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Status Updates posted by Marissa

  1. Happy Easter SNOGbird!!!

  2. Happy Easter!

  3. Happy Easter! Smooches!!!

  4. Happy Easter! Smooches!!!

  5. Happy Easter! Smooches!!!

  6. Happy Easter! Smooches!!

  7. Happy Easter!! Smooches!

  8. Hey, CJ. Marissa (KiltWhore) here. Welcome to the site! Have fun!

  9. you're a whore.

  10. ^^I'm an idiot. That's supposed to be fiRst comment. LOL

  11. wOOt, wOOt!! Fist comment!!

    Luv ya babes!

  12. I feel like myspace now. Just wanted to be your first comment. wOOt, wOOt.

    From one biatch to another, I luv ya babe!! :)

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