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  1. Not true. I just don't have YOUR fashion sense.
  2. Definitely not bloated. And I like the outfit, personally. I think it's hot and just so... Gerry.
  3. Since that's a pdf file, I guess we have to print it out and mail it in? Is there no way to register online?
  4. Taint fair. I need a Chuck/Frank thread. LOL!!
  5. DITTO! The only other things I can think of is that we're both pottymouths and our minds are in the Gutter a lot. (or it seems to be for him anyway... I know it is for me! ) Mel, I had a really hard difficult time keeping this PG13.
  6. He sounds like he's staying really down-to-earth through the sudden spotlight. Good on him. Thanks, Jenn!
  7. I've been getting a lot too, but so far, if I just hit "refresh", the page will load with no problems.
  8. Wow. That is really really beautiful!
  9. OH SWEET LORD IN HEAVEN, I WOULD!! CAN YOU JUST IMAGINE??!!??!! GRRRRRR!!! :thudstars: *dead*
  10. I know that this past year, we requested rooms together and didn't get them. We were really upset about it at first, (because we had been told we'd all be together), but looking back... no one spent enough time in their rooms for it to even matter! Every possible minute was spent either eating, drinking, gambling, hanging out in the convention room/hospitality suite, or lots of people hanging out in someone's room. So don't fret. Even if you're not right next to another GAL, you'll see them almost every waking minute anyway! LOL
  11. Oh, I hadn't realized that. I thought it was a GALS "thang". Thanks for clearing that up Swan.
  12. Except for the above being credited to the Tarts, this was a great article! It was GALS, Cristy Lytal... GALS!!! (Sorry, but I'm a stickler for details...)
  13. Even without sound, this movie looks sooooo cute!! (I'm at work and my computer has no sound. ) Anyhoo, can't wait for this one!! A GB movie I can watch with my kids!!
  14. http://www.spacecast.com/images/News/gerar...dax_386x176.jpg
  15. Thanks for the report!! I have to admit, I'm reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally looking forward to Harry as well. I've been a fan of his since jr. high school! I can't wait for this movie!!
  16. Lisa, thanks for your story!! That was wonderful!
  17. He actually didn't. This is only the 2nd time he's been on Perez' site. All in the last 2 weeks. If you search under his name, these are the only two listings. I agree, Susan. I fully expect Hilary to do a wonderful job and expect lots of on-screen chemistry. But you know how these sites are... they love you one week, and hate you the next. I'm sure at some point, (probably sooner rather than later), Perez will be hating on our man. But you know what they say... there's no such thing as bad publicity.
  18. thanks for the updates, alice and susan!! sounds like a wonderful time was had by all and the g-man was happy & healthy!!
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