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  1. Hey, CJ. Marissa (KiltWhore) here. Welcome to the site! Have fun!

  2. Lookin' mighty sexy there, CJ!
  3. We can always count on dear Spotty to say what we're all thinkin'...
  4. It won't let me enter my daughter's birthdate. Does it want MY birthdate? ets: Nevermind. I'm an idiot.
  5. But where's the fun in that? LOL WHAT SWANNIE SAID!!!!
  6. you're a whore.

  7. Happy GALSiversary Erica!!!
  8. Moira, Those Orlando Bloom, James McAvoy, Ryan Seacrest and Cuba Gooding, Jr. ones are HOT!!! I would've freaked out! LOL!
  9. I agree, Swannie. When I saw him in LA last year at the 300 premier, I thought he looked way younger in real life, too. And there's no photo that can even compare to looking at him in the flesh!! He was sooo beautiful up close! :inlove:
  10. Swannie!!! Verra verra nice!!! (But shouldn't that be 2/9/08?)
  11. True. I thought about that afterwards. LMAO
  12. Have no clue if this has been posted yet, but here it is... http://youtube.com/watch?v=rxWix_U9SoM
  13. Could we maybe have a password protected list, then? It would be fun to see the list. Issy Ooh, that would be fun! I've been wondering who all was going this year.
  14. I thought they took it down for security reasons, but I'm not sure.
  15. GOOD LORD, MY BABY IS HOT!!! *points to mopboy avi*
  16. Do we really have to pick apart every little thing the man does? Who really cares if he picks up a 21 yr old or a 50 yr old? He's single, healthy, and quite capable of going after what he wants. If that's what he wants, then good on him. All the man owes me is 2 hrs of entertainment when I plunk down my $12 at the movie theater. How he chooses to live his personal life is no business of mine whatsoever. Just my opinion.
  17. CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners!! Great job, GALS!!!
  18. Oooh, I'm looking forward to this one!! And I adore Katherine Heigl!!
  19. Is that Lolita? Aww, she's so cute!
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