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  1. And how could she make him stop with the nuzzling of her neck??? What is up with that woman?? Frannie P.S. Thanks for the vid. Cheryl!
  2. Kathy.... I know which one I want to see but I CAN'T! So the one I don't care to see is now playing in all of our local theaters! Do you see the dilemma here?? But I am excited about this critic's score for MGP! I like that he even praised Gerry's portrayal of Sam too! Frannie
  3. Thanks Susan......that certainly was share worthy! Wasn't too jiggly at all.....well...maybe just a little but I really enjoyed it. Frannie
  4. Great review.....B+...emmmm ....EXCELLENT! Course I just had to see what he had to say about BP's new movie Moneyball.... Sorry I did but it figures! Frannie
  5. Although it was eventful....at least you got to see the movie at all! I don't think I will as I've checked and it doesn't look like it's playing anywhere near me! I still don't believe that this movie is going to be so limited to the point that it's viewing will also be limited....Maybe they shouldn't be dragging them out of the theaters after all!! Frannie
  6. Yeah! If only it was playing in NY!!!!!! I mean besides the city! I've searched all over and I don't see that it will be playing anywhere around me....so there goes my pledge! Frannie
  7. Thanks for sharing your experience with us Sweetie! Sure wish I could have been there too but I'm East coast Gal without funds at this time....also...Flying and me don't get along! Yeah....I'm a chicken even for a chance to meet Gerry in the flesh!! But your night sounds magical and and I guess we Gals that couldn't be there will just have to take in all the goodness from all of you! Frannie
  8. Oh Wow! I thought Gerry was the lead role in this movie.....sounds like it's not so. I'm not sure who Jonny Weston is! Isn't Frosty an older and heavier guy? I guess I'm not getting this? Thanks Barb..........feel free to straighten me out would ya? Frannie
  9. That was the most compelling article I think I've read about the movie so far! I like the way this was put on paper as to just how true to life this movie is....About 70% is not bad. Of course it's a movie so they HAVE to Hollywood it up a bit! I also like the fact that this interviewer GOT IT! Thanks Barb ..... Frannie
  10. MAAAAAAN Crush big time! And why not right? I've been big time crushing for ever! I am so excited but at the same time bummed because I don't know if the MGP will be in my area theaters or not! I still can't figure out why it just doesn't open all over like any other movie... I soooooooooooooo hope we will be watching our guy taking that walk up to the podium with his acceptance speech in hand.... Frannie
  11. AAWWW makes me want to give him such a Mum HUG! Well....sort of! That is a great text for a siggy too Sweetie don't ya think! Although I would also like to have it on my pillow! Frannie
  12. OMG! The chest hair! Love the *Kojak* look too! Frannie
  13. We just do not really know how dangerous his job is! Sounds like he's not just a commodity but OMG a liability.... but he is well worth it cause as we all know they got the best! Course what we've always known has finally gotten out to the powers that be! So far most every thing I've read and seen about MGP has been absolutely positive! Frannie
  14. Well I was ready to hear the whole thing anyway cause .....Theresa managed to peek my interest and putting aside Howard Sterns raunchiness I just knew Gerry would handle it well.... I never was a HS fan but I have to say he did make the interview end on a good note. In my opinion I think Howard has a gigantic man crush! Frannie
  15. AAWWW I just like his arms and chest a little bigger but I'll be happy to get in that line Galfriends! I don't care if I have to bring up the rear! Frannie
  16. He was on after shortly after POTO and I don't think since then... At least I don't think he's been on since but really....by now they should know his NAME!! Frannie Yes Sweetie....you did get the info on before this thread but I had to have my tantrum first!
  17. Already started a thread concerning this stoopid "blurb" Makes me furious! Frannie
  18. I was just watching the view and lo and behold at the bottom of the screen they had tomorrows guest "GERALD BUTLER"!!!!!! Don't these fools do their homework?? I hope he sees this and reams them a new one! I wish I knew how to tweet..... There....I feel better now! *sigh* Frannie
  19. Thanks Spot! What a great interview. I love that this is getting so much coverage, I usually tune in to Fox and Friends but didn't today! Frannie
  20. WOW! That was a long one.....Thanks you once again Barb..... Frannie
  21. OMG! He looks absolutely beautiful! I'm even liking the hair! His eyes are so blue in these last pics....well cause he's wearing Blue I guess... Still... Frannie
  22. I agree Kathy....It's nice to read that his fellow costars are bedazzled by Gerry's brilliant acting abilities! :clap: Frannie
  23. Thanks Barb Sweetie..... seems you are working a wee bit overtime just to keep us happy and we thank you for it my friend! Frannie
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