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    Favourite films: #1) GONE WITH THE WIND***** 2) Anything with Timothy Dalton in it. ******The Bible, Robert Burns verse******People who inspire me are Robert Burns, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and General Robert E. Lee.

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  1. ROBERT BURNS, my screenplay is alive and kicking

  2. Hi GANG! Never say never! Please pray as I do for me to be in Scotland by September's end. Nothing definite yet though I do have UK and Canadian representatives who fight the fight daily for me. . I wanted you to know that ROBERT BURNS is finished and his "package" is being sent out to many financiers & UK production companies. We've had many "bites" and Toby Stephens agents are interested. He portrayed "Rochester" in the 2006 BBC production of JANE EYRE. His mother is Dame Maggie Smith and wife is also an actress, Anna Louise Plowman. She starred in STARGATE:SG1 as Daniel's love interest turned Ga'old. (Spelling is more than likely wrong.) Much love to you all~ Janet "the Other Scot"

  4. Sara! Keep watching this thread and we shall see but remember... "Dreams come true! PRAYERS HAPPEN!" Janet "the Other Scot"
  5. Rose, one of my true blue but red in this case friends! Thank you for the poster copy. I wish that we could have sold him for charity. We will one of our own! Thanks! Janet, "the Other Scot"
  6. Team Burns arrives! And in style with these wonderful winners of the poetry contest. Congrats to all the ladies! Alex, why don't you have a Burnsian Poetry contest here? All in favor say Yes! Welcome to GALS and truly I mean it! Let the GALS have a chance for some more Burnsian prose! Great to see you here. I'll be back! It is GREAT to have TEAM ROBERT BURNS here! Janet "the Other Scot" {quote name='LADY ALEXANDRIA' post='1080604' date='Sep 1 2007, 08:47 PM']Thank you all. I must admit that Scotland and Robert Burns is indeed in my blood and I am proud of it!!!! Please check out the poetry winners over at RT Burns: Here are the results of the Poetry Contest, congratulations to you all. -------------------------------------------------------------------- 1st - Are You A Scot - Jan Morell 2nd - Enough Is Enough - Linda Mackintosh 3rd - Love Rose-Then - Fell Janis Bonner 4th - Perpetual Caledonia - Beth 5th - From The Heart Of My Soul - Deborah Ann Barnum 6th - Och! My Lad - Eloise 7th - Auld Lang Syne In Greenock - Kathy Winner of Special Scots Dialect Poem --------------------------------------- 8th - Lament O' A Lover O' Trees - Peigi McCann Other Prize Winning Poems: ------------------------------------------------- An Interesting Face - Karen Richmond A Sheeny Dew On A Sprig O' Pine - Lynn Ennis Iozzo Sonnet - Merry Gonsalves A Soul's Reply - Ruby Longing - Kami A Day Of Love - Kath What Makes You Think of Scotland - Lisa W Untitled - Terra I Never Left Your Side - Rachel Lovern As we said before, all the entrants are winners and it was hard to choose, Some had other entries that might have won again, but to be fair David chose the best one from each persons entries, to give more people a chance of a prize. I am sure he would gladly give you all an explanation as to his choices if you contacted him at david@robertburns.plus.com Here was the prize listing: 1ST BURNS RT POETRY CONTEST ( Competition) PRIZE RECAP: 1) Rosemarie has donated $ 250.00 as a CASH PRIZE ****** --------****** WINNER****** - JAN Morell 2 Mr. Jackson - Jacko Productions - book out of his own ( Working on Burns Film) collection called "The Poems and Songs of Robert Burns." 3) The Globe Edition -Poems Songs and Letters Being The complete Works of Robert Burns Macmillan and Co. 1875 - Alexandria's Donation 4) NickBicanic - Two signed Shadow Company Posters ( director Shadow Company Documentary) 5) TFL 20 trees dedicated to whomever the winner wishes - Rosemarie - In Beautiful Scotland - Conservation Forest In Scotland - Trees For Life ********--WINNERS *********- Linda Mackintosh - 10 trees Peigi McCann - 5 trees 6) A CD "Ye Banks and Braes, Folksongs to touch the heart" - Donated By Kathy They are mainly Scottish, English and Irish with a couple of African-American and Waltzing Matilda thrown in at the end. Two of the songs, Ye Banks and Braes and Ca' the Yowes are by Robert Burns. 7) A sterling silver Celtic knot ring (the only size they had was an 8 but a ring guard can be gotten by the winner to make it smaller if necessary). A sterling silver Celtic knot pendant and sterling silver chain. - Donated by AngelRose (tense) 8) Dougie MacLean signed CD - Dougie MacLean is one of Scotland's most successful, respected and popular musicians. Singer, Songwriter, Composer and 'magical' Performer, he is also a fine guitarist and fiddle player. 9) & 10) A framed print of the Scots pine and the Loch Ness Monster - Donated by: Peigi - ******Two separate prizes ****** 11) CD from Hugh Morrison - Scottish Born Musician - http://hughmorrison.co.uk/main/index.php 12) ROBERT BURNS: THE TINDER HEART- In depth book about Robert Burns' life - by fellow Scot, Hugh Douglas - Donated By: Janet (Morganathered) 13) Gorgeous book about Scotland (some of the most beautiful photogaphy I have ever seen, and it covers the entire country). It's huge, about 12-14 inches long x about 10-11 inches wide x 1 inch thick it's hard cover with additional glossy cover, and is just beautiful. It has an exerpt from one of Robert Burns poems on the back of the book. Donated by - Tense Smith (AngelRose) 14) American songwriter/singer/entertainer Gerard Kenny a signed cd by him as a prize. He has written songs for Barry Manilow and for many people and has had television shows and awards. It is signed To the Burns Competition All the Best Gerard Kenny. Donated by Rose 15) A Wonderful Robert Burns Recording - This Is A Must Have For Any Burns Fan http://i76.photobucket.com/albums/j8/annie...eyRecording.jpg - Donated by Merry ******************************************************************************** ** The two below will be posted this weekend!!! These two prizes will be for the Poets who DO NOT WIN in the Main Competition and the NON - WINNERS will have their names dropped in a hat and they will have a chance to win these TWO PRIZES: 1) A heavy old brass souvenir spoon that is in excellent condition with a nice patina. It is 4 inches long and the bowl is 2 inches in diameter. The handle is a bust of Robert Burns and the bowl shows the interior of his cottage in Alloway, Ayrshire, United Kingdom. It is on the banks of Bonnie Doon, Scotland. Robert Burns was born into a farming family at Alloway in Ayrshire. 2) Robert Burns & his landmarks on a Scottish linen tea towel, in mint condition- it measures 30.5" by 21" . Thanks to all!!! Alexandria[/quote}
  7. Janet grins and is GONE! The main Scot is on! Cheers! Janet "the Other Scot"
  8. Beejay, I don't need "go-fer's" but I will need FRIENDS in one capacity or another, I'm sure! Thank you for the acknowledgement of achievement in itself to not only write a screenplay but REGISTER this "puppy," nickname of "Luath," with the WGA! My Friends who shall share in the excitement of our achievement in the end makes it worth the fight to there! "Sibbaldi the Great" and I speak daily! This weekend we put the finished touches on "bouncing baby boy" in order to deliver WITHOUT a "C" section... :yippee: ROBERT BURNS to The Powers That Be! I need your extra prayers and great thoughts as we head toward the deadline. It is with GREAT HONOR I share these events with my GALSfriends! :yippee: Rebekah, thank you for the prayers and Rose thank you, as always for being my UNofficial PR person! For those who didn't see our "fantasy ROBERT BURNS" here is my copy. :inlove: Unfortunately, I didn't get the FINAL verision with Robert's true signature at the top. This is the only one I have. REMEMBER, he is NOT for sale nor is this image based on any photo, to my knowledge. This one is for you Beejay! My greatest of love to all the GALS! Cheers! Janet
  9. Dear Slowleak, It is noted and as soon as I hear anything about GB for this part I shall let you know. Have NOT forgotten! Cheers! Janet
  10. Hello GALS! Checking in to let all my GALSfriends here know that I am still alive and well. Very haggard at the moment as the final touches go onto the ROBERT BURNS screenplay BEFORE it heads through official means to GB the first weeks of August but ONLY after the approval of my manager! She has the final say so but I assure all that this one is supported in full by a major, true Scot Burnsian, David Sibbald. I promise to deliver a genius script and one of which all of you will be proud! This does NOT mean that Gerard is obligated or anything else. RB, isn't that cool? By next year, in God's will, my screenplay may have the same status as POTO, JOTS,D2K, etc. Gerard's "passion" is to portray Robert Burns. To date his dream is associated with TWO productions. Daily I pray that this happens for him. Of course, I want him to be MY "Robert!" As a professional screenwriter I want the best man to portray the Immortal. Gerard Butler is him! I am sorry our beautiful Gerry fantasy poster that Linda, Rose and other lovelies put into it with Robert's true signature attached and RED, RED ROSE behind it can NO longer be sold for Gerard's charity KIDS KICKING CANCER. I pray that perhaps with HIS permission one day it shall be back up for sale. Thank you for your continued prayers on the screenplay ROBERT BURNS. This GALS site is incredible and I salute all of you my true friends and soon to be "cohorts" in Burnsian glee. I love all of you! Thank you for your support in both prayers and great thoughts! Cheers! Janet
  11. Heya Janet!

    Thanks for the welcoming!

    Hugs and kisses from Portugal!

    I'm praying here for your project "Robert Burns"

    I wish you the best of lucks.

    See ya! :-)


  12. Boy did they hit my favorite Gerard Butler character to date for me! Robert Burns shall be the all time winner! Here is what they said. The picture didn't show up, darn it! "ANDRE MAREK - of Timeline would be a most perfect match for you. Get ready for quiet, cuddly evening filled with passion." Here is to Andre Marek. He definitely in my TIMELINE chart! Thanks for the net quiz! Cheers! Janet "the Other Scot"
  13. I just wanted to say "Hello" newest friend!

    Cheers! Janet

  14. I saved that one to my Gerard Butler 2007 file! For fun, I plan to blow it up, with your permission, and have it made into a full size poster. We will put it at the front of the film studio in Glasgow! I'm sure that Gerard gets a kick out of it...I shall let ya'll know EXACTLY when he agrees to portray my Robbie! Thanks for the share! To Sammy's Mom...yeah, I feel Gerard makes a great looking Robbie also! Inspirational, ain't he? Cheers! Janet "the Other Scot"
  15. That one looks fantastic! The true Robert Burns signature will on the TITLE PAGE of my script and it is already approved to be used for the true film poster. Your's look FAN-tastic! Keep them coming, GALS! Cheers! Janet "the Other Scot"
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