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    My interests include: Writing Children's Books and Poetry,<br />Cross-stitch, Ceramics (angels), Genealogy (Garton Family), I volunteer at Hospice and am active in church.<br /><br />Now, I belong to GALS and am looking forward to making friends and having a great time with the GALS.<br /><br />I was born under the sign of Gemini. (May 29th)

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  1. Dear Pamela,

    Please let me hear from you. I miss you.


    Lady Yvonne

  2. Congratulations, Gerry! With the latest award Gerry has gotten, I am still wrestling with mentioning the thought of a Star on the Walk of Fame for our Ger. I guess I just lost the match. I decided to mention it again. Some stars I have read about have bought their own. Knowing how Gerry is, I think he would rather die than do this for himself. It would be like buying yourself your own birthday present. Besides, it would not mean much if it didn't come from his fans. For gosh sakes, he has nearly run himself ragged and has been injured many times trying to make the movies we all expect of him. Finally, he is getting his just rewards. Aren't we glad we backed a winner? Remember when not many even knew his name but still thought he was the most beautiful man to come along in a long time. Still is. I call him beautiful because beauty comes from not only the outside but, more important, the inside. He appreciates his fans and his blessings. Just something to think about. I mentioned it before and was told he was not ready, yet. Don't mean to start anything, just my opinion that he certainly deserves one if anyone does. I know these are really hard times and money is hard to come by but, he has kept a lot of us going through many rough times. I know he has been there to take my mind off of my troubles when I really needed something to help me through the really hard and lonely times. I still need the Phantom and he is still there. I don't write as much with all that has been going on in my life, but that doesn't mean I care for him or GALS any less. I keep you all in my prayers. Honestly, I do! This is something that does not have to be the No. 1 priority but, I think, we should start thinking about it. Would be nice to see it one day. It would probably be the closest to him I would ever get besides getting to put on his Phantom cape while I was in Vegas. That was a real thrill for me. Thank you GALS for all of your hard work and to my sister GALS, Love to All. God Bless, Grace and Peace, Lady Yvonne <><
  3. Dear One,

    Thank you so much for your card, your thoughts and your prayers. I am so sorry I have not gotten back with you but my prayers are with you. I have my hands a little full right now. Ken cannot be operated on for his hip until the 17th of March. It is bone on bone. He is in great pain and is taking medicine neither of us are happy about, but he has to take it. He is having

  4. Sweet Girl,

    Thank you for the Valentine wishes. Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers. I think you are a very special lady.

    Love you Much,

    Yvon <><

  5. Sweet Ladies and Gentleman, I, too, get sick and tired of people saying. "Is that who that was in 'POTO' and "300." Good grief, they didn't even have his name on their rolodex at Blockbusters when I started to rent his movies, after watching "POTO." (BL, Before Leonidas) I had a fit. After, "300" they finally got the point. They did not even know they had any movies with him in them when I used to rent their movies. I had to find my own, "Dracula 2000" and "Timeline" and "Reign of Fire." Oh well! Back to the point. Sometimes I wish it were like that again and that most of us girls (sorry guys) could have him back to ourselves again but then, he has worked so hard and after all this is what we all have been working for. We wanted him to be a star in the worst way and now he is, but, he has done it His way. I once mentioned a star on the Walk of Fame and some wanted to get started on it while the powers that be said it was too early. I still think in time we should really think about this. He deserves it if anyone does. Gerry is not now nor ever will be a "Puppet." He plans each move very carefully as most people who has OCD. I know, I know, what is OCD and how do I know he has it. He has admitted he is a perfectionest. King Leonidas proved that. Besides it takes one to know one and if you watch a lot of his interviews he goes around the block in detail and never gets to the point and then asks, "What was the question?" I love this. I have a lovely friend to told me, when you start doing that, I will stop you and tell you to get to the point, and she does. I still love her and I understand it can be annoying. I wish for Gerry all the wonderful worthwhile things of life. He has money and, can make money with anything he touches so that is not that important to him anymore. It is the talent he has been given by God that keeps him going, the things he has had to overcome that has made him strong and determined and he has beaten, it is the openness he has in telling of himself and his own faults. These are the things that make him so meaningful to us. He is real. I want nothing more than to sit and talk a while with Gerry. Not to get personal but really get to know him as we see him and the way each of us think he is. I know that all things are possible and I still have the hope that one day maybe, just maybe, I will run smack dab into him and see him for the wonderful, sweet man, I think he is. Until then, God Bless you Gerry Butler. Keep those movies coming. For many of your fans, your movies are what keep us going in this crazy world we live in. I pray for you every night and "Thank you," for the determination you have given me to keep going no matter what. I hope you have a Happy and Blessed New Year and, I wish the same for all of your GALS. Lady Yvonne <><
  6. Lady Yvonne


    What in the heck is going on with the voting on People's Magazine???? One time I vote Gerry is at 61%. Today I voted and he is at 55%. Anyone got any ideas???? You would have to be blind not to know that Gerry has them all beat. Were we not asked to vote for Gerry?? Were we told we could only vote once??? Hugs to all, : Yvon <><
  7. THE HEART HAS A MIND OF IT'S OWN ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ No matter what you say or do, the Heart has a mind of it's own. You can fuss and complain and, find others to blame, Still, the Heart has a mind of it's own. You can plan and spend time trying to find That one who will fulfill all your needs, But, alas, you give in and start over again, You are tired and you drop to your knees. You look here and there and fall into despair, As you run from one to another. Realizing too late, Love is not guided by fate, You just have to wait, For, the Heart has a mind of it's own. You are trying to find what you need inside, And plan what will bring it to you, Only to find, there is no guide, You don't get to decide, For the Heart has a mind of it's own. You dream your dreams of what you think you Must have, and of the one that will Make them come true. Only to find, in that moment of time, There is only one Love meant for you. Wait for this Love, take your time and be sure, Because the Heart has a mind of it's own, If you make a mistake, your heart will break, And you'll pay for the ruin you have sown. You will get, just in time, not who you thought you Would find, because the Heart has a mind of it's own, But, to your surprise, when you open your eyes, Love was waiting for you all along. The Love you find will grow in time and Two hearts, will melt into one. You will realize, with the passing of time, How strong your Love has become. Sharing your Love, your Life, your Dreams, And never being Alone, You too will see, it was all meant to be, Because the Heart had a Plan of it's own. Lady Yvonne <>< August 14, 2008
  9. Dearest MA, Thank you for your comments on my perception of Gerry. I would love to be your friend. Please feel free to email me anytime and we can talk about anything you want. Especially, Gerry. If you have not read my poem, "The Search for Love," I think you might like it. Also, my first post ever was "Once There Was a Man." It is about his life and his heartaches in growing up. Maybe, you might find it interesting. He leaves a bit of himself in every character he portrays. I don't think too many understood this poem. After reading an interview, I wrote it. Please email me anytime. One can never have too many friends. I try to be a good friend. Blessings, Lady Yvonne <><
  10. I remember the first time I saw Gerry Butler. I could not find anything on TV to watch that I cared for and I had been given a DVD of the POTO, which had been in my TV for over a month. I had promised over and over again that I would watch it but, opera was not one of my favorite things. I got a call saying, as before, have you watched it? I said "No." I was told they would be on their way over to watch it with me, which I was not dressed for because I was in my nightgown, so I promised I would watch it. I sat alone and watched it and was mismerized by what I saw. It has been almost three years since that night. My life has changed drastically because of the half of a face that I saw that night. I remember thinking nothing could make this man ugly. You could hit him with an ugly stick and still he would be beautiful. He has something about him that draws you in and makes you feel you can accomplish anything. I have been changing ever since the first time I saw him. There are so many things to say about this man. Every time you think all has been said and you have heard or read all of the opinions and the habits or even the dirt that they try to throw his way, he always seems to go up to a higher plain. Please don't get me wrong, he is a man not a God. I, too, hate it when he says the "F" word. I know in Scotland, Ireland, and most or maybe all of Europe accept this word as an everyday normal word but, to me, I just hate to see where they quote him as saying it, or watch an interview where he says it. This is just my opinion. To me, it deminishes him in a way because he is so intelligent and articulate. Maybe he thinks most women like for him to say it. I don't pretend to know how he thinks of it. God given talent, like none other, looks that legends are made of, a body of a Greek god, a sweetness of spirit, a good and compassionate heart, a smile that makes you want to melt, a laugh and giggle, like a little boy, that makes you feel like a child again, eyes to get lost in and the best thing about him is that he IS REAL. He has no ego, he does not play the Hollywood game, he is a man who has been to hell and back and knows how close he has come to destroying all that God has given him. He is Gerard James Butler. One of a kind. To see where he says he is just like anyone else makes me to want more and more just to sit and talk with him a while. He is like my friend. I feel that having him as a friend would be a true blessing because he is real, he has hurt and still does, he has scratched and fought for everything he has accomplished and has paid a great price not only physically but, mentally for his craft. He is truly one of a kind and kindness is part of who he is. I pray every night for him, for his soul, for his dreams to come true and for his peace. His legacy will live on long after we are gone. After all is said and done, he wants to be remembered. I don't think he will every have to worry about that. These are my thoughts, feelings and my perception of our Scottish Prince. The truth is, He is His Own Man and we love him for it. Blessings, Lady Yvonne <><
  11. Once you have reached perfection, where else is there to go? No one can ever again play Leonidas and no one else could ever be the Phantom but Gerry. We have seen Gerry as too many characters now, I know I could never only think of him as the Phantom. Something would be missing. It is to me like once upon a time there was this perfect man and he give himself completely to one, hoping that in some wonderful way his dream of love would or could come true and then the years themselves wrote their story and ended it. It just wouldn't be the same and the way the movie ended with the rose, ring and black ribbon and the rose turning into color representing the fact that it was a fresh red rose and that he had been living in the cemetery close to Christine, even though she was dead all those years, is the only true ending for this beautiful love story. It was and is still pure perfection. I recognized in the background the mausoleum where Christine's father was laid to rest in the cemetery scene when the movie ended. I think after the opera house burned he had no where else to go so he lived in the cemetery and stayed close to Christine. So sad, yet so beautiful. I read once where Andrew Lloyd Webber said that at the end of the movie, Erik would have been in his eighties. Probably dying, he returned the ring again to Christine. That is a long time to carry a love so pure in your heart knowing that your only dream would never come true. I still cannot watch this picture without crying for his lonliness and the beautiful love he so wanted to share. Gerry was perfection as always. Just my opinion. Blessings, Yvon <><
  12. Yvonne (West Virginia) Arrival time: (Tuesday, June 10th) 10:12 AM (US Airways) from Columbus, OH Departure Time: (Sunday, June 15th) at 11:47 PM. (US Airways) to Columbus
  13. Lady Yvonne


    Today is my birthday. (May 29th) Happy to share this day with the other GALS. Today is John F. Kennedy's birthday also. God has blessed me with another year. I am going to make the most of it. God willing, I will see you at convention. Lady Yvonne <><
  14. Lady Yvonne


    Dear ones, A poem to share about myself and maybe to touch your heart so you will think about your life. Life is so short and full of trouble. We all have our battles. I guess, it is the way we deal with them that people remember, after we have gone. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WHO DO I SEE? Who do I see when I look at me in The mirror of my life? Have I been one who strove for peace or, Continually causing strife? Have I love enough or lived as such as To leave a better place? Did I fill the space God gave to me With a life lived full of Grace? I hope and pray, that on the day When Jesus calls me home, He can look at me and smile and say "Good Job, Child, Welcome Home." To My GAL sisters, I wish for you Love, Peace and Grace, Always, Lady Yvonne <><
  15. Dearest Gerry, You will probably never read this post or hear of it but, I am posting it anyway, just in case. If you ever have doubts about your influence and what your life is all about, please know this, that you have touched so many lives, not just those of the soldiers but those that call you friend, like I do, who have never and will probably never meet you. My nephew, who is a Major in the U.S. Air Force, just returned from his third tour of duty. He is still in rotation which means he will probably have to go back again. He is a godly man, a wonderful husband and a great father to his three little ones. He is in the medical field and over the triage units in and around Baghdad. A terrible responsibility. I told him I had gone to Vegas last year to the GB Convention. He could not believe his Aunt Von, as he calls me, would take off on her own and go so far away from home. I wouldn't do it for just anyone. I asked him if he had seen "300." He said he had, he loved it and so did all of the guys in his unit. He told me this, which brought me to tears. He said when things get really bad and he can see his guys getting discouraged and their spirits low, he brings out "300" and they watch it together when they have the time. They even do some of the exercises that you did to keep fit. He said it keeps them going and lifts up their spirits. What an honor they pay you and your "300." What a gift you have given to them. When I stopped to think about it, they are surrounded by the same people as was Leonidas and his 300 heroes. They are outnumbered, in a foreign land and, you inspire them to keep going. Our "Thanks" and our "Prayers" to you, King Leonidas. Lady Yvonne <><
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