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  1. i hope so too dragon slayer not the hair gerry leave it as it is tehe
  2. got it. really helpful thank you cheryl now how do i stop the avatar to not appear stretched to 120px instead of it's 100px?
  3. how do we get to change the second avatar? the control panel it's not as easy as it used to ^_^; sorry to bother
  4. it feels like my birthday! yummy pictures and lots of material for siggies!
  5. i agree with all that's been said. this was nice interview and the questions weren't the same. i have to say i loved the accents as well tehe
  6. adorable and funny as always!! thank you so much for the link!
  7. im with you andrea 71 this movie its going to be so much fun haha! these clips are making me lmao! is it july 24th yet?!!
  8. oh man he is adorable and sexy thanks everyone for these finds i love this one http://img265.imageshack.us/img265/8436/ge...rbrooklyn05.jpg and imagine being hugged by those arms
  9. omg how adorable!! she is one lucky pug
  10. autograph hounds yikes no shame at all but gerry is looking fine tshirt with holes and all
  11. omg i have been waiting a while for this one love gerry in anything and however he looks he is, The Man!!!
  12. well said moira. i hope they stay with these posters
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