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  1. i hope so too dragon slayer not the hair gerry leave it as it is tehe
  2. got it. really helpful thank you cheryl now how do i stop the avatar to not appear stretched to 120px instead of it's 100px?
  3. how do we get to change the second avatar? the control panel it's not as easy as it used to ^_^; sorry to bother
  4. it feels like my birthday! yummy pictures and lots of material for siggies!
  5. i agree with all that's been said. this was nice interview and the questions weren't the same. i have to say i loved the accents as well tehe
  6. adorable and funny as always!! thank you so much for the link!
  7. im with you andrea 71 this movie its going to be so much fun haha! these clips are making me lmao! is it july 24th yet?!!
  8. oh man he is adorable and sexy thanks everyone for these finds i love this one http://img265.imageshack.us/img265/8436/ge...rbrooklyn05.jpg and imagine being hugged by those arms
  9. omg how adorable!! she is one lucky pug
  10. autograph hounds yikes no shame at all but gerry is looking fine tshirt with holes and all
  11. omg i have been waiting a while for this one love gerry in anything and however he looks he is, The Man!!!
  12. well said moira. i hope they stay with these posters
  13. wow im loving this movie already. that poster rocks! and love this last name at last they decided on one lol
  14. oh wow i had missed that man cleavage of his thanks for keeping us
  15. aww he looks adorable in those pictures with the children! and he is looking good!
  16. i so love your idea Red Queen Gorgo a cameo would be awesome hehe im glad gerry is having a great time with all those bollywood stars i love lol Shahrukh http://www.dailymotion.com/bookmarks/evila...swala-don_music
  17. woo! Gerry in India again and looks very relaxed and taking it easy; with a big smile on his face. love to see him like this wherever he is. as for Priyanka i doubt success has changed her. i admire her. she seems to know what she wants, and not only is she beautiful but smart too. love bollywood movies !! and never knew he auditioned for lagaan. not so thrilled with the short short hair but gerry looks good however he looks!
  18. i like this new tittle, it doesn't remind me of citizen kane at all to me they are very different.
  19. wow sorry i got a brain freeze he is so bad a$$ in this! i can't wait to see this movie now! darn it! although never expected it to see it in italian haha
  20. my thoughts exactly lol but how awesome he was with his crew. and he wonders why we love him
  21. me either i can't wait to see my favorite characters on the big screen if i don't watch it friday i will be there sooner or later. i didn't know anything about the book but once i read it i fell in love with the plot, and the meaning, and the characters [except lauri lol ] its going to be awesome!
  22. wow looks really cool! thank you for this i can't wait to see the movie and this!!
  23. im getting teary eyed reading your awesome encounter. so happy you had your moment lugerry
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