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  1. OK, I'm a newbie & have not seen all the Gerry movies like some of the girls have, so I will limit my choice to only the characters that I have met thus far..... :mopboyerik: :mopboystranger: :mopboymarek: :mopboyterry: :mopboycreedy: :mopboyattila: :mopboydracula: I have also seen Harrison's Flowers, but seeing as how he barely even had a part in it, there's no icon & so that will not be a choice. My pick would be: :mopboystranger: I think he epitomizes the phrase "reluctant hero". He just can't say "No" to this family, even though you see the hesitation there. Then he truly begins to care for them. You can tell that he's been hurt by something in the past (???) by his interaction with the other characters. And that scene where Frankie hugs him??!!! Oh, just the look on his face makes me want to cry! :cry: I didn't even realize this was, in fact, a very personal moment for him when he first read the script. How hard that scene must have been for him to do, given his own history with his father (Gerry's, not the Strangers). Anyway, the Stranger would DEFINITELY be my pick!!!
  2. To all the sick GALS out there, I hope you start feeling better soon. :cry: Welcome, Lady Trueword, we always seem to be gaming together, so I know you!! :: Everone else, Marissa
  3. Hi, everyone! A big hug to Lady. Hope your day gets better! Bethy, I'm so glad you were allowed to use that clip as your new avatar! Good for us....I mean, for you! Marissa
  4. I'd like to be... Billy's Personal Trainer GAL
  5. Abrock, I will go into details if I ever get to meet any of you in person. But I will DEFINITELY get spanked on here....the things we do.....YUM! Maybe it's because I have a really active imagination, or because I have one HUGE case of GALS, but either way, I'M LOVIN' IT!!!
  6. Just wanted to say !! Bethy, yes I feel like I fit right in here. And you're right, my siggy DOES fit my personality! Why do you think I wanted a SEX-SAY one??!!! Also, FYI I have dreams about Gerry all the time....rather hot ones *No interpretations necessary* ::
  7. Dee, when you're doing wardrobe, just make sure to leave ALL the buttons slightly loose!! We like wardrobe malfunctions here!! (That includes pants, too!) ::
  8. *bowing* *thank you, thank you....no applause necessary...please!...oh, no stop....*
  9. *laughs* In reality, I have no idea what a grip does, let alone a key grip....but I'm a fast learner!!!! ::
  10. Abrock, Can I PRETTY PLEASE be the key grip in your play??? I've been told I have a nice one....grip, that is!!!
  11. Lady Trueword, I LOVE YOU!!! Thanks for sharing those!!! Wow! Where's a mop boy when you need one, huh??!! :tasty: :tasty: :tasty: :tasty: :tasty: :tasty: :tasty:
  12. I wasn't at the LV Convention, but have been to the media gallery & seen all videos/pix. Let me just say... :ohbaby2: Did that man look ever so SEX-SAY!!! Abrock, I would have been glued to him, too!!!! (Now, because I'm a newbie, I have to ask a quick question. What is BOAW???)
  13. Hi, everyone! First time here. I'm a newbie & just wanted to say ! Hope to get to know all you wonderful ladies (& gent) real soon!!!
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