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  1. I am thinking so!! LOL Least some of us:)
  2. Thanks, hopefully they are OK! Not to traumatized from this year:(
  3. Just wondering if anyone has seen any of the pics our favorite photogs took??
  4. Thanks all for the well wishes. I will see Mom agan next week as we help Sister Sam celebrate her 25th anniversary. She is FINALLY getting to have a wedding! well vow renewal but she gets to wear a big white dress!!
  5. Mom had her surgery early Thursday. It took about 2.5 hours and then another 2 in recovery. Doc told me and Sis (Samantha) that it went better than he anticipated and that she should have the same if not more range of motion than she did before the surgery. He also said that after going in there he finally understood why she was in so much pain because it was a "Mess". He also said she should be able to do CPR after recovery (3-6 months) which was the biggest concern since no CPR = no more emergency room nurse! Keep the prayers rolling! Thanks all. Red aka Char
  6. RezzRn and Samantha got back to AZ last night about 8PM and I got back to LA about 5PM. It was wonderful to see you all! Katie and Alan ROCKED!!! Char aka RedDragoness
  7. I hope all our Fanmily is safe! Praying all is well for you all.
  8. RedDragoness


    Can you tell what our theme is LOL?? Yup Pink Ribbon...we decided we needed to bring some focus to breast cancer/Susan G since it is more of a global charity and something that affects us all one way or another.
  9. Tried the link, but it didn't work. I did figure it out from my monthly payment...I hope;)
  10. Too soon to commit for the 3G's but with Mom and Sis both being unemployed and having health issues, I am just not sure I can afford it for us again this year. Also with the tax refunds being delayed, might not make the deadline and I hate to pay the down payment and then find out at the last minute we do not have the rest or not have the hotel $$ etc. My son's 6th grade grad is around the same time also so waiting on final date for that to even know what days I can go. Still trying and if we can be there, we will. Red, Rezz and Sam
  11. Thew only convention I missed was THAT year too!!
  12. Some one's just anxious to start planning cookie designs:)
  13. I agree, from a distance you could be mistaken but up closer, not so much:)
  14. Gerard, Thank you for everything you do and just being you. Your generosity in matching what we raised at the Con is just amazing. It is always a special time and when you take the time to call, as you have every year that I have attended, it just amazes me. Keep sending those young'uns for us to harass err I mean, get to know. Take care of you! Red aka Char
  15. Heck Holly, the 3 Gs (me, Mom, Sam) would follow you around the country and be your audience heheh you are toooooo funny:0 Big HUGS! Red AKA Char
  16. We had a terrific time as well. It was great to see all of you. The gathering of the clans/fans whould be our yearly motto:) We can still have a new "theme" each year...still hoping for a Phantom of the Opera ball:) Can't wait to start planning for next year LOL. ReNo was the BEST!! What a trooper! Hopefully he gets a fansite up soon so we can stalk err ahhh follow him like we do Gerry and Martin:) Red
  17. Don't do anything we wouldn't do!! Oh wait...that leaves everything open to ya so just be safe and have fun:)
  18. 4 sleeps for Mom and SIs and 5 for me, then we are THERE!!!!!!!!
  19. If you need an alternate mailing address, PM me and you can send it to my office. I am driving up from CALI as well and have room in my truck for precious cargo.
  20. Great news on the role:) Hair grows back...I know:) We will still love you ReNO...no worries:) Red
  21. RedDragoness

    The "Wall"

    Lady Elissa-got your packet:) Reggie-your picture, real name, screen name and the year you attended the Gerry Con. The rest of the page is yours to do with as you wish! You can make a page for each year attended or just one for the first year or this year. PM RezzRn for more specifics.
  22. Rezz booked our room but I do not think she sued the code, I think she gets a better rate. WHOOPS-she already answered:)
  23. RedDragoness

    The "Wall"

    I will tell her, thanks. For anyone that wants to send pages, PM me and I will send you my address. I would like to have these in hand no later than May 24th so I have a few weeks to work on this. Thanks for your interest. Red
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