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    reading watching movies, walking, doing forums and answering questions always looking at Gerrys Pictures or getting Gerry things off ebay or watching his movies. listiening to POTO cd every day just about. my anniversary is 0ct 26 1968 married 40 years this year 2008 My grandkids are now in texas and growing up Hannah 15 nick 11. also am on facebook.

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  1. Hi everyone its been a looong time since I have been on here. a lot has happened to me and to my family. Hannah is graduating from high school in Texas in June. I had my whole house re done . took out carpet put wood floors easier for me to keep, had area rugs put in , new den furniture. wooden blinds, now they are painting my kitchen and going to put new flooring down and get granite counter tops my whole house will be new. I am hosting our neighborhood watch get together in August Lord willing its so hot then but its going to be in my yard or under my carport and in the house if it rains. I am so excited about it. I turned 65 in Feb. Gerald retired dec 25ht last year. August of last year after I got back from NH and I was so skinny from being on ww 139 pounds only. from 170. I felt great then I had breast cancer. well it was really little and I had radiation for only 5 days 2 times a day it was bulb put inside my breast I never felt it. I dont have to have chemo but have to take a chemo pill 5 years. Everyone at the cancer center was soo good to me. I am still volunteering at the hospital one day a week but all day. I got anew dog Cricket died of heart failure. I have a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever she looks like a little Golden retriever I love her so her name is Gaylen. why I wonder? I miss all the ones I use to know, but the new ones I dont know. I am on fb if you want to check me out under Betty ann Robinson. I wanted to go to NH in june but my husband hates me to go and I hate to leave my dog wish I could take her with me. she would love it as I do. Well can't think of much more I know there is so much but I guess I will close with this. Hope ya'll are well Irish Becozy, Texas Gramma, Lady Elissa , Zany, bless your heart. Mousie, I can't remember everyone but hi to all and have a good weekend. love you Raina Snow
  2. Just wanted to let you know that the sixth one is out in The Phoenix of the Opera series. If you have a chance, join my group page at Facebook. It's Sadie Montgomery The Phoenix of the Opera series.

    Cheers, Sadie

  3. I could not get the article it would not open something about my adobe flash and it said if I wanted to abort it. I could not get a scroll bar to find the article either. Raina Snow
  4. Hi Raina, Passing by my friends to let people know that Phantom Madness, #5 in Phoenix of the Opera series, is out and available at Amazon etc... Cheers, Sadie

  5. OH Frannie hope you are well, and everyone else too. Oh that knee thing sounds painful. !!!! I hope you are better soon Anna, Sue all of you. It just rained here boy we still need it we had a terribly dry summer. I was in NJ and NH when the heat was sooo bad. I wish I were still up there. I found out the dog won't eat because of the heart meds. so I guess she will eat only how much she wants I can't worry about it. I just got done ironing and will have more when the dryer stops Bummer I got a portable cd player today for walking and also an antivirus to put on my computer because facebook well not exactly but I got a virus from something I did on it. my own fault and had to have a man come out and take it off and he really cleaned up my computer but cost enough. Well nothing much going on here hope you have a good weekend everyone. lu Raina Snow
  6. Hi everyone I have not been on in ages so can't catch up. Hope all are well. I have had several crisis. My dog is very sick has thyroid, heart trouble has to take more pills. I thought we were going to have to put her to sleep she is only 7 we still may have to. I have been in NJ and NH for a month and when I got back was supposed to have a breast biopsy and me on coumadin , I have been put off for the 3rd appointment update so next week thursday they are supposed to do it and meantime the levenox shots in my stomach are all knots and my stomach is a dark purple. all over I look like a truck hit me. If they don't do it next week I get another dr. GRRRR I am fed up now. I feel in love with my nieces 2 golden retrievers in NJ and now one of them Moxie has heart trouble too found out the people that sold her the dogs have been sued under a suit for selling bad dogs. so She has one of them. she didn't know about the suit and is going to try and get a lawyer to get money to have heart surgery for her dog. I tell you this world is going to hell. I have never been off coumadin this long. Everyone was so surprised at the weight I lost. I was so pleased. I have so much fun in NH I didn't want to come home I miss my old buddie GALS sue, mel, Cassie, Susan, Frannie, Peggy, Mousie, Pilar, Anna, eva Mari, Mimi , Kathleen. I hear from some now and then and am on facebook. so if you are on facebook look me up. Miss ya'll lu Raina Snow Betts
  7. Gerry still does what Gerry wants to do, that is what he has always done, he is a non-comformist. That is what we liked about him from the start. If you believe everything in the media or on tmz or the magazine, unless it comes out of his mouth , I never believe it. And we are supposed to support him and some of us have a way of putting him down. Come on, let the man live, he is busy and if he makes mistakes so do we we are all human. He has to learn from them, but he is brilliant too. He would have never made it in law if he was not. He is just Gerry and always will be to me. Raina SNow
  8. Hi All sorry I have not been on either . Welcome back Frannie I didn't know you were gone, but that is bad about your puter. Beejay Happy belated Anniversary. its starting to get hot here but today a nice breeze is blowing. I have lost 31 pounds now and I am going to NJ and NH in june will be gone a month I can't wait. Sue, my love hope everything is ok with you and Dan you are always in my prayers. please keep Yvonne and Ken he has lost from a size 39 waist in pants to 30. he is wasting away and why they won't go to another hospital is beyond me. he needs to go he is no better. I am finding out there is less money at the end of my pay checks my pension and disability checks. its getting bad. everything is out of sight. We had a volunteer appreciation luncheon thursday last week and I got a certificate and 5 year pin and we all got a stadium blanket and I won a door prize a difusser I have always wanted one. it smells so good. we had a nice time. I really am missing my grand kids. my Hannah is all upset over this new flu and lives in texas and I have tried to reassure her that this happens now and again but Lord willing they will find something for it. I hope everyone is well and stays that way. I am going back out in this nice weather we are having because before long it will be sooo hot. love ya'll Raina Snow
  9. Thanks everyone for the good words to my husband I will pass them on he is a good guy I think I will keep him instead of getting push buttons we are supposed to have more rain tonight. Boy the things happening all around this world. Bonnie watch yourself shoveling, its a very hard thing on the heart. unless you are use to it. Suzie can I go in your suitcase to scotland? I want to go so bad maybe it will be in my future soon. I hope. Well I am having company spend the night with me all weekend so I am cleaning like mad . my neighbor whos house Gerald painted is coming to look at it and go inside to see if other things have to be done for her renter. Yes a lot has to be done too. I am in hopes she lets Gerald paint the inside the kitchen especially needs it bad. I hope ya'll have a good weekend. I was on chat last night Bonnie no one showed up in 15 mins so I left. love ya'll Raina Snow
  10. Have not been on again for a couple of days trying to stay away from the computer like the dr. said. we had such bad weather in miss. last night Magee a little town north of me 45 mins. 60 homes are gone and 20 hurt. 2 dead. it was awful we had bad lightning but it didn't last long here Praise the Lord for that. Let me tell you what my sweet husband did tonight he does this every now and then. We ate at Macks fish camp tonight and we ordered and he got up and was talking to the lady at the cash register and I didn't know why but found out why. We were eating and a black soldier who was eating in the corner came over and said to Gerald let me shake your hand and say thanks for the dinner. Gerald said no thank you for keeping us safe and God bless you you are all in our prayers. He does that every now and then I never know when. He is sweet sometimes. WEll, I had a massage today so tomorrow I will be sore, I hope to sleep in tomorrow as I have been up every day at 6 or 7 am. its is supposed to rain for the next 3 days too. Oh well we need it but my 1/2 of back yard that has not been done since Katrina is all big weeds from the rain and I don't know if my yard boy Jay is going to be able to cut it . I think he will but he may have to pull weeds first. the big ones anyway. it has to stop raining and then dry out. no time soon. Well ya'll have a good night lu muchly Raina Snow
  11. yeah seems to always be the one that has had an academy award. Raina Snow.
  12. Sapphyre I hope you get better soon it will take awhile not to be sore I am so glad nothing else happened. you take care my friend. Peg I am sorry to hear of Alison;s troubles. prayers to all. I have not been on a few days so I am not playing catch up too good. Sue you know you and Dan are always in my prayers and always will be you sweet lady you. I adore your siggy Anne. (sapphyre) its so gorgeous. Its been a pretty day here and Bonnie before I forget quit it you will be back at ww like me. I walked a lot today. Last night Jennie came over we ate and watched DF and Timeline she Loved timeline. next time probably psI Love You. I hope everyone has a good rest of the weekend. Miss everyone, frannie, Cassie, Susan, mel, Pilar, anna, Aimee , eva mari, Tracey, Spot, Yvonne, oh by the way they have to go in now and find out what is wrong with kennys colon, he was thought to have a virus but now they are not sure. Looks like he won't be home this coming week, I don't know bless her heart Yvonne has so much on her. Don't forget them in your prayers still. Well I am going to the showers and then relax (as if I have not been doing that all day) but be good all love ya'll Raina SNow Betts
  13. Its really very nice of him to give his crew that massage, I bet if its like the kind I get its very discreet. I doubt we are going to see what we think we are going to see. Unless they make it an x rated movie come on GALS now we know our Gerry better then that. even in 300 it was a tasteful scene. Raina Snow
  14. wow love the article and the Gerry Pic also what muscles this man has plus everything to go with it. thanks for this Raina Snow
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