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  1. If there is one thing I would like Gerry to be on "besides the obvious"..it would be a Harley!

  2. I just added you as a friend...Still can't figure our what happened! This new format is confusing the heck out of me! {{{HUGS}}}

  3. Why Thank you very much girlfriend! He certainly is kissable! *grin*

  4. Welcome Liliana....Love your name. Hope you enjoy Gals as much as I have. Hope to see you posting!

    Frannie (Ladyfran)

  5. AAWW Thanks Sweetie, I believe the text is from a Celine Dion song but I'm not positive...I've been doing so many lately I get mixed up! *DUH*

  6. Welcome aboard Suegrint! Hope to see you around the site!

  7. Just stopping in to say Hi.... and wish you and yours a fabulous Christmas Holiday since I could not send out cards this year!!

  8. Hi Jessie. I tried e-mailing back to you but it would not go through in that fashion. I wanted to tell you that i lost all of my playlist when my puter crashed. You can download the song from imesh I know!

  9. Haven't been feeling well but not too sick to go and get your new book! I've been reading very good things about it so I'm anxious. Hope you are well.

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