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  1. ROBERT BURNS, my screenplay is alive and kicking

  2. Hi GANG! Never say never! Please pray as I do for me to be in Scotland by September's end. Nothing definite yet though I do have UK and Canadian representatives who fight the fight daily for me. . I wanted you to know that ROBERT BURNS is finished and his "package" is being sent out to many financiers & UK production companies. We've had many "bites" and Toby Stephens agents are interested. He portrayed "Rochester" in the 2006 BBC production of JANE EYRE. His mother is Dame Maggie Smith and wife is also an actress, Anna Louise Plowman. She starred in STARGATE:SG1 as Daniel's love interest turned Ga'old. (Spelling is more than likely wrong.) Much love to you all~ Janet "the Other Scot"
  3. Sara! Keep watching this thread and we shall see but remember... "Dreams come true! PRAYERS HAPPEN!" Janet "the Other Scot"
  4. Rose, one of my true blue but red in this case friends! Thank you for the poster copy. I wish that we could have sold him for charity. We will one of our own! Thanks! Janet, "the Other Scot"
  5. Team Burns arrives! And in style with these wonderful winners of the poetry contest. Congrats to all the ladies! Alex, why don't you have a Burnsian Poetry contest here? All in favor say Yes! Welcome to GALS and truly I mean it! Let the GALS have a chance for some more Burnsian prose! Great to see you here. I'll be back! It is GREAT to have TEAM ROBERT BURNS here! Janet "the Other Scot" {quote name='LADY ALEXANDRIA' post='1080604' date='Sep 1 2007, 08:47 PM']Thank you all. I must admit that Scotland and Robert Burns is indeed in my blood and I am proud of it!!!! Please check out the poetry winners over at RT Burns: Here are the results of the Poetry Contest, congratulations to you all. -------------------------------------------------------------------- 1st - Are You A Scot - Jan Morell 2nd - Enough Is Enough - Linda Mackintosh 3rd - Love Rose-Then - Fell Janis Bonner 4th - Perpetual Caledonia - Beth 5th - From The Heart Of My Soul - Deborah Ann Barnum 6th - Och! My Lad - Eloise 7th - Auld Lang Syne In Greenock - Kathy Winner of Special Scots Dialect Poem --------------------------------------- 8th - Lament O' A Lover O' Trees - Peigi McCann Other Prize Winning Poems: ------------------------------------------------- An Interesting Face - Karen Richmond A Sheeny Dew On A Sprig O' Pine - Lynn Ennis Iozzo Sonnet - Merry Gonsalves A Soul's Reply - Ruby Longing - Kami A Day Of Love - Kath What Makes You Think of Scotland - Lisa W Untitled - Terra I Never Left Your Side - Rachel Lovern As we said before, all the entrants are winners and it was hard to choose, Some had other entries that might have won again, but to be fair David chose the best one from each persons entries, to give more people a chance of a prize. I am sure he would gladly give you all an explanation as to his choices if you contacted him at david@robertburns.plus.com Here was the prize listing: 1ST BURNS RT POETRY CONTEST ( Competition) PRIZE RECAP: 1) Rosemarie has donated $ 250.00 as a CASH PRIZE ****** --------****** WINNER****** - JAN Morell 2 Mr. Jackson - Jacko Productions - book out of his own ( Working on Burns Film) collection called "The Poems and Songs of Robert Burns." 3) The Globe Edition -Poems Songs and Letters Being The complete Works of Robert Burns Macmillan and Co. 1875 - Alexandria's Donation 4) NickBicanic - Two signed Shadow Company Posters ( director Shadow Company Documentary) 5) TFL 20 trees dedicated to whomever the winner wishes - Rosemarie - In Beautiful Scotland - Conservation Forest In Scotland - Trees For Life ********--WINNERS *********- Linda Mackintosh - 10 trees Peigi McCann - 5 trees 6) A CD "Ye Banks and Braes, Folksongs to touch the heart" - Donated By Kathy They are mainly Scottish, English and Irish with a couple of African-American and Waltzing Matilda thrown in at the end. Two of the songs, Ye Banks and Braes and Ca' the Yowes are by Robert Burns. 7) A sterling silver Celtic knot ring (the only size they had was an 8 but a ring guard can be gotten by the winner to make it smaller if necessary). A sterling silver Celtic knot pendant and sterling silver chain. - Donated by AngelRose (tense) 8) Dougie MacLean signed CD - Dougie MacLean is one of Scotland's most successful, respected and popular musicians. Singer, Songwriter, Composer and 'magical' Performer, he is also a fine guitarist and fiddle player. 9) & 10) A framed print of the Scots pine and the Loch Ness Monster - Donated by: Peigi - ******Two separate prizes ****** 11) CD from Hugh Morrison - Scottish Born Musician - http://hughmorrison.co.uk/main/index.php 12) ROBERT BURNS: THE TINDER HEART- In depth book about Robert Burns' life - by fellow Scot, Hugh Douglas - Donated By: Janet (Morganathered) 13) Gorgeous book about Scotland (some of the most beautiful photogaphy I have ever seen, and it covers the entire country). It's huge, about 12-14 inches long x about 10-11 inches wide x 1 inch thick it's hard cover with additional glossy cover, and is just beautiful. It has an exerpt from one of Robert Burns poems on the back of the book. Donated by - Tense Smith (AngelRose) 14) American songwriter/singer/entertainer Gerard Kenny a signed cd by him as a prize. He has written songs for Barry Manilow and for many people and has had television shows and awards. It is signed To the Burns Competition All the Best Gerard Kenny. Donated by Rose 15) A Wonderful Robert Burns Recording - This Is A Must Have For Any Burns Fan http://i76.photobucket.com/albums/j8/annie...eyRecording.jpg - Donated by Merry ******************************************************************************** ** The two below will be posted this weekend!!! These two prizes will be for the Poets who DO NOT WIN in the Main Competition and the NON - WINNERS will have their names dropped in a hat and they will have a chance to win these TWO PRIZES: 1) A heavy old brass souvenir spoon that is in excellent condition with a nice patina. It is 4 inches long and the bowl is 2 inches in diameter. The handle is a bust of Robert Burns and the bowl shows the interior of his cottage in Alloway, Ayrshire, United Kingdom. It is on the banks of Bonnie Doon, Scotland. Robert Burns was born into a farming family at Alloway in Ayrshire. 2) Robert Burns & his landmarks on a Scottish linen tea towel, in mint condition- it measures 30.5" by 21" . Thanks to all!!! Alexandria[/quote}
  6. Janet grins and is GONE! The main Scot is on! Cheers! Janet "the Other Scot"
  7. Beejay, I don't need "go-fer's" but I will need FRIENDS in one capacity or another, I'm sure! Thank you for the acknowledgement of achievement in itself to not only write a screenplay but REGISTER this "puppy," nickname of "Luath," with the WGA! My Friends who shall share in the excitement of our achievement in the end makes it worth the fight to there! "Sibbaldi the Great" and I speak daily! This weekend we put the finished touches on "bouncing baby boy" in order to deliver WITHOUT a "C" section... :yippee: ROBERT BURNS to The Powers That Be! I need your extra prayers and great thoughts as we head toward the deadline. It is with GREAT HONOR I share these events with my GALSfriends! :yippee: Rebekah, thank you for the prayers and Rose thank you, as always for being my UNofficial PR person! For those who didn't see our "fantasy ROBERT BURNS" here is my copy. :inlove: Unfortunately, I didn't get the FINAL verision with Robert's true signature at the top. This is the only one I have. REMEMBER, he is NOT for sale nor is this image based on any photo, to my knowledge. This one is for you Beejay! My greatest of love to all the GALS! Cheers! Janet
  8. Dear Slowleak, It is noted and as soon as I hear anything about GB for this part I shall let you know. Have NOT forgotten! Cheers! Janet
  9. Hello GALS! Checking in to let all my GALSfriends here know that I am still alive and well. Very haggard at the moment as the final touches go onto the ROBERT BURNS screenplay BEFORE it heads through official means to GB the first weeks of August but ONLY after the approval of my manager! She has the final say so but I assure all that this one is supported in full by a major, true Scot Burnsian, David Sibbald. I promise to deliver a genius script and one of which all of you will be proud! This does NOT mean that Gerard is obligated or anything else. RB, isn't that cool? By next year, in God's will, my screenplay may have the same status as POTO, JOTS,D2K, etc. Gerard's "passion" is to portray Robert Burns. To date his dream is associated with TWO productions. Daily I pray that this happens for him. Of course, I want him to be MY "Robert!" As a professional screenwriter I want the best man to portray the Immortal. Gerard Butler is him! I am sorry our beautiful Gerry fantasy poster that Linda, Rose and other lovelies put into it with Robert's true signature attached and RED, RED ROSE behind it can NO longer be sold for Gerard's charity KIDS KICKING CANCER. I pray that perhaps with HIS permission one day it shall be back up for sale. Thank you for your continued prayers on the screenplay ROBERT BURNS. This GALS site is incredible and I salute all of you my true friends and soon to be "cohorts" in Burnsian glee. I love all of you! Thank you for your support in both prayers and great thoughts! Cheers! Janet
  10. Boy did they hit my favorite Gerard Butler character to date for me! Robert Burns shall be the all time winner! Here is what they said. The picture didn't show up, darn it! "ANDRE MAREK - of Timeline would be a most perfect match for you. Get ready for quiet, cuddly evening filled with passion." Here is to Andre Marek. He definitely in my TIMELINE chart! Thanks for the net quiz! Cheers! Janet "the Other Scot"
  11. I just wanted to say "Hello" newest friend!

    Cheers! Janet

  12. I saved that one to my Gerard Butler 2007 file! For fun, I plan to blow it up, with your permission, and have it made into a full size poster. We will put it at the front of the film studio in Glasgow! I'm sure that Gerard gets a kick out of it...I shall let ya'll know EXACTLY when he agrees to portray my Robbie! Thanks for the share! To Sammy's Mom...yeah, I feel Gerard makes a great looking Robbie also! Inspirational, ain't he? Cheers! Janet "the Other Scot"
  13. That one looks fantastic! The true Robert Burns signature will on the TITLE PAGE of my script and it is already approved to be used for the true film poster. Your's look FAN-tastic! Keep them coming, GALS! Cheers! Janet "the Other Scot"
  14. HELLO GALS friends! I want to show off my new signature that Peigi McMann did on my Clan Thompson Grey i.e., the "hoodin grey." Gerard's portrait is done in the same style that Archibald Skirving did of Robert Burns in 1787. Isn't it GRAND? Thank you for the DREAMS to come true but listen, my friends! Dreams can come true...PRAYERS HAPPEN! Pray to the Big Guy for me. Pray for my strength and endurance! He is the one who placed both Robert Burns and Gerard Butler in my path! Isn't it tres neat? Destiny is only a part of "predestined!" [Robert Burns just flipped in his grave! ] So ya'll like the "unofficial" poster boy? Seriously, thank you all! Look at the friendships gained already because of TWO EXTRAORDINARY MEN who GOD placed on earth.... I promise NOT to preach anymore...I only say what I believe in my heart and soul... Always remember, "behind every great man is an even GREATER WOMAN!" Cheers! Janet "the Other Scot"
  15. As far as I know to date, Gerard does NOT have a contract with the other production. Yes, he has spoken about it. It is NOT on his IMDb. Let us all pray that once he falls in love with mine then we shall see ROBERT BURNS on the IMDb! No, ROBERT BURNS is NOT in connection with the other script whose title has his last name. Sorry but I cannot say it. Let us put it this way, GALS, mine is the best script for him but he has to choose, doesn't he? What is the thought about Kiera Knightly for Jean Armour? I have others but she is my pick. R rating....? BUT ...do you mean love scenes out of the wazoo? Heck yeah! After all, it IS written for Gerard...Now hold onto your heel straps, GALS! This is the unofficial film poster another friend did. It is an honor that I need to go write now. I wanted to share it with ya'll! Oops! I just looked down and Rosemarie already struck! Thank all of you! Enjoy and I wil let ya'll know the latest. As of yet, no Gerard has NOT read the script and NO it does NOT involved the other film company. Thanks to ALL of you...mucho love for the well wishes and prayers! Keep 'em going! Cheers! Janet
  16. Dawn and Hobbes, The dream is real. The prayer will happen. My main prayer is that Gerard portray my Robert. The part is written for him. God is in charge so ...don't cross digits ...dial every prayer channel that you can find but...I dare not say...I'll keep ya'll in tabs as I find out! Two of my proofers are GB fanatics and see him in every scene! My Stirling Scotland friend said the same thing! Later and mucho love! Janet
  17. Lady Sylvander to you Nancy! AND Nordic Girl! Thanks! Boy, it sure got read quick! Thank you and yes, I do need a chauffeur plus chum to bum around in Scotland with! Regardless of Gerard, this baby get filmed. I already have many connections to him. Let us pray he has a breather in London, even to read! Yes, when I read and heard that Gerard wanted to portray Robert Burns, God sent me into Heaven on earth. Please pray, tell everyone and ALL! This will happen. Too many great things have gone before this announcement but I want my GALSfriends TO KNOW and be in on the RIDE OF A LIFETIME! Thanks already, pal. Gotta go and I do appreciate your first contribution to my glee! As soon as we hear back from "you know who" who is NOT obligated YET but hey, like I said with God all thing can happen! Cheers! Janet
  18. Lady Sylvander to you Nancy! AND Nordic Girl! Thanks! Boy, it sure got read quick! Thank you and yes, I do need a chauffeur plus chum to bum around in Scotland with! Regardless of Gerard, this baby get filmed. I already have many connections to him. Let us pray he has a breather in London, even to read! Yes, when I read and heard that Gerard wanted to portray Robert Burns, God sent me into Heaven on earth. Please pray, tell everyone and ALL! This will happen. Too many great things have gone before this announcement but I want my GALSfriends TO KNOW and be in on the RIDE OF A LIFETIME! Thanks already, pal. Gotta go and I do appreciate your first contribution to my glee! As soon as we hear back from "you know who" who is NOT obligated YET but hey, like I said with God all thing can happen! Cheers! Janet
  19. ROBERT BURNS "his life, his loves, his SOUL...his COUNTRY" is now registered with the Writer's Guild of America. :claphands: The screenplay is by none other than ME! Janet Thompson-Deaver aka Morganthered! We shall film in Scotland and ROBERT BURNS release will coincide with the 250th birthday of Robert Burns on January 25, 2009 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Our prayer is to see ROBERT BURNS in the theatres worldwide by December 25, 2008! I wrote this with Gerard Butler definitely in mind for the lead; however, he has NOT read the script nor is obligated to it in any way. I will keep ya'll notified. I only want to let you join the HUGE RIDE as this film progresses. This excerpt is from well-known Burnsian scholar, David Sibbald's letter to me after he read ROBERT BURNS, my script. I ask him if the Burnsians would burn me at the stake. Janet, when you said - will the Burnsians like me. Since all books gloss over the Highland Tour and miss the whole point. Most Burnsians, some are, but most are not conversant, aware or appreciative of the importance of this Tour in Burns life. They think the whole purpose and the only purpose was to collect tunes. You thought that before we chatted. You are going to make them (and the world) change their opinion. If some Burnsians come to the film with an attitude of "Show me, I know it all." They will be gobsmacked. They will have to return to their books - and they will find nothing. All will hail you as a genius. If the film had no substance, the Burnsians would watch it and forget it. On the other hand, because there was no substance would then look to pick holes in it. Because of this, they will want to watch it repeatedly. They will talk about this and your fame will spread within their circles. Too many just take Burns as what they find on the surface. This is not a bad thing. He is all things to all people and can reach them on all levels. Some are happy with the surface Burns. However, he is a complex figure, you are complex and that is why it is you who have been chosen to do this. I said on the phone. Why do we celebrate Burns all over the Globe? That is another phenomenon. A good part of this has to do with the Scottish Diaspora. But in 1801 at the very first Burns Supper why was this held? We have no Longfellow Lunches, Goethe Gobbles, Byron Barbecues or Shakespeare Suppers - and the reason - I tell you now - in a minute - I want to build the suspense - the reason is - They do not tell a message to the world. We do not revere Burns to the heights that we do simply because of his poetry or because he was a lover. He changed the face of Democracy. His friends in 1801 were afraid that without Burns they had lost a leader - who would pick up the pieces now and fight for the cause. Clever, clever friends. They would champion Burns - he was dead - the authorities could harm him no more. So the friends cloaked under the auspices of just admiring his work were able to maintain the momentum for democracy. Today we take this for democracy for granted. The political poems that Burns wrote are never read and have no meaning in today’s society. And so in biographies and at Burns Suppers (Immortal Memories) the Victorians cleaned him up. They sanitised him. They took away the sharp edges. Janet, is about to put him back where he truly belongs. Maria Riddell said, I paraphrase, that "when we look at a pebble on the beach we disregard the flaws but when we look at a diamond we search for them." The multi faceted Burns had flaws but the diamond within will shine forth and be a beacon for the world. Janet, what if you bring peace to the Middle East, where great rulers have not been able to because they pick up a Burns book and read it. That maybe is going too far, but this film is epic. Gerard cannot refuse this - compare this work to a Clarinda affair - there is no contest. Don't ya'll love his last line? To say the least, I am gobsmacked at what Mr. Sibbald had to say within these lines. Yes, my script details Robert Burns’s life from 1785 until his death in July 1796. It is about a man's love of life through his poetry, songwriting, fun moments as well as terribly sad. Robert Burns is IMMORTAL. Please take a moment to read A MAN'S A MAN. It extends far from the shores of Scotland to every place in our world today that endures oppression. Please visit David Sibbald's Robert Burns site and say hello from one of the GALS! Visit My Web site. My wish from my friends at GALS is for prayers for all of us involved with not only this script but the film itself when it begins production. No, Gerard Butler has no obligation to us; however, because of David Sibbald's words, I feel strongly that this can be a winner and a dream come true for both Gerard and myself! He has always wanted to portray Robert Burns the man. I have always wanted to write about Robert Burns the man in a screenplay. What better way to pay tribute to this Immortal Bard than for both Gerard's and my vision to merge. I do NOT know him but I do know from Dayna's question of February 10, 2007..."GB, if you could portray or write the perfect screen figure, who would it be?" Up until then Gerard had been laughing but then his voice quieted and in awe, almost whispered, he said, "Burns." Now my eyes tears up when I think of that moment. I worked on my script ROBERT BURNS that day but had begun it earlier in the year 2006. Chills run up and down my spine in excitement upon the thought...”Lord, please place this script into the right hands in which to make this dream of both Gerard's and mine come true." I've taken up so much space already but I want to share with my friends at GALS the fact that ROBERT BURNS exists in script form. ROBERT BURNS is registered with the WGA. By the end of July and in August, in one way or another ROBERT BURNS the soon to be “the Best Screenplay” Oscar and BAFTRA winner of 2009, heads for Gerard Butler. It may be through a relative, yes, I already have that one covered and it will head through his agent via my agent via...yadda-yadda..who knows, maybe Yoda . Pray hard for this film. It represents my heart and soul. I want to share my greatest love, ROBERT BURNS with the world! It is my destiny from the only source possible and that is God! He gave me ya'll as friends who I know share in this prayer, vision, dream and now onto film to come true. Dreams come true but PRAYERS happen! Thank you all for your diligence if you read this entire missive. We pull the script's FINAL DRAFT as of July 18 for it to be shipped via London and then onto Glasgow then ...dare I say it...Paisley! Pray, pray, pray and thank you all for your friendship. It shall always be remembered. Janet needs to go now but I wanted ya'll to know. Cheers! Janet "the Other Scot"
  20. Hi there GALS, I am totally lost about this award. When I voted several billion times, I could have sworn Gerard was also up for Best Actor. Didn't Johnny Depp recieve that? Gerard should have taken that one home and also Best Fight. To me, until he wins the much deserved Golden Globe, BAFTA and the ultimate OSCAR, Rock's STUNTMAN Award Show was prime rib! The Rock was cool and Gerard looked awesome. All awards are treasured by the celebrities unless they are for worst dressed, etc. Good going to Gerard. I only saw the clip of his win for MTV. I don't know about this particular award show. Who exactly is it geared toward? I'm afraid to say what my opinion is. Cheers! Janet
  21. Maybe it has something to do with your Ascendant..have you had your chart done? Hey Pilar... I have ALWAYS been a great "partner in crime" and/or leader of it! and to Mina, you definitely are Capricorn since your birthday is December 22nd. Capricorn is your ascendant. As an Arien, I am NOT BORING! I don't know about talking with Gerard all night long but uh... I'd love to do whatever else with him, if you get my drift. I already know NOT to smother him, allow him to be himself but be the intelligent person for whom he looks. If you want to get into biorythms then I am his ultimate in women. However, we're not talking about that here. I think someone's question was about the ascendant. It is the sign that was on the horizon the moment that you first took breath upon your birth into this life. Here is a URL to tell everyone what their ascendant. Visit My Website It has the ascendant for each one of us. Here is what the sites states about my Arien sisters and myself! "If your Rising Sign is Aries, whether you like it or not, people always look to you to get things started, to lead the charge, and to say the things that no one else dares to say. You seem confident and blunt -- and like an easy puzzle to put together. People think they understand your motivations. On the negative side, you might appear too intense and forward -- even self-absorbed. Don't be surprised if others expect you to respond jealously in love. (The only man I'd be jeolously "in love" with is, of course, Gerard! ) That is the Aries way, and for all the world, you look like an Aries!" I am very confident but I also am hard at work on my major BAD characteristic in order NOT to be "blunt." My suggestion, Mina is to subscribe to a site in order to get more personalized horoscopes. In that way, they can chart out what you need rather than do a generalized one. The daily's in the newspaper hit about everything "under the sun." It's a joke! A rather bad one but I'll leave it. Ugh! Sorry about that gang! I pray that this is of help to ya'll! Cheerios! Janet
  22. Welcome to GALS, Mina According to what I found, you are a Capricorn. The URL to this site will tell you EVERYTHING about the Capricorn sign. Visit My Website I am Aries to the hilt, Highlander and all, born on April 2nd! The explanation for Capricorn at this particular site goes the most indepth that I found. Hope it helps! Please let me know. Welcome to GALS! We are a friendly Gerard bunch of "gals!" Cheers! Janet
  23. Happy Birthday, girl!

    Cheers! Janet "the Other Scot"

  24. for ALICE! You're the best! Thank you for clarying everyones statement! I appreciate it for myself! : Cheers! Janet Even though it is a gift for him, it will still be a surprise for Gerry what gifts and letters you send. Since we want everyone to know about this, hiding it in a special area for members doesn't quite work here, since the information is on the front of various sites. Some people only have time to read the latest news and this information needs to be seen by everyone. I hope that makes sense. Those of you who were here last year know that the letters were read or scanned over to make sure they weren't disrespectful, x-rated, or had personal requests like "Call me at.....". The rules still apply. No "Will you call me?" or "Will you marry me?" or "Will you visit me?" or any kind of invitation or innuendos. Personally, I don't want to read what you have to say to Gerry, but I also don't want to hand over a car full of special requests. So in the end, YES YOU WILL HAVE TO KEEP YOUR LETTER OPENED JUST IN CASE. Gifts should no bigger than 4"x6", which is a the size of a regular sized photo. CD's are ok, too. Letters should not be novels. They should be able to fit inside a standard envelope, no bigger than 4"x9". The smaller the better this time. Thanks GALS! This will be updated on the first post too. ~alice
  25. CLARINDA...I am always willing to post in order for you ladies to see my personalized AVY! Goffy has offered to do a personal AVY of Gerard with me...only problem is that first I have to meet him...seduce him...that will take at least three minutes...tee-hee but she is the one who wants to FILM it. If anyone saw his photo with Stormy Daniels I pray his mouth is back in shape. I don't know what that has to do with my seduction but anyway...thanks for the comment, Attila Girl! Hey, Nancy...per chance you can get a job as Lolita's doggie chauffer! How does that sound! I'm sure you're used to the "bark" of the customers. At least her's will be sweet! Cheers ya'll! Janet Cassie!!! Do you realize what you said?! I want to send one too!! Maybe in a month I'll be able to, maybe have a job by then. QUESTION: Remember how last year we could also send a letter? But does it need to be something that you can open and read before giving it to Gerry? Just wondering since if it's a card, it would be licked sealed... P.S. Janet, thanks for posting so that I could look at your avy!!
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