Hope everyone is doing well Swannie- it was great to finally chat with you last night. And just four more days. I got my fingers crossed for you on your next drs visit. To all the Gals I met last night- I had a blast and will try and be back tonite if I'm awake when i get home. and to my lurking little friend- I miss you and see you when you get home tommorow. arghhhhh... Starting to storm I need to get off the computer. have a great day all AJ
  4. Out of the choices I'd definatly have to say Harry Potter series. I read Lord of the Rings and after reading over 1000 pages to find out what happens to the ring and just to read one line that said "and the ring was gone" But for one not listed so far I love the Inheritance Trilogy. (Eragon and Eldest waiting on the third)
  5. Thanks but its actually 180 TON not pounds(no worries its all good). Theres two boats other i will train on but its the Ferry I'm excited about. It intimidates alot of people plus the fact people realize they are driving pretty much "a floating house" and it also is carrying 600 people. And i try not to intimidate people with my hieght. I had one guy one day telling me i was "being short with him" I looked at him and said "sorry sir Im 6'1'' I don't know how to be short. go talk to that guy over there he is short" and I never got in trouble for it. Oh well Im off to to a little celebration shopping. Hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday I am one of those poor souls that have to work Sundays. Later days AJ
  6. HI all. Just got home from work and doing some catching up on reading.... Looks like its been another busy day here. (like thats a shock) I'm personally doing cartwheels around my house.(only in my head. I don't believe my butt was meant to go over my shoulders) I got a promotion today. Its my second one in a month. I am now a Trainer. Scarry thought. They have enough confidence in me that I can train people how to drive a 180 ton boat and not crash or sink it. Funny thing is they turned me down a few months ago cause they said i was to intimidating. UM sorry I'm over 6 ft tall and very athletic. Not my fault short folks are scared of me. Anyways. Swan- bummer about the nightmares. Must have been a night for them last night cause I had a few odd ones. Hope you are slowly on the road to recovery..(fingers crossed) Lori- hope all went well dropping your little angel off at school today ((hugs)) Amber- congrats on the play. Don't forget the Leia hair. For everyone who had family and friends traveling glad to hear they are home safe. And to those still traveling or traveling soon i leave you my favorite quote from the Novel Timeline "I pray god look favor upon your journey, and deliver you safe back" also to all of our sick gals. Get well soon my thoughts and prayers are with you. Everyone not in the list above have a wonderful night (whats left of it). Enjoy your Sunday. Sunday is TGIF day for me. AJ
  7. Jeez I have finally caught up on what I've missed while I've been busy. There is way to much to talk about. So I'm gonna give the Readers Digest version Swan- Belive Lori and I when I say that I know how you feel and what you are going thru. I am very glad you are hopefully getting this taken care of at the hospital. (pm me if you want the whole story its way to much for here) Lori- Hopefully soon your life will somewhat calm down again. You need things to mellow out so you can be my happy little promoter and gome visit me in the fall. (and i guess the big goober) To all those traveling anytime soon- My thoughts are with you. I can't imagine what its gonna be like at the airports. Security at disney is chaotic enough as it is. Now I am off to bed. I got out of work early to have a restful night and thanks to a spur of the moment couch moving inccident I a wee bit sore. (we got it stuck in the door way and took forever to get it out along with a few :swear: don't know why but that always helps) Night all AJ
  8. I've finally come up with my GAL name. How bout Not so innocent GAL. AJ
  9. Hi all Thought I would swing by before I get wrapped up in cleaning today. Hope everybody is having a wonderful day. Lori: Good luck with that busy schedule of yours. Don't work to hard! Swan: glad you finally got some meds in ya. Hopefully you will be back causing trouble her in no time. By the time you are better I should have my second video done. If the computer doesn't fly out the window first. And Beachie glad you like my name. I've grown up on or close to beaches my whole life. Unfortunatly I never made it to one yesterday. I cleaned up the house a bit and got a call from my giant goober(yes i do love him i just call him that cause i do love him) who is out of town and spent a wee bit longer on the phone than i expected. By the time I got off the phone the afternoon thunderstorms were in. BUMMER! To everybody else. (I am sorry I didn't make notes like Lori) ((BIG HUGS)) have great day well what maybe left of it anyways. AJ
  10. Hi all. I'm home from a TERRIBLE night at work, so I am gonna make this quick and try and forget about it and go to bed. Swannie- Hope you are starting to feel better. I've had nasty bladder infections before and I was kinda dumb and didn't take care of them, but that is a story for another time. Seriously though please go to the Dr I don't want you to have to go through what I did. Lori- you have been awfully quiet today. I hope everything is ok. If not here is a from me and Davis said if he could he would air mail a snog your way. To everybody else have a wonderful night. And a great monday. I know I know I will cause I'm off to the beach I hope. Now I'm off to bed before I start getting all frustrated and angry again. nite AJ
  11. I don't feel so bad then at least I'm not the only one that has to work. My weekend starts tomorrow... WHOOHOOO. Don't work to hard. I think the worst thing about going to work today is the HEAT!!!! I am so over 100 degrees everyday. AJ
  12. I wish my day was going to be nice and quiet. I have stupid 6 hr shift at work to drive in for that doesn't even start till 5:15 this evening. I guess the only saving grace is that I get to see the amazement and the laughter in peoples faces tonite. (yes sometimes I do love my job) I can't complain though I do have the house to myself except for the 2 cats and the poor dog who sat in a fire and hill and is a scratchy mess. Well I should go make sure I have clean costumes (uniforms) for work tonite Have a great rest of the day Ya'll AJ
  13. Well Irene you inspired me to finally come out of the Gaming and say something. I just have to say that no I don't feel left out It was more just getting a feel for the boards and getting to know some people. So now that that is over HI!!!! After everything I have read it just sounds like everybody just needs a giant GROUP HUG (don't think I've seen an icon for that. maybe one should be found) Lori: I need to thank you for being there for me the past few weeks and being the pushy person in my life. I don't think I ever properly thanked you for that so THANK YOU!! And I am counting I have 9 days left till the big lug comes back. To everybody else HI and I hope to get to know you all. Or at least as many as possible Amanda (AJ)
  14. Yep I do and i even work at the "happiest place on earth" yeah black is so not the color in the summer.
  15. I would have to say Scotland as well. However I have also been a sucker for a beautiful sunset. Hey how bout both. AJ
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