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  1. Those are all really cute! Great job, GALS!
  2. It was really funny! And he looked so !!!!! Edit: And I flippin' LOVE Ross.. he's hilarious & so darn cute!
  3. That's wonderful news! Welcome home, Adam!
  4. Bella, You & your family will be in my thoughts & prayers. I'm so proud of you! Rissa
  5. Hi all, I was just wondering if GALS itself has a team for the SGK Race for the Cure? I know that workplaces and different organizations do this, and they wear their team shirts for the race. I thought it could be really cool if GALS across the country ran/walked in their local SGK Race and all of us proudly wore our GALS shirts. A great way to spread the Gerry love too! I don't know if this is feasible or not. Just a thought. Rissa PS, I realize this is coming a little late for this year, but maybe next year?
  6. Sorry if this is a repeat (I didn't read the whole thread...) but I'd fookin' LOVE to hear Gerry singing "Let's Get It On" by Marvin Gaye.
  8. I'm so glad I got the chance to meet this wonderful lady in Vegas last year. What a sweetheart she was! Thanks for posting this, Barb.
  9. (inside joke....) Y'all are betches. I love it!
  10. Sounds like fun, Jenny dear. If I was going to Vegas, I'd definitely go with you. Maybe next year. *sigh*
  11. Go SNOGbird, Jr!! Get your LEGAL drink on!! wOOt!! (and Happy Early Anniversary to Mr & Mrs SNOG!!) Y'all just better take lots of pics for those of us who can't go this year! I'll miss everybody so much!!!
  12. Miss you too! *Rissa rolls up La-Z-Boy... fook the deck chair!*
  13. Happy Easter SNOGbird!!!

  14. Happy Easter!

  15. Happy Easter! Smooches!!!

  16. Happy Easter! Smooches!!!

  17. Happy Easter! Smooches!!!

  18. Happy Easter! Smooches!!

  19. Happy Easter!! Smooches!

  20. *hugs self* Thanks! I needed that! Psssst... red from a bottle counts, doesn't it?
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