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  1. My friends fill my life and heart! Thank you all so much! No new news but they say...no news is good news. We are all going back up to the hospital soon. Ronnie just left . He's been her Rock. God Bless a wonderful son like him. I will keep you all informed if there are any changes... See....prayer DOES work! Frannie
  2. The power of prayer!! I love it and I love that i can count on my friends! Just left the hospital a while ago and Peg was still unresponsive. They said she was in a semi coma, The good news is after we left as the whole family is there we had to make room for her kids after all.... I just got a call from her son Ron and said she woke up! She is complaining of pain of course but she WOKE UP! Her blood pressure was way down even below 50 but Ron say's it is now up to 83... We are all ecstatic over these changes. Even though she is not out of the woods yet we are still more hopeful that she will get her fighting spirit back up. I do believe all your prayers have been the reason and My Mom and the family want to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts... She's still in crisis mode so please ....keep praying! Sue, n my Dear sister of the heart... Thank you Sweetie and I will be calling you! Love you all, Frannie
  3. My nephew just called and the news is that she has had a heart attack and they are trying to stabilize her blood pressure... She is in ICU and I'm thinking as positive as I can! They did ask how far the family wants them to go as she has a DNR order. Of course as much as they can do is my thoughts. Thanks ever so much. {{{HUGS}}} Frannie
  4. I'm back asking for all your prayers for my sister Peggy PLEASE! The Doctor just called a while ago and wanted her husband and immediate family up to the hospital right away! For those that know what's been happening with her ....she was admitted yesterday to the hospital from the rehabilitation health center because she was not acting right and was very confused and we thought it was due to an infection through her system... Anyway, as I said the Doctor called with the grim news that her vitals were not good and her family needs to go to the hospital...sorry I am rambling but I'm a mess. I couldn't go because I have to stay with my Mom as she is not doing well either! I am trying to keep the news from her til somebody knows exactly whats happening. So please, just keep Peggy in your prayers today! Thank you, Frannie
  5. Hi Jessie. I tried e-mailing back to you but it would not go through in that fashion. I wanted to tell you that i lost all of my playlist when my puter crashed. You can download the song from imesh I know!

  6. I say Thank you MGP!! I'm thinking this movie did have an impact more than we know! Thank Barb for the article! Frannie
  7. I thought I did but I thought he was part of the fighting in Sudan..... I have to see it again that's all there is to it!! Frannie
  8. WOW! How do you find this stuff?? I mean I'm glad you do but ....scratches head.....but how and where?? See how sweet he is with his fans though....AAAWWWWWWWWWW...... Thanks Frannie
  9. I really don't think this has anything to do with the movie......maybe the book but for whatever it's worth.... and JMO...I hope it's short and sweet and successful! Also, Dee you could be right.... the movie in itself could be part of the reason for the pull back. Too much controversy maybe! Frannie
  10. Not enough advertisement! We can only do so much! If people don't know about it they won't go see it therefore it will be pulled for poor ticket sales! Frannie
  11. "too agree with a lot of what you all are saying, however, my take on it is that WE do NOT know what's going on behind the scenes here. As the guy from Carmike Theater's chain told me, he's requested the film but it's distribution is entirely up to the distributor and that it's mostly all about it's earning potential at the boxoffice. My question then is why then can they not expect a poor turnout if they HAVEN'T ADVERTISED IT on television and at the movie houses?? That's what's frustrating and puzzling to me!" This is my concern! I have to say I am happy to be part of team Gerry and have been doing what I can to hopefully make a difference but still..... the problem that I see is this movie is not getting any TV, newspapers, or air time of any sort! As I said the theater that I went to didn't even have a poster up?? I will continue to hit the link and leave my comment....it couldn't hurt! Frannie
  12. I almost think that we are ...... One of ......no wait.....THE Best movie out there and so few are going to know it!! This reminds me of Beowulf days! I went yesterday and besides my husband and daughter plus me there was one woman sitting way up in the back!!! ONE PERSON and there was not ONE poster anywhere in the theater! This is soooooooooooooo sad.... Frannie
  13. UGH! I went this afternoon to see MGP and I hate to tell you but there was only ONE other person in the theater besides the three of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's just not getting enough air time. It's like we were at a private showing. I'm actually hoping it was because it was a matinee showing and everyone is waiting for tonight! We all came out of the movie thoroughly enjoying it. Gerry was amazing. I think it's his best performance yet! But boy!!! He was mean as a mad dog in some parts....but absolutely inconsolable in others! Warning! This movie is going to move you in every way. At least it did me.... Frannie
  14. WOW! This sounds like a tough one to watch but at the same time to look away! I'm going tomorrow....I pray that I feel up to it! Frannie
  15. I soooooo agree Suz! And BTW....when he was asked about winning an Oscar (I can't remember who's show it was) he sounded to me that he wouldn't mind one bit! He made an off the wall joke but I actually think it would be a very proud moment in his life! I hope and pray the day comes when I can sit in front of the TV and cry my eyes out while he accepts his Golden statue!! We know he very well deserves it....but as Suz say's ....we have a loony and an itt to contend with! JMHO Frannie
  16. Nice to read one of your beautiful poems again Sweetie! I've missed them! Frannie
  17. Left my comments! Sent the trailer to many of my face book friends and family and I get the same response. Where can I see it?? Everyone wants to see it so that's a good sign. So now all we have to do is to get it out there to more theaters and I am proud that we are working so hard at this! I love being a Gal! Frannie
  18. I shared it with a few friends on FB and e-mailed it out to family members....cleared my cache but still hasn't changed the numbers and I watched it 5 times so far! Franmnie
  19. Thanks Barb! She was a cutie and in my opinion a good interviewer. Gerry seemed very comfortable conversing with her as well! Frannie
  20. Don't really care for some of this interviewers remarks as to Gerry's acting ability! Puhleez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Frannie
  21. Wish I could comment on the movie but alas....I'm in the same boat as a lot of you my friends!! The movie is not showing in my area! Maybe some where down the road but by then it prolly will be a thing of the past! Frannie
  22. KOOL! Too bad I don't tweet! Guess that leaves us non-tweeters out. Frannie
  23. WOW! Now there's a RAVE REVIEW! That's what i like to see! Now if only I could see the movie! Frannie
  24. Don't feel bad Suz.....I don't see it playing near me at all! Yeah, maybe NYC but that's a pain to get there and also a couple of hours! I can't believe I didn't see NY state on the release list! Frannie
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