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  1. OOOOO......and.....XXXXXXXXXXXX to my BFF always!! When I get the phone mess straightened out you know I will call Sweetie!..Miss you all.
  2. Just like old times huh! Well as soon as I figure this new concept out I hope to be back more often. Thank you all for my warm welcome back. I've missed you guys so much. Also I have to figure out my PB so I can change my siggy! Unfortunately I no longer have full use of my left hand so right now I'm pecking away one handed. I never could type anyway.... I'm thrilled to hear Anna has blessed us with her beautiful soul once again! Oh and BTW..........Gerry is looking YUMMY as usual! Saw him in a commercial on TV and almost fell out of bed! Like I said....got a lot of catching up to do! Happy Thanksgiving to you all! May your Holiday be blessed with all that you dream of. Luv ya's !
  3. Just stopping by for a quickie! Haven't been here in over a year I guess. Well a lot of you know what I've been going through but I am getting better and I thank the good Lord for that! Gonna go around a bit and check out all the changes. Actually I'm kind of lost.......HELP! LOL
  4. I've been pondering my vote because they are both fantastic but I keep going back to #1 so guess that will be my vote!! Great job Mel and Spot!! ((HUGS)) Frannie
  5. Me too! So what did he say?? :wave:src="http://www.gerardbutlergals.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/wave.gif"> Frannie
  6. Hey yeah! That's right. When it's time for towel washing day I'm ready....willing.... and able to help out!
  7. How come they recognize how sexy his chest is but do NOT realize he's also THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE!!! ??? Frannie
  8. It's so good to see him home in Scotland relaxing with his family and friends! Betcha Mums happy! Frannie
  9. Thanks Stuart! Like to have been a fly on the wall for that joke!! Frannie
  10. I've read a few reviews on different movie sites and they have all been GOOD! Frannie Thanks Barb, this was a really good review. Just tickles my innards!
  11. Who is this guy and what did you do with our Gerry??????????????????????? bflo, I totally agree with you! Frannie
  12. HAHA! I read this exact story as my B-I-L buys the Star and the Enquirer every Sunday so I can do the puzzles.... I admit though that I read them just for laughs usually..... so when I read that piece I kind of got a giggle out of it of course not believing a word of it... Never saw the article about Bill Clinton and the alien though. Sorry I missed it....would have had a really good laugh over that!! P.S. I like Sues comment, that Gerry is already a star and that he already rocks her world.... DITTO!! Frannie
  13. Frannie, I had a hard time getting those caps, too! My regular program for multiple captures went *kaput* so I did every one of those, one by one...'print screen', minimize go to 'Paint' paste, crop, save, minimize Paint, go back to trailer! SO slow, but I got 'er done! Glad the caps are a 'hit'! Hope to get the new program soon! cool bit about the 'score' of the trailer http://scoreascore.t...-butler-jessica PLAYING FOR KEEPS starring Gerard Butler, Jessica Biel, Uma Thurman, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Dennis Quaid uses scoreAscore original music from :50 - 1:20 of this OFFICIAL trailer (the Ant Farm) Amazing how many talents/crafts it takes to make one short trailer! Well I can't thank you enough for all the hard work and time you put into keeping us hungry Gals well fed!! Frannie
  14. Thanks for the stills Barbara! You know you rock right?? Have a question...... where does the shot of Gerry in the blue towel come in in the trailer?? I watched it 4 times so far and since I must be losing it I did not see it anywhere! Frannie NEVER MIND!! I swear I am blind....Just watched it again. Saw it right in the beginning. Just a wee bit too fast that's all! LOL
  15. OMG! OMG! OMG! He's usuing using his own accent! I'm so happy! And by the way...............He looks dreamy and this movie looks like it's right up my alley! Is it Dec. yet?? Frannie OOPS! Too excited. had to come back and fix my boo boo!
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