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  1. Hi there, Yes, I am on amazon.com list for three copies...use some for gifts of persons that also enjoy Gerry B's movies. Wishing him tons of good luck. Hope this girlfriend is the right one for him. So happy that he has someone that he really enjoys being with. Half of life's happiness is being with your loved ones, the other is enjoying your kids and grandkids...Nothing can take their place... Donna Jean and George and clan
  2. wELL iRISH i wrote a whole lot but it disappeared ...were to God knows. anyway, rather than do it all over, I will just say Thanks again for making up my Signature and Avatar and since you are an artist too. Peek into my son Gary Montalbano's website...under Gary William Montalbano.com or SarkaNavon.com and I am healing slowly...good news from mammogram and hoping for good news when I take PET SCAN soon with cancer doctors. Take care and much luck to you and your clan after reading lovely story about you and your family I understand why you are such a kind and gentle lady...you have had your share of sadness, but it appears things are much better now...hugs, blessings Donna Jean and George and clan
  3. So lucky that you were able to see the movie about Gerry being a agent of the white house. I have it ordered from amazon. Not able to be in big crowds right now, so am very anxious for it to come on DVD...will enjoy it then with our family...He is such a wonderful human being and a great actor. My hubby and I have seen every movie he has made. He is super versitile in his acting. One that many have not seen is: ONE MORE KISS...so well done and DEAR FRANKIE...also just a lovely story. You might have to watch it a couple times, because he speaks with his Scottish accent..others that are great are Phantom, 300, Law Abiding Citizen...each one is so different from the other...he definitely should get a shinny award some day for all the different characters he has played...magnificient actor...check into some of those movies, you will be delighted..Hugs, Donna Jean and George and clan
  4. Other section would not let me make any comments regarding the interview you said you are going to make with Gerry B. Wish you luck. By the way we saw him years ago in San Dieg when he was promoting "300" He has beautiful smiling eyes and when we met him did not notice any problem with his yes...they were lovely and kind and so nice to all the fans at The Convention Hall in San Diego..Beautiful man in looks and spirit...I come in every so often curtesy of IRISH who made up my signature and avatar for me years ago...Such a lovely lady, hope all is going well with her. and good luck anxious to read your interview with Gerry B...I am also anxious to get DVD of his new movie where he plays a agent in the white house..should be terrific...Hubby George and I have seen every movie he has made and have a lot of them also..waiting for newest one from amazon when it comes out...Love everyone he made, especially Phantom, Dear Frankie and 300...the man is a sweetheart and deserves tons of success...hi to all...still treating, but good news for mammogram....on left side...thank god...blessing to one and all and Happy and beautiful Summer...Donna Jean and George m.
  5. Waiting until this movie comes out on DVD...Cant go were there are big crowds..still taking chemo and soon will take pet scan and find out the latest news, which I pray will be good news...mammogram was OK and so was cat scan..now will take Pet scan...say a wee prayer...thanks a million all of you Gerry fans...My hubby and I have been fans since Phantom of the Opera and have seen everything he has ever made...all great movies...can hardly wait for this one about him being a agent in the white house....take care and happy Summer time one and all. Bonnie Donna Jean (Donna Jean and George M. and clan
  6. Happy Birthday dear and gracious Gerry Butler...may you have l00 more wonderful birthdays...We Our famly the Montalbano's have enjoyed you since first we saw you in Phantom of the Opera...You will always be the Phantom to us. Can hardly wait to see some of your new movies on DVD...Since I am treating for cancer, I can't be with big crowds so I must wait until they (meaning your movies) come out on DVD...but last year we got ourselves a nice big screen 60" and it is just like being in a movie house...Much happiness and good luck to you and yours, alway Donna Jean and George Montalbano and our little clan who have followed you since 2005 faithfully...
  7. Thanks for the article and pictures..Gerry B always puts his heart and sole into every part he plays. My hubby and I have seen everything he has done since we first saw him in Phantom of the Opera...Each part he really becomes the character...Great actor for sure....One of our favorites is DEAR FRANKIE...but we watched it twice because Gerry's wonderful accent was delightful, so we enjoyed watching it twice. Such a lovely story..too bad they didn't follow it up and made it a happy, happy ending with them all getting together..anyway, if anyone has not seen it, take time out and you will be soooo pleansantly surprised...this was one of his first movies..just delightfully sweet...another one that is really good is called ONE MORE KISS...so sensitive and his acting was absolutely outstanding.Hugs, Donna Jean and George and clan
  8. Looks like a cute movie...Love to watch GB do movies like this and Ugly Truth types of DVDs etc. It fun to watch something that isn't talking about politics for a change...Looking foward to seeing this one...Donna Jean and George and clan thanks for information...
  9. Now Becozy, this movie sounds like a lot of fun. Looking forward to seeing this one when it comes out on DVD...Cant go into movie theaters because of chemo treatment...I am doing fine now, but picked up pnamonia and infected colon And spet l8 days in hospital. I am doing fine now and drinking lots of ENSURE juice which has tons of vitamins, etc. Gained back l0 lbs that I lost...all is going to go well, I feel it in my bones....I start new chemo October l7, hopeing for good results...take care all of your wonderful people...who are so thoughtful to we that come in every so often...Happy Halloween coming up...My birthday and looking forward to seeing new movies of Gerry B. who always cheers us up.. Donna Jean and George and clan
  10. Hi Irish (Sue), Believe it or not I am still surviving...still treating for hodgkins and in meantime, had another type of cancer a mastectomy, BUT THIS OLD BIRD is still hanging on and again thanks you so much for my avatar and signature which my hubby and I love. We watch UGLY TRUTH every so often, because it is just plain fun...as I mentioned some of the ladies, etc. that used to be on other sites, have a group on Facebook.com called KNUCKLEHEADS. very small we just say HI and a few little greetings and wishing each other Happy birthday, etc. everyone so busy..anyway, I enjoy coming into this group every so often in between my treatments, etc. We have another little grandchild...a little girl a wee bit over a year old...these little ones keep us going. Hope your family is doing well....all our best wishes to you and yours...hugs, Donna Jean and George and clan
  11. 2222222@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@Just so anxious to see anything that Gerry B. has made. Last movies we saw and gave as gifts were Machine Gun Preacher and Coriolanus...seems like ages ago. Regarding Gerry B.'s accent. When first My hubby George and I saw DEAR FRANKIE, we had to watch it several times because of Gerry's thick accent. It seems a wee bit easier to understand him now...It has been since 2005 The Phantom of the Opera, that we first saw him...we have seen every movie he ever made, even the ones with him in them for a minute or so....he he he...We are long time fans...Phantom will always be our favorite because that is the movie that introduced us to wonderful, crazy Gerry B. I bet you could find all his old movies on NETFLIX...haven't looked because we bought them all as they came out and passed them out over the years as gifts for family and friends...Can hardly wait for his new MOVIES...yipppy for Gerry and tons of good luck. hug, old time fans, Donna Jean and George and our clan P.S. PEIGI, and several of us are on Facebook as KNUCKLEHEADS...a small group...easier to communicate with smaller groups...I really don't go into the original GerardButler.net...can't find anything in there, but do enjoy this group GerardButlergals.com easier to communicate...anyway...we have a mall group of fans on KNUCKLEHEADS on facebook...just placing short messages every so often, that is all...DJ and Geo and clan I think the student dies, for a change Gerry doesnt die, thank goodness...he he he...
  12. I agree anything Gerry Butler is in, I will buy for ourselves and for gifts. We just are soooo anxious to see him in SOMETHING...Sad that he seems to have disappeared for such a long time. So whatever he makes we will go see it or buy it...Wishing him tons of good luck. We agree he is an excellent actor. sooooo...... talented, so make something that we FANS can enjoy...pleaseeeeeeee. hugs \ Donna Jean (Bonnie Donna Jean and clan)
  13. Sorry, I think I wrote my response in the wrong section. Anyway, am waiting, waiting waiting so anxiously to see something that Gerry Butler has made...I will buy for family and friends when the movies come out. Because I have cancer still, not allowed to go where big crowds are, so have to wait until they come out on DVDs, but that's OK, just want to enjoy his great movies...they are always fun and do well with his faithful fans. Have enjoyed Gerry since my hubby took me to see Phantom of the Opera years ago....Have seen every movie he ever made and all of them are GREATTTTT...he is a terrific actor and personality and deserves loads of success. This time I think I placed this note in the right place...Thank God for IRISH who made my signature and avatars...Loved that movie and watch it at home every so often with my hubby George, who also enjoys all of GB's movies...lucky for me hugs, Bonnie Donna Jean and George and clan
  14. Happy for Gerry and company. We his fans, just want to see him in movies. I already have Machine Gun Preacher and Corilanus and have enjoyed them and sent them as gifts, but miss seeing him. Just anything that he is in would be great to see. How about something about him in the Entertainment Magazine or People, so we know where to look to find out when his movies will be coming out. Gerry make some appearances and let us All know where you will be....We your fAns miss you. maybe even a late night show so we could get a glimpse of you for a change. he he he...Well, anyway, good luck with whatEVER.... Donna Jean and George and clan...patiently waiting for something
  15. I really didn't know who any of those people where....BUT even if I did, I would still vote for Gerry, which I did..he he he Hope he wins...he always looks terrific...Can hardly wait until we get Machine Gun Preacher and Coriolanus...and anything else he will be making that will be coming out SOON...lordy it has been sooooo long Hugs, Donna Jean and George and clan
  16. Peigi (Peggy) Everything looks just sooooo beautiful...It is wonderful what all of the ladies have done to enrich Gerry's forests...I hope he has had a chance to see the beautiful forests...He must be so proud of all of the wonderful fans that contributed and made everything simply GORGEOUS. hugs, Donna Jean and George Montalbano and clan Hi Peigi (Peggy) believe it or not I tried to get into the other site I used GerardButler.net but for some reason doesn't work...have they change it or is it my computer???
  17. YES, $27.99 is the price that Amazon.com has quoted me that I received on April l2 for June 5 delivery. Can hardly wait Donna Jean and George and clan
  18. Hi there, It seems like FOREVER since we have seen Sweet Gerry...I think it was some awards show that we last got to see him and his great sense of humor. Lordy this has been a long, long, SPELL to wait for his movies. I am signed up for Machine Gun Preacher and Corliolanus...Yes, I received a notice from Amazon.com telling me it should be shipped by June 5 for Machine Gun Preacher...I am not allowed to go to theaters because of treating for cancer, so I have to wait until we can see it on our 60 inch screen we bought about a month ago. Just before last Christmas someone broke into our house and stoled our 47 inch TV and stoled by little jewelry treasures I had for years and a few other things. Anyway, we received some money from the insurance company and saved the rest and bought this wonderful 60 inch TV, hanging on our wall..Now I can see everything that comes out in DVDs since I can't go to the movie shows because of the cancer. Anyways, we are anxiously awaiting the blueray DVD of Machine Gun Preacher and Corliolanus...It really is soooooo long since we have seen Gerry B. Hope all of his movies come out about the same time...happily awaiting to see them. June 5th is the date they sent me the notification for... Those nasty people who stoled our other big TV, I hope they never get a decent PIX on it...he he he...Thieves will never EVER have any good luck for sure... Donna Jean and George and clan
  19. Hi Irish, You know me, just don't get around to well. By accident I found this and tried to come in to say HI...I am still treating but am going to take another scan on April 27 my youngest son's birthday. I pray this time it will be good luck and no more cancer. I finished taking RITOXAN in March, all four weeks so keep the fingers crossed...I so want to be finished with this...Beeen at it since March of 2007..lordy seems like a long time. Your signature and avatars are still nice. I was coming in here but only going into what I saw on the first page...this time I must have hit a different key and found this...ah yes...I sympathies with Gerry and those pain pills...I had to take them when I was doing the radiation with the plastic mask...God it scared me to death, so I took pain pills and pills to calm me down...my sympathies go with my fellow Scorpio Gerry born November l3...Me born October 31...I guess we get goofy sometimes...I am so happy is is better. I too am no longer taking Pain pills or pills to make you feel better, forgot what the hell they call them...send Gerry my love and good luck. i don't know how to do it...but wish him tons of luck.. Donna Jean and George and our clan out here in Calfifornia. Hoping for the best the following week of April 27, our youngest sons birthday..has to be good luck like Gerry had. PS. I lost your e mail address...mine is: GDMontalban@cox.net George and Donna Jean Montalbano and clan out here in Sunny California...near San Diego, CA called Chula Vista, CA hugs and xxxx00000 :kiss:Tthis chemo JUNK sometimes I remember, sometimes I dont forgive me... DJ and Geo and clan
  20. I agree Josee, Gerry always looks great. Such a wonderful human being. My hubby and I wish him tons of luck and know he will be just fine. His family is so good and always backs him up...I ordered Machine Gun Preacher. Can hardly wait to see it...Miss his movie always. hugs and best blessings to that wonderful man Gerry (Gerard) Butler...Donna Jean and George and our clan wishing him the best of good wishes...Can hardly wait to get his DVD.
  21. Never EVER fear, Gerry B. will get plenty of ladies wanting to play opposite him....He is super talented and can walk and chew gum...at the same time....This man will always be given parts because he is so talented....he he he...There are not that many masculine men in Hollywierd...he is definitely one of them...With his pain we can understand how easily when your in pain, it is easy to get caught up with pain medication...It happens to many people, but they are not as OPEN about it as Gerry is....Good luck and may all your parts be in movies that we HIS FANS can soon see our favorite....I have Amazon.com and am waiting for Machine Gun Preacher and Corliolanus... Luck to Gerry always... Donna Jean and George and clan
  22. Did I somehow miss this. Been in and out of Docs offices and missed coming on. If they did the Poker thingy. Hope it was successful. Gerry can do almost anything. Anxious to see some of his movies. On the list on Amazon.com for Machine Gun Preacher and Coriolanus. Hope they are coming soon. Not allowed while treating to go to movie show...waiting for DVDs.. Hugs Donna Jean and George and clan
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