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  1. I so agree with you guys! Just what do they have to have out of Gerry to prove his acting abilities????? I read the same line over and over myself Dee and I'm stumped!! Frannie
  2. I voted although not easy. As usual it was a hard choice. They could all be winners to me! Great work Galfriends! Frannie
  3. And to think NY isn't hot enough???? Look who's making it hotter! Frannie I know I'm melting.....
  4. Well I for one am not able to see the pictures??? I don't know why but they won't open for me...still Barb, Thanks for all you do my friend and also......I welcome all pics as given! Holly.....Girlfriend! I'm with ya all the way!! Frannie
  5. Thank you Sweetie! Great news....Sept. can't come quick enough! Frannie
  6. That was a great interview and bio! Yeah....she REALLY messed up the pronunciation of his name huh? Thanks Stu.... thoroughly enjoyed that.. Frannie
  7. Thanks Ren! Oh I was so hoping that the info was true and that that there would be a spot for Gerry in the Outlander movie! I have to admit though I haven't quite finished the series.. Sue, wait....you won't go there???????? You would go there with BELLS on girlfriend and I'd be right behind ye! Frannie
  8. YAY! Gerry win.....NP....I don't see it! there is NO resemblance to Liz what so ever to me. JMO but what will be will be.... Frannie
  9. That's what I'm TALKING ABOUT!!! Frannie
  10. Gerry all the way!! But since I was and always have been a huge fan of ET I think it's going to be a bit harder to fill her shoes...all the choices are too thin and just do not have that exceptional beauty that ET had....There was one name that although I don't know of her she seems to have the classic beauty somewhat that could be a maybe...Oh shoot I forgot her name! Olivia ??????? something! Frannie
  11. I guess we're all thinking the same thing.....but as someone said. It's a tough habit to break! All we can do is hope he gets back on kicking the butt out of this habit! No pun intended. Yeah there was!!!! But....he wears a wet suit WELL! Frannie
  12. Great news! I only wish the very best for our guy and Oscar winning or not he'll always be my brightest star! Frannie
  13. I'm so bummed that I even missed the virtual con this year!!! First time I missed one since being a GAL! Happy to see it was another success! Wish I was there but as most of you know my life has been hectic lately with every thing that has been going on. I will try and catch up on the pictures and vids and such though ...... Can't miss them! Frannie
  14. Wow Dee....I sure will keep my fingers crossed and of course I've been praying for all those poor folks that have lost everything and more importantly extra thoughts and prayers are going out to those that have lost their loved ones. What an awful tragedy this is. I've had my own eye on the sky as the storms do sometimes get very close and also the tornadoes to follow. Hope all our Galfriends are safe from Mother Natures Wrath!! Frannie
  15. Keeping you in my prayers Sweetie! We all are! Frannie
  16. We are waiting to hear from a surgeon that is affiliated with the Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in NY. He is supposed to be the one of the best so that makes me feel better. What really has me worried is that I think Peggy is giving up because Ronnie said to her to hang in there and she said she doesn't know how much longer she can....that is not good! Essentially the Doctor said either way if she doesn't have the surgery he doesn't think she will live in her condition but with the surgery she will at least have a chance. I just wish they would come to some kind of an agreement because time is of the essence right now. Once again I hate to bring all this sadness to you but I just wanted to bring you all up to date....It's going to be a nerve wrecking few days but by the Grace of God he will help us get through it. Thanks for the beautiful prayers my beautiful friends! XXOO Frannie
  17. Oh Anna Sweetie you are either have me laughing or crying my friend. unfortunately this time it's the latter! I'm afraid I have to ask for the prayer brigade to keep coming PLEASE! Last night Ronnie called and told me that a surgeon went to see Peggy and said that she should have surgery as soon as possible as he said he is afraid that she may not make it if left in the condition she is in... I am typing this with a heavy heart so forgive me if I don't make a lot of sense.... They are supposed to contact a special Neurosurgeon in New York City ...I think from St. Charles Hospital but I'm not positive and if he agrees she will be transferred there and have the very risky but critical surgery! I'm waiting for more word from Ronnie and have been praying as hard as I can that something Good happens soon....I just don't know how much more strength I have left and so I ask for a continuation of your prayers and some positive energy from all my beautiful Gals and Pals! Thank you very much! Frannie
  18. I agree....lucky girl and really a sweetheart to share her good fortune with us....Yeah, she's a cutie too!! Frannie
  19. Andrea, I can just imagine how a letter like that would scare the heck out of you. My daughter got one similar to that and it did turn out to be just a recheck. Keep positive thoughts Sweetie and we'll be keeping you in our prayers for sure! Frannie
  20. Glad to hear the good news Kady! I think I know what meds you are talking about out of Canada.... I have supposedly one more test and that's a Electrogastrogram on the 9th of June and hopefully my Doc will finally know what and how he is going to treat me! Let me know how the new meds work okay? Hope you keep feeling better and better! Frannie
  21. Suz.....you are so good at keeping this thread on track....I sometimes laugh til I cry and cry til I laugh at your posts.... Thank you Sweetie pie....BTW.....I'm double dosing on my volumizing shampoo....I need some more BUTT!!! Thinking about ordering those padded butt panties...Who knew a couple of years ago I had enough butt for two ...now I have to resort to this! Toni, I sure am keeping my fingers crossed too that your car is fixed and fixed RIGHT! Happy Monday whats left of it Galfriends! Frannie
  22. Thanks Sweetie.... I'll keep you posted as time goes by... Frannie
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