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  1. Just like old times huh! Well as soon as I figure this new concept out I hope to be back more often. Thank you all for my warm welcome back. I've missed you guys so much. Also I have to figure out my PB so I can change my siggy! Unfortunately I no longer have full use of my left hand so right now I'm pecking away one handed. I never could type anyway.... I'm thrilled to hear Anna has blessed us with her beautiful soul once again! Oh and BTW..........Gerry is looking YUMMY as usual! Saw him in a commercial on TV and almost fell out of bed! Like I said....got a lot of catching up to do! Happy Thanksgiving to you all! May your Holiday be blessed with all that you dream of. Luv ya's !

  2. Well it's official! My PB is now MESSED up! I haven't the foggiest idea where to find my album.... I never catogorized anything in the first place so all my siggies are where???? Guess I won't be using this much anymore. Why can't they leave things alone Dammit!!!!!! Off of soapbox.

    Sending big hugs to all me girlies cause I haven't been around much lately. I do peek in quicly now and then....here and FB! Just haven't had much to say I guess. Not feeling up to par. Anyway, had to stop by for a minute NO MATTER WHAT! I miss you guys ya know!

    Posted Image Frannie

  3. Just stopping in for a quickie! Haven't been here for a couple of days. Fantastic Valentines siggy Diane! You always do beautiful work and with The PB and lunapic programs to boot!! I never tried Lunapics myself. Is it a free downloadable program or something?? I'm a dummy when it comes to a lot of different programs.....

    ((((HUGS)))) To all my Gals and pals.


  4. OH NO! Don't tell me they are messing with PB again! I haven't logged out so hopefully I'm okay but still this stinks!

    Kathy.....Glad to see someone is getting some use out of the VD siggy I made. I will go back and mark it for you.

    Thanks for the new addition to my wallpapers Elissa! I have quite a collection of yours!

    (((HUGS))) Frannie

  5. Cheryl! Love your OHF siggie! I can't get my Particle Illusion to work!! Trying to figure out what happened to it.... will have to troubleshoot with the company if I can't get it as I don't think I ever got the software.... Unless it's still packed. Anybody remember?

    (((HUGS))) Frannie

  6. AAWWW Sue sorry to hear you are not making Vday sigs....I was kinda gonna wait for one of yours but I totally understand Sweetie. RL gets in the way a lot lately for all of us I guess. Actually I'm really not in the Valentines day spirit anyway. It will be a year on Feb. 14th that my Mom went up to dance with the Angels! We'll see if I get in the mood or not ....so there is time! Hope the insanity goes far far away soon my friend! LUV YA!

    That sure is a GOOD oldie by Cheryl!!

    (((HUGS))) Frannie

  7. Just dropping in for a quick hello and to check on me girlies! Been quiet in here. Hope your having a nice warm and happy vacation in Fla. Kathy! It's done nothing but rain here now for three straight days! Then it's supposed to turn back to the real winter again by tomorrow.... Yuck!

    Hi Amy! Welcome to the siggy making club. Your siggies are fantastic! This is the right thread to display your talent my friend!

    Well guess I'll check out the rest of the doings on Gals and maybe....just maybe.... get some house work done! It's a rainy and gloomy day so I might just as well clean! Not much to clean in this small apt. that I live in now... It's what I like to call cozy....sounds better than teeny!! LOL!



  8. Would someone please make a new siggy for me? I love snow and Gerry......so whoever will be kind enough to make one for me can let their creative juices flow......... Posted Image



    Well I just made this as an xtra or do you want a different picture? Just let me know!

    ((HUGS)) Frannie

    Posted ImageBonnie

  9. Happy Seven years Sweetie! I'm a Gal for about 6years I think now and like you don't know where I'd be without my Dear Dear Galfriends and of course sister of the heart! BTW.....Your siggy is gorgeous! Nice job!

    (((HUGS))) to all

    Kathy, have a wonderful vacation in the sunny south my friend! It's supposed to be in the seventies for the next few days here but then get back to winter after that! I guess I can't complain because the days have been in the fifties and sixties but the nights get cccccold!

    Posted Image

  10. Suzie...You lucky gal!! That is an awesome Frannie siggy! That particular Gerry pic is a BIG favorite of mine. How could it not be.

    Frannie...The animation in that siggy for Suzie is amazing. Not just the light but also snow. WOW! Impressive! Posted Image

    ~HUGS~ Kathy

    Thank you Sweetie but I can't take all the credit as that background was animated and I just needed to tweak it! Sometimes I get lucky! LOL

    (((HUGS))) Frannie

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